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Every time I start a conversation with a girl I've never met or spoken to, after the 2nd or 3rd sentence I automatically feel like I've f***ed everything up and she's never going to talk to me afterwards. This usually only happens online (Snapchat/Facebook etc.) but I have no idea why :/. I guess I have always had a lot of confidence but I do feel like I can hold a conversation pretty well and I feel like I'm pretty likeable and easy to talk to. But whenever I speak to a girl... read more

Boyfriend left me alone last night. He gets so upset and slightly annoyed when I have to leave, but he does it to me without even seeming to care about how I might feel. "I just had to. I was busy, you know?" .. It hurts me. But it hurt more last night, we were supposed to spend the day together. We had plans but he left again.. He'd usually apologize the next day, or say something sweet to make up but today he just sounded a bit mad. Like a different person. I wanted to let ... read more

Why do I have so many people problems? I don't mind people. I like to be around them if the environment is safe and healthy. I don't like pests, I don't like negativity, I don't like disrespecting people or having people disrespect me. But you know, these terrible things always tend to come my way! I'm such a fragile person. Yeah a bout can occur for a bit but it gets to me in such a short time. I don't mean to be mean to people. The only reason I would ever try to fight back... read more

Gay and going through a breakup.
I was just attacked by my now ex's dad last night and was attacked by my now ex about a hour prior to that. Why do I keep going back. Is it because I feel bad for my ex and I dont want him to get hurt? I dont want him to enter this dirty life of drinking, sex, and drugs. (I know thats a little extreme). Or is it that I just truly love him and I am willing to go through his f***ed up life with him so that he knows that he's not going through it... read more

I'm so frustrated. Whenever I find someone that I like, I devote my life to that person. I think about them all the time, I listen to music that reminds me of them, I do whatever I can to just be around them. Sometimes I don't even mind if it hinders my ability to do schoolwork or work in general. I just devote myself to them. If it doesn't work out (like I find out that they have a girlfriend etc) then I'm bummed and back to square one. However, if it works out (like we star... read more

I am 9 months pregnant with our second child and my husband and I have been having intimacy issues that we've been dealing with pretty much during my entire pregnancy. I just can't match his sex drive. Not sure how it happened (or why he thought it was a good idea) but at some point he asked my sister in law (my brother's wife) for her opinion and whether her sex drive was affected when she was pregnant. This turned into a conversation that continued off an on for a month or ... read more

So I've been dating this girl for about a month now. It's going really well an I am crazy about her. Even met her parents etc.
I think I may even be falling in love with her.
(And no, I'm not a love sick kid, I'm an adult)

Only thing is, deep down I know it's not going to never does. And I am sh** scared she's going to end it because I've had so much bad luck with girls over the years, I feel I may have actually met the one I can settle down with and if it doesn't ... read more

I'm not one to post my business on social media but I really need to get this out of my system somehow. I've been single for quite awhile so I decided to try a dating site. It was going pretty slow. In my profile I specifically put "no older men", so when a 32 man shows up interested in dating me I respectfully declined. He was almost old enough to be my father, keep in mind the fact that I have three older sisters and two younger siblings.

Well little did I know older men a... read more

i have loved him for two years. no matter who i am with he always pop up in the back of my mind. he is not mine,he never has been. We are childhood friends, and I was constantly told he liked me as kids. not until now i realize my feelings for him, but it's too late. He has a girlfriend and probably doesn't care for me anymore. I was too late, I want to get over him. I sometimes think I am but in the end I can't stop thinking of him. Help? #love #relationshipproblems #single

Im in a total confused pickle with my friends younger brother. The other night at my friends 20th we had some.cozy drunk chats and snuggles and have been chatting online on and off since then. Im 19 and he is 17 which isnt much but it seems a big deal based on him in year 11 and me in university because i know ive personally grown up a lot since then. There has been lil flirting but im too hesitant to shoot more.out in case everything goes weird.
It would be nothing if we jus... read more

I don't know why, but it's nights like this where my mood dies out. I keep crying, and think of everything I've done wrong. I remember ex's, and I realize how lucky I am to have the boyfriend I have now. Then I remember how horrible I am, and realize I don't deserve him. I contemplate breaking up with him, but i don't think I can let go... I get this every night. School doesn't help either. I don't know what to do... If anyone has any advice, please let me know what to do. <3... read more

hey all, so. ive never used this site before but i really needed somebody to talk to about this because my friends just wont do. or maybe i just need to collect my thoughts, i dont know
anyway, as of recent my ex contacted me. we ended on bad terms and it had been awhile since we talked. of course, i was shocked. i guess word had gotten round that i wanted to fix things with them. i was glad it did because i was too chicken to talk to them first.
we talked for a little bit ab... read more

Last night I watched the girl I love cross the finish line of her first race. She looked me in the eye and for the first time in a long time I saw a chance for me again. I look back at all our old messages and how crazy we were about each other. And now I can't hold back the tears. I miss her. And I'm not sure I'll ever be able to get her back. #venting #relationshipproblems

Why do I have to ask for help? Several years ago I asked him to do something several times...because it wasn't getting done. He called me a nagging b****. I've told my ex what he caled me. Even he was stunned and told me, "You never nagged and yoy're sure not a b****."
When I see other spouses helping or doing dishes regularly, running vacuums, cleaning windows, mopping floors, helping with yardwork, doing laundry, cooking s meal, etc., it hurts. Mine would NEVER EVER conside... read more

I'm sick of irresponsible driving, picking nose, eating with his mouth open, munch, munch, munch, slurp, suck, slurp. Totally fed up with him blowing his nose at the dinner table then looking at his snot begore putting the handkerchief away. I'm sick of him taking maybe 1 shower a week. Never getting off his a** to help with house work. Letting the house and camper crumble around us. He fixes nothing until it's desperately broken. So much is ruined due to his laziness and pro... read more

"sea hag"

Nah. You guys that replied to my post... It wasn't my fault he cheated. It's a woman's responsibility to keep her man from cheating. It's his responsibility to be a decent f***ing human being and either communicate with her to fix the relationship, or leave her instead of just cheating. I am
plenty aware of how to please the man I'm dating now. This one knows what the f*** he wants and tells me.

If you can't talk to your girlfriend about what you need in the bedro... read more

My boyfriend and I are both ridiculously stubborn and it sucks. I was at his place yesterday and he was definitely in a headspace where he didn't seem to want me around. I thoroughly believe in leading independent lives but it would be so much easier if he could communicate when he needs space instead of just shunning me. So this morning when I was trying to talk to him and he just didn't seem to be able to listen after me calling out to him multiple times -- I felt frustrate... read more

My girlfriend lets her (friend she's a girl) touch her boobs, butt, even kiss her cheek and she tries to make me jealous and asked me can she wear people's jerseys during basketball season (she's a cheerleader) and i said no so she started a argu and tried to makee jealous and said she's gonna wear it anyways. What should i do?? i tell her how i feel too and she says she care and so on but i don't think she does.

excuse typos if any. #relationshipproblems #advice #helpme #ve... read more

I re connected with this guy, we've talked on and off for the past 2 years nothing serious. This time we started talking,and I did bad. I was scared of getting hurt and I became clingy. He was working and we didn't talk a lot so I got nervous and needed the reassurance, and began to cling more and text more. I was annoying I know I was it ultimately had my number blocked. Not my Twitter . I actually messaged him in there witshing him luck. I know he needs space but it's killi... read more

So everything is fine and we're having a conversation. I casually bring up something he did that really bothered me and immediately add in "But it's okay, not that big of a deal. It's over now and we don't have to talk about it." he freaks out and starts screaming at me calling me horrible and yelling at me to "get the f out of here" dramatically pointing to the bedroom door. He screams "LEAVE ME ALOOONNNE!!!" like a little child and continues yelling at me after I have left.... read more