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My partner has been engaging in a behaviour pattern that has been slowly creeping on, and it sh**s me.
- when we're together, they're always on the phone; internet/facebook usually, or playing casual games; to the exclusion of the outside world. occasionally, we'll be watching a movie they haven't seen and they'll be doing this. the whole reason we're watching the movie is because they haven't seen it! if they didn't want to watch it, they could have said so, and i could have... read more

Every time I feel like I'm starting to do better (with my depression), she does something to drag me back in. The worst part is that I know it's not her fault, I know I should trust her, but I can't when I know he's at her house at 1 in the morning....and then I get angry. I get jealous and I get angry and then the fact that I know I'm the crazy one just makes me angrier and I can't describe it to her in a way that doesn't make me look like a psycho and that makes me angrier.... read more

I swear if its not one thing, its another with my life. I mean being a gay teen growing up with Third World-County idels enforced on you is hard enough. A lot of people don't realize how close minded the world really is. Within my own home talking about my (gay) love life is kind of a red flag, its heavily avoided. But in all reality being gay sucks. Guys are whores and the idea of monogamy is almost unreal. I'm only 18 and I've already been engaged twice. Both were ridiculou... read more

My mother... I love her to death, but I wonder why. She pisses me off. Living with her is such a mistake. She annoys me to no end. She doesn't clean, she doesn't cook, she sings at horrible times. I can't count the mornings I've been woken up by the sound of her laughing at something on the tv. I just wish I had the funds to move out and limit my time with her. #venting #mothers

I have a new man in my life for the past five years his previous girl keeps popping up at his worklplace ,talking about me to random people it is getting on my nerves i cant stand her tjis woman needs to take a seat and stay out of way.#realtionshippests #venting

How is it that you can go out of town, although for just one night, but you owe someone money? It takes $$$ to go out of town and $$$ to come back. You couldn't pay the entire cable bill; saying you will pay the remainder next week but you can go out of town. Also you owe me $170 because I paid your insurance and told you it was a loan. You said you will pay it back 1/2 and 1/2 but yet I do not see any of it. What sense does that make---NONE! I know we all don't think a like ... read more

everything just seems to be going wrong for me. family problems: my parents are trying to fix a marriage that just can't be fixed and i'm in the middle of it all, my dad can be an absolutely awful person, but our family has to rely on him for financial support. friend problems: i literally have two friends and we were all going to go to this school event together and first one said she could take us (call her K) and then said her mom was mad at her and she couldn't have anyon... read more

I feel so worthless. I feel like the very few friends don't care. They don't want to hear about my sh**y complaints and my problems. We all have our story to read, I'm just a random character in theirs. I'm just the f***ing kid who sorts their problems and tells them which page to turn to. But the truth is that, I can't turn my page. I'm constantly stuck on this page of depression, anxiety, panic attacks and stress. It's so sh** because I know no one wants to help me because... read more

When it rains it pours. We just welcomed our second child just two months ago. Things were going great, wife got a job serving to help out with additional bills and whatnot. Within the past two weeks, I've needed $400 emergency service on our car, the Health Insurance we have increased by $170 for our new child, and they charged us form his birth date, so this months bill was $400 more than it normally was, we have a BGE shut off notice for the near future, and just learned w... read more

I'm so stressed right now about the guy I'm seeing. He has never been in a relationship before so I completely understand being nervous and taking things slow. I have been very open minded, patient, and understanding with him for the 3 months that we have been hanging out with nothing more than holding hands once in awhile. I was so thrilled when things were finally starting to progress and he said I could start staying the night. We have not had sex or even so much as kissed... read more

Was having a great Friday, up until I realized I missed an appointment for something bc I had the date mixed up. So now I'm in trouble for it whoop de doo #venting

I need to get this off my chest before I lose my mind. You know what, you have been emotionally abusing me throughout the months that we were together and yet you try to convince me that I'm the messed up one, that I'm the one who's f***ed up. For the longest time I thought I was the one doing you wrong and I talked to so many people about how I feel like I'm the problem. Guess what? 100% of those people say I'm just trying my best to please you and you were the one with the ... read more

oooh boy im getting kind of jealous and sort of... idk..
i'm just getting uncomfortable and its 5 am and... i think im juust getting overly emotional becauuse my friends have been tlaking and lik im slowly getting really upset because they havent.. really mentioned me in the skype group yet
or my absence of talking and i donnt wanna say anything on tumblr because then they'd both worry and i dont wanna split them up and i'm just a huge mess i n eed h elp
im going to start cry... read more

I'm so glad the squad have realised what a b**** you are and what a bad friend you are. You say you've been bullied since year 3 but to be honest you are the bully. I knew 2 months after you declared me as your best friend something was odd. How can you call someone you met two months ago your bff? I may know a lot about you since you can never stop yammering to listen for once but you don't even know my birthday. Yeah - you never listen. You beg it with so many guys for f***... read more

I'm 13 and I'm like always stressed out. Don't just comment that its hormones. I already know that. My parents freak out about every little stupid thing and it gets me so overwhelmed. I don't really have any friends to talk to me cuz they just ignore me and they don't give a f***. I do gymnastics and I'm like the most advanced girl on the team. The other girls are like 11 years old and they are still learning round off back handsprings while I'm working on back tucks off the ... read more

Have you ever thought you were over someone, at least as much as you could be? And did you convince yourself, somehow, to accept the relationship she was in and to be happy for her? And then did you find out that she'd broken up with that SO and was now with someone else? And did it suddenly hit you all over again, how much you still loved her and how much you wished things could have been different? And how much you wished that you could go back fourteen years, back to when ... read more

So this is a topic that might be sensitive to a few people, but I am bisexual. And I have the most amazing girlfriend ever, and I love her so much but I cannot tell my parents because they will surely be upset/confused/scared/disgusted with me. And the huge problem is, its a long distance relationship, with an age gap- But since Ive known the girl for pretty long, they know her too and they thinnk shes a really good friend of mine. I dont know what to do.
#Relationship... read more

#venting #rambling #randomtopics #repeatingmyself #envy #money #music

First of all, I hate having no money; I feel jealous of this person who pays for his own VPN and runs one or two blogs; he seems like he has everything even though he's just in his 20s. It also doesn't help he's quite attractive as well. I also feel jealous of this person who bought this game on Steam and has footage of it on YT. Even though I'm 17 and still need to be in education (Google UK leaving age... read more

Incoming long post...

I'm not really sure what to do anymore.....there's so much weighing down on me and I don't know how to relieve the pressure. Even if I could I doubt I'd know where to begin.

I literally don't know what to do. I'm failing a class (maybe even two) and it's far too late to try and get my grades up. I have no money which means no food so I'm hungry as f*** right now. I can barely focus enough to get out of bed on time and go to my classes. I feel like I mi... read more

Urgh I hate uni right now. I really really don't like it. Just thinking about it makes me want to cry. I feel so alone with it because I'm so stressed and none of my friends do the same course as me, and I have practically no friends in my degree - like uni is not what I was expecting it to be, it's much worse than I'd hoped. I guess it could be a lot worse, but honestly, i'm just struggling right now with all this uncertainty. I hate it. I want to go back, I want to just go ... read more