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If you're one of those people that like to invalidate other people's stories and emotions because you don't deem it "bad" enough, leave. Although people have worse problems, i am entitled to feel sh**y even if YOU don't think the situation should incite my bitching. I am valid.

So.... what you're about to read is a result of the the emotional sh**storm I am experiencing due to the recent climax of my unstable, 6 month relationship. I don't expect anything anyone says to mak... read more

My father is a a**h*** he is a manipulative piece of sh** who spends the money of everyone around him and then bitchs on how "you are not helping me" and "get out of my face" after drinking for most of the day he likes to spend his nights blowing money on online games on my mothers phone and tablet. After recently moving he also has liked to blow my sisters money on beer and cigarettes. He also promises that he is going to get a job soon, but hes been saying that for about a ... read more

In the spring, I asked a girl out, and she took a whole week before she decided to turn me down. That was mildly irritating, especially when I thought I was sure she'd say yes, but I accepted her decision as the right one. If you took a whole week to decide, your decision's gotta be pretty well decided, right?

After she turned me down, I took a day or two to recover, and then we were as good as ever. Still friends, still went out for coffee, still studied together. Then, a m... read more

I really want to have a baby but my boyfriend isn't really in a rush. Probably because he already has two kids but they are adults now. I don't want to wait until I'm older (I'm 26) because of health issues that come with having a child later in life. Oh and he's 11 years older than me. #RelationshipProblems

What do you do when your spouse swears you never spend time with them but they're always gone. I'm the girl that if I don't feel like one getting enough attention I'll seek it out elsewhere #relationshipproblems

Yes, i f***ing took the decision which means that there is no chance of me getting a flight-deck job.. Just be glad that I won't be picking your pocket again on an annual basis.....if you really feel sorry, then call and actually talk to me...... but don't just whatsapp asking whether you get co-pilot seat on the last flight.................I really should just refuse to let you fly with me EVER AGAIN...............................#venting #RelationshipProblems #fakesympathy ... read more

So my ex and I have been broken up for about a month now. We still see/text and hangout with each other at times...I know it doesn't help either of us but we are sort of on one of those "breaks". I don't really believe in "breaks" but out of respect for my partner ill do it. The problem is that when we hangout it feels so weird. We barley talk, little things I do or say annoy my partner, the love doesn't feel genuine like before. My partner keeps insisting that I try and chan... read more

So I am mid 30's with 5 kids and 1 on the way. I was in a 7 yr relationship and had my 1st 3 kids. He decided at that 3rd pregnancy he was too young for all of that so he bounced. Stayed single taking care of my littles for 7 years. Found a new guy broke down my walls and promised to be everything #1 wasn't. So here we are 5 years later on kid #3 with him and he says.. "well i thought I could be what you needed but I guess not". So here I go again he is at least not leaving c... read more

Seems like all my friends get married and remarried. Get pregnant,have kids. Engagements...
And I'm here... never once have been even proposed to.
Even the piece of sh** that Molested me as a child.... has gotten married and remarried...has had children.
I can't even get pregnant.
The last relationship I was in lasted 6 years and I had to stop it cause he was abusive and would hit me.
All I've ever been in were long term
I'm not completely unfortunate looking. My weight could... read more

My best friend since second grade who has done nothing but make me miserable most of the time (Ask out the guy that I liked for two years, Shut my other friends out of my life, basically degrade me in every way possible) Wants me to dumb my boyfriend of two months because he's spamming her on tumblr. Now, I should tell you that they've been friends for two years, and the messages he sent her were dumb play full stuff like "lol you could be the next Hitler" and stuff that frie... read more

I am in what I thought was a good long term relationship. I really am lucky to have the nicest partner on the planet. Just a real super solid guy. He has talked in his sleep for years. Sometimes he is hard to understand when he does. But a few nights ago, he was crystal clear. He says the following: "You are such a f*ing a**h*** . You are so f*ing stupid. /*My name*/ You are so dumb"

And that's it! The next morning, he was his friendly chipper self. I didn't sleep for the res... read more

Okay so I'm really torn and don't know what to do. I'm not sure what is wrong or what is right in my relationship. I'm extremely clingy and needy. I always need to be with him and talk to him. I need to feel loved a lot since I have never really felt anything like this and I don't want to lose it. I'm extremely jealous and will always get angry when he's around anyone of any gender (even though he's straight.) I always want to be his first priority, but I never really show my... read more

So this post is really just looking for tips, suggestions, advice, opinions and information you have on someone moving across Canada.

I am a young, single 24 Y/O female who owns nothing but the basics and a cat. Going through a very nasty break up and I'm looking for a new start to figure my sh** out. I've been to Nova Scotia once but never west. I was considering possibly AB (red deer - Calgary?) or BC (not sure where here?). I would most likely be flying since I don't have... read more

so i just guessed the girl that likes hims password, and saw her longgg a** paragraph for him and her conversations about him everyday to her best friend. Me and him had a massive argument because i was reading my chats with him to my bestfriend and said he was being a dickhead at that point and didnt realise we were on the phone the whole time and i like had a panic attack and said stupid sh** like i was having heart palpitations and i look on this b****es chats with baes be... read more

this is going to be so wild i can't even begin to express it. I APOLOGIZE IN ADVANCE.
listen, i am a 17 year old high school student. i am a senior and i'm currently on summer vacation.
anyway, this whole mess started on october 2015 (i was 16). i have two friends who are in the swim team and i used to always go to the pool with them and stuff right? so one day when we all walked in there was a guy sweeping the water off of the floor and i ... read more

You know what? f*** you!!! I hate you so f***ing much. There were f***ing days when you kept on bombarding me with messages and now you freaking don't even reply to my simple "hey". Guess what a**h*** ? I never did like you much but I kept the conversation going because I felt like a rude person. At least I am didn't stoop so low that I made fun of you when I didn't even know you.
I know you make fun of me. I know you ignore my messages for a simple question related to work ev... read more

I'm 24 years old. I have no diploma or family to speak of. I've built my way up to having a wife but am unable to procreate. I love her to death but sometimes I begin to feel I should divorce her because she can do so much better. What's the point in working 40 a week at minimum wage and loving her completely if she could have someone who could buy her everything she dreams of. I have the world's most messed up immune system and I get sick roughly 3 times a month and work thr... read more

Alright. So. Basically I have this friend, we will call her Anna. whom I have known for the entirety of my life, since birth (we are currently in high school), and we have had our ups and downs as best friends, nothing that has ever permanently changed out relationship. Up until this past year. This year she left me, in every single way that hurt. Anna plays, well lets say soccer.And last year she hated Soccer and every person that was on the team, but this year she started h... read more

I'm hopelessly in love with a girl who has everything figured out (it seems) and is so wealthy. I offer nothing of value and quite frankly i think she finds me boring. But she always want to hangout and invites me on trips to places and is constantly flirting with me. Shes only a year younger than me but is so down to earth. We really vibe out and can sit in silence or have easy going conversations. We've had dinner , go on "dates" and I'm getting so many mixed signals.

Her ... read more

I've been dating my boyfriend for almost two years now. Months ago I joined a skype group full of girls and eventually we all got around to being girls and sharing nudes. I never shared anything where I was naked, but I did share a picture of myself in a shirt and panties. I also sent this picture to my boyfriend, but did not tell him the girls got it. I knew then that I shouldn't be doing it, as my boyfriend would not like it, but I decided to do it anyway and keep it a secr... read more