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I cheated on my girlfriend with Borderline Personality Disorder.. It was a mistake, I knew better, But I don't know if she will ever trust me again?? Or if I will survive her finding out!! #FML #relationshipproblems #loveandwar #needingadviceoropinions f***

I hate it when a guy buys me something. It makes me feel broke, and I feel as if I need to return him with something. I hate it when a guy buys me something and think that I'm theirs now. I'm currently stuck in a bad relationship with this guy who wont stop talking about memes and makes a sh** ton of suicidal jokes and realllllly wants me to take his virginity to make him look cool at school. He also takes pictures of a bunch of pretty girls at his school and sends them to me... read more

I've been by myself for 7 years. Not relationship or any company. I started a new job and there were a lot of peoplease who were kind with me. Some time passed and a coworker started to talk to me (nice person he was). After 5 dates and months later (8 months)we started to go out. But I just found out he is married and has another woman besides me. Just hate it when you are blinded by what people want it isn't what you expect. But he doesn't know I know. But now that I have t... read more

Long story comin' at you beautiful people. Sooo I was talking to this girl for about a week but we've known each other for awhile. Everything was going great, perfect actually... Now she lives with her Aunt and Uncle and when her Aunt found out we were talking I guess she flipped out on her. Her aunt didn't like the fact like I'm 2 years older then her... I'm 19 and she's 17. To me 2 years is absolutely nothing.. So her aunt got mad and said we need to stop and whatnot. I obv... read more

How STUPID can my ex be!
getting the 1st chick he f***s pregnant within less than 1 year, emailing me saying "it's not the same, it's not as good and I am not marrying her" but now he is stuck in a situation he CAN'T get out of!
The worst part? I wish he could! I'm so tired of being sad, good Lord take it away from me

#RelationshipProblems #Love #Exes #StupidEx

Being at war with your own mind is a daily struggle... fighting your own emotions isn't easy.
2 kids, a cat, a dog and an engagement ring later is when I started falling apart... I tried to convince myself that you could forgive someone if it was worth fighting for, if there was too much to lose. I guess I was wrong, because I've spent the last 2.5 years at war with my own mind, battling the doubt that creeps up on me every time theres a hiccup.
He went away, Jan 2013, back t... read more

I've got 10 days to move out of my parents home. I'm about 30k in debt, my relationship with my girlfriend is rocky at best. Things between us are looking a little better and her family has offered me a place to stay if I am kicked out. I don't truly feel like I can stay with them as they don't seem to have enough space and with such short notice I truly don't feel comfortable moving into their home, especially while my relationship is on the fence. I feel like being kicked o... read more

My therapist says I shouldn't leave my girlfriend during a "crisis" (major concussion, permanent brain damage, still healing and figuring out how to function like I used to).
My psychiatrist says I should.
I feel like she wants nothing to do with me, and that was before my injury.
Today at 7:30 she said she had to stop texting because her phone was dying. Yet she kept reposting things on Facebook including checking in about the great time she's having with her friend. She kep... read more

I feel like my relationship is going to end soon. Y'know when you get that feeling? He's acting differently. He gets really upset if I hang out with certain friends and then I feel bad and so I don't. He gets annoyed when I have to go to work or when I'm spending my time not talking to him. I don't know what to do anymore, I love him so much and I really don't want this to end, but I just have this feeling I get when a relationship is going to end. #relationshipproblems

I'm not supposed to think about relationship problems til my brain is healed and. Lag blah blah. Because brain injuries can change how you think and blah blah blah.
But I still want to leave her. BecUse she can't do anything for herself. Even when I'm on bed rest, I'm keeping up around the house cuz she's too lazy to do anything.
And there's no talking to her without upsetting her or making her cry.


#f***mesideways #relationshipproblems #ihopetobedeadsoon

umm, so. I guess i get REALLY easily offended nowadays. I realized this thing and i'm ashamed at myself, really. Sometimes my best buddy says something with a bashful tone, like- she shouted at me or making some harsh tone when talking to me, but, the thing is- that i get easily offended, really. I want to say something about this to my best buddy but i'm just too afraid to talk. So i just pretend to ask, 'Are you mad at me ?' but really, i got offended. I guess thats all, i'... read more

So around two months ago I realized I wasn't happy in my relationship. I always had issues regarding her. As far as I knew, she had almost none regarding me other than I've been distant.
I was distant on purpose. She dumped every single problem on me. Every time she couldn't find a pen it triggered a whole cry fest with her.
I was distant because she didn't care for me. I have interests, many, many interests. Every time I would talk to her about them she would just 'oh I just... read more

I have a boyfriend who I have deep feelings for that always complain about everything I do wrong and every year he finds a new girl to become friends with or one to rekindle things with and tells me I'm insecure well DUH you always tell me how I'm not "this" or "that" when you used to only point out the good things or tell me I'm the only girl in his eyes and what's annoying all the girls fit a certain type "long hair, skinny, short, attractive, and single (or unhappy in thei... read more

Online Relationships, Long Distance

I met a boy on a game. He's a year younger than me, but we are both sophomores. We dated for a month, I ended the relationship with "Fine, let's break up." He did not respond. He ignored me for 3-4 days before removing me from Snapchat. I haven't checked my Skype, I think he removed me there too. He hasn't removed me off Steam. I don't know his real life friends so I can't talk to them, so I'm trying to get our mutual friends to talk to hi... read more

You know what annoys me... guys. So I was talking to a few guys, just a bit of unofficial flirting and there were these two guys who I took interest in. So I was progressing well with these guys and I made a decision to start dating one of them. I did and I told the other one that we needed to stop flirting. He didn't take it well and I gave him a bit of space but he just kept trying to be cute. Always squeezing his way into the equation. Well me and the guy I chose was havin... read more

So, I had this boyfriend, who was really, really annoying. He's very insensitive and not comassionate and helpful at all when I'm feeling depressed (which is often). But, there are things in him that are hard to find and very valuble in a partner; loyalty, respect, kindness, courage, etc.
I don't want to date someone until I love them as a friend first, and honestly, I never did. He was cool, but not even one of my best friends. But one time, he said he loved me, and what I t... read more

I just started talking to Girl A wich is my ex from a 2-month relationship, we broke up because she lives abroad and can't visit often (Girl B also lives abroad) and I know she likes me but doesn't know how to express it.
Girl B on the other hand, she is super gentle, sweet and loving and she expresses it well.
Girl A also feels like that but has a hard time letting it out, probably because of something in the past that I'm fine dealing with and have her healed from.
The catc... read more

So I'm a nice, innocent, fourteen year old girl. I have pretty strict parents so I don't have a phone or social media, but that's just artificial stuff. I'm 5'2, half irish and 1/2 hispanic so I'm pretty ugly. I have brown ombre curly hair and big brown eyes. Look guys, it sucks, especially since I have so many gorgeous popular friends. A bunch of my guy friends are just friends with me bc I have hot friends. Like there's a dance this week, and my crush is asking out this hot... read more

I don't like the route my life has taken since she left. I've started smoking and drinking more. I canthink find anything to fill this gap that is there now. She doesn't understand how much I love her, and I have to constantly lie to my friends, along with myself, to seem over her and to seem happy. I just want her back so badly. And I don't know what I can do at this point.
#relationshipproblems #venting

I get so so so jealous that my boyfriend is following pretty girls on instagram, I follow guys too but we all know girls are more known for posting selfies than boys are. I follow guys who do post selfies to get even with my boyfriend since he follows girls. He NEVER likes or comments on their selfies but it still bothers me that he follows and is following girls. I don't want to ask him to unfollow any of them because we recently just got back together after I broke up with ... read more