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#relationshipproblems I've been in this relationship for almost 2years and this person basically stays at my place almost everyday and I've told them if your going to be practically living with me can you help me out with rent. He is helping pay rent gas and electricity at his dad's but stays with me so I figured why not help me instead. He is like oh well it doesn't make sense cuz you know I'm trying to save money to pay for nursing school and I spend on us for food and goin... read more

I honestly don't know what to do anymore. I'm 16. I met my current boyfriend online and have been with him since May. In November we met in real life. He's 3 years older than me, so he's 19. My parents were cool with it at first but he and I ended up having sex. I really love him, and we lost our virginity to each other and it was perfect. But 2 days after he left my town my parents found out we had sex and I've been grounded since. My mom is slowly ungrounding me but she say... read more

I loved him, I still do. I miss the man he was, I don't care he lost his job, lost his car, lost his home. I don't care about any of that. I miss the man who would send me good morning texts in the middle of the night so when I woke up he would be the first text I saw. I miss the way he would hold my hand and kiss my forehead in public. I miss the way he called me his Mrs.#####, but once I told him that I'm broke he vanished. That I'm no longer worth the call or text since I'... read more

Am I being played?????

I'm 90% sure I'm being played but let's see what others say.. This girl has my heart without doubt. She keeps playing this Hot and Cold bulls*** with me and it drives me nuts. She talks to me non-stop for 3-5 days and then acts like a stranger for the next 3-5 days, and it repeats. When she talks to me non-stop its non-stop. She calls me babe, honey, hon, sweetie, and all that other bulls***. We FaceTime every single day for like 4-6 hours and even fal... read more

I just got a Facebook at the ripe age of 24. Since yesterday I've found out a lot of people have kids now, or spouse and I'm just here going to school. Having no one in my romantic life who wants to have a future or can invasion themselves having one.

I've been in a committed relationship for a little over 6 years now. We are happy and recently engaged and planning/trying to start a family. We get along very well, I would say he is my best friend. I tell him everything. The only thing that is starting to bug me is that my sexual appetite is a larger than his. I'm very generous in bed. I have done and tried everything he has asked me to, most of which I like, though you could say what he likes to do is very ordinary. kinkie... read more

I'm beyond broken I'm a teenage girl who just got dumped by her boyfriend, the person I've had a crush on for 5+ years. J (not putting full name) and I were a somewhat happy couple we argued, like every other maybe a little more than a normal couple but still I thought it was going to be okay, I thought things with us were going to be okay, J and I broke up 12/18 and I really just want him back, I'm trying everything I can. But he doesn't seem to budge .. should I just really... read more

ok, so i just really need to let this out because i’ve been holding it in for awhile.

the basic premise is that my s/o of 2 years is more or less ignoring me. i don’t mean the cold shoulder ignoring, it’s more like they can’t ever be bothered to take time out to talk to me, or even answer a simple call or text. so, anyway, this relationship has turned painfully one-sided.

i think the main cause for this is that we used to have the same friend group, all of which wou... read more

The whole day it's been attack after attack after attack of panic. Why was I born a girl instead of guy? How badly would my parents freak if I told them I wanted to start transitioning? I don't trust my boyfriend anymore, because I know he cheated the one time, but it almost sounds like it was rape. Maybe that's just my mind making t up though, and he wasn't actually raped. ANd what about the other time? Was that cheating or just someone misinterperting events? Should I have ... read more

So I was seeing this boy for a while, about 9 months. We never took it serious (went official) he asked, he pushed me toward the idea but I always had something stopping me. Anyways earlier this week I found out that whilst he was telling me he loved me, how much he wants to make a go at things.. he was sleeping with other girls. He didn't just message them, he didn't just do a little innocent flirting.. he slept with other women and that hurt. As it would to any other person... read more

My "girl"/lover left XYZ State and went to her country in South America. She went to another city with her mom and only snapped me a while today, but I didn't see it till an hour later. 2 hours after I find out by her postings that she's with another guy. She's wearing a pink short skirt and black top looking like a princess, but now this just makes me think wtf? and totally ignored my messages. This is the second time she would be hanging with another guy and not telling me ... read more

Hey, I have a group of 5 friends and we are all best friends... but recently I have found out one of them was a liar... she lied about literally anything and betrayed our trust... so I asked for a break from her, and all of the rest of the friend group feel the same too, but there is one friend that is still reluctant to leave her. Which I totally understand considering they have been friends for 3 years. Though recently we all had a fight with all four of us. We were first t... read more

i love them so so much and i'm in a relationship with them but at the same f***ing time my dumbass self can't control the feelings i seem to have for this girl because she's awesome but at the same time my datemate practically saved my f***ing life and here we are, them wanting me to tell them what's wrong when i'm comfortable but i can't and i want to tell the girl how i feel but she knows i have a datemate and i can't f***ing do this i can't i can't i just need to tell them... read more

ok, so a lot of you might think im silly because im young, but when i was 13 i met a guy in school and i knew i wanted hm, we became friends and after a year we got together for a few months. i then got with my current boyfriend whom i have been with three years now (i am 18 nearly 19) but me and the other guy still remained intense friends. I love my boyfriend he is amazing and we have had to have prt of our relationship long distance as we moved away but i have ALWAYS had s... read more

Been with my husband for 10 years and I just feel like I can't take it all anymore. When we first started dating I was 14 and he was 16 and everything was great. But when he was around 22 he developed an OCD. It goes in spurts and is sometimes really bad. My nephew and my cousin "bother" him. Which means that anyone who touches anything that they touched bothers him unless they clean up(from head to toe)
My mom had custody of my nephew for a whIle so now any time I go to see ... read more

I'm so frustrated. But I can't even tell him.
I'm in a long distance relationship, my first relationship, and as much as I love him it gets very frustrating. We've established that I'm more invested in the relationship than he is, and it's not his first relationship so he says he wants to take this one really slow. But is it selfish to want more in a relationship? We've been together about two months and we kinda started off as friends with benefits and he made it clear he re... read more

Hi. I don't know what to do anymore.

I broke up with this guy and I'm pretty sure I still have feelings for him. The problem is that he doesn't want to get hurt anymore but he told me that he still loves me. So, I'm really confused like, what should I even do? It's so awkward to be around him now and I really want to be close with him again because he's a fun guy to be with.

Another problem is that guy spends time with a girl he previously had a crush on. It's for academic ... read more

I cheated on my girlfriend with Borderline Personality Disorder.. It was a mistake, I knew better, But I don't know if she will ever trust me again?? Or if I will survive her finding out!! #FML #relationshipproblems #loveandwar #needingadviceoropinions f***

I hate it when a guy buys me something. It makes me feel broke, and I feel as if I need to return him with something. I hate it when a guy buys me something and think that I'm theirs now. I'm currently stuck in a bad relationship with this guy who wont stop talking about memes and makes a sh** ton of suicidal jokes and realllllly wants me to take his virginity to make him look cool at school. He also takes pictures of a bunch of pretty girls at his school and sends them to me... read more

I've been by myself for 7 years. Not relationship or any company. I started a new job and there were a lot of peoplease who were kind with me. Some time passed and a coworker started to talk to me (nice person he was). After 5 dates and months later (8 months)we started to go out. But I just found out he is married and has another woman besides me. Just hate it when you are blinded by what people want it isn't what you expect. But he doesn't know I know. But now that I have t... read more