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I f***ing hate stoners and I f***ing hate weed. All of these f***ers are inconsiderate dickwads who literally cannot go one day or do any activity without it involving their weed. And whats with them always f***ing trying to convert you?? No, I don't wanna smoke, I don't smoke, get the f*** off my back, I don't give a f*** where your "stash" comes from. I hate the smell so g**d*** much, and yes potheads, we can smell it. Even when you put a f***ing towel under your door think... read more

I don't want to get married or be in a relationship because I'm too afraid I might end up like my mom being cheated on and abused by my own dad. He cheated multiple times on my mom and always accused of mom doing it yet he's the who actually does it. It's hard for me to love, trust and let other people info my life, especially when it comes to relationships. Growing up my dad was an alcoholic who physically and emotionally abused my mom. He'd beat my mom, disrespected her, an... read more

Why do people use me? Am I too nice for them? They just take advantage of me and use me whenever they want to. I really want to stand up for myself but I'm always afraid I might hurt them. For example, my "friend" told me she wants her memory card back and want to take it from me, but she wants me to give it to her. I'm secretly pissed because I do that all the time. Ridiculous, right? >_<

#venting #pushover #tired

I'm not a bad person. Not at all. It's my first year at college and I want to have the experience. Try a little drinking, a little smoking. I never really did it when I was at home because my family didn't approve of it. Now I have the opportunity. Now I want to have fun.
Never had been the girl who hung out with a lot of people. And especially dudes. I think I'm too interesting for anyone to understand me. But I'm done with worrying about if people like me or not. The way I ... read more

I am a male and 20 years old. I turn 21 on November.3rd. I have a girlfriend, work, and go to college. I feel like I can't talk to anyone. I get a weird feeling inside why I think about getting help. I am a junior in college, first time not being full time. I study geology. I have been noticing I've been procrastinating more and more. I am trying to work on that. I feel like I have no idea where I am going in life. I feel lost and quite depressed. I feel like I don't really h... read more

Here is what I have to say to the "friends" that ditched my birthday dinner because they were "too busy" but spent the entire next day traveling and shopping in the city:
Thank you. Thank you for getting me excited for my birthday for once. Thank you for ditching me. Thank you for lowering my already dangerously low confidence and self-esteem. Thank you for not being there for me. Thank you for reminding me why I hate my birthday. Thank you for not inviting to go shopping wit... read more

Hello people. I'm 18 years old and will be 19 in a few weeks. I'm a sophomore in college and I graduate from community college in December with my Associates degree. I'm venting today because I feel depressed. I struggle with depression, I take medication for it. I still, however, have bad days. Here lately it seems like I have just been having a run of bad times. My boyfriend of three years broke up with me two weeks ago. I'm not ready to move out of my house and go off to a... read more

I hate that my mom is ruining my family. She is a very high functioning alcoholic who wont admit to her actions. She gets very defensive when I try to confront her. She's been to the ER, hospital, rehab numerous times. She is rarely apologetic, and when she is, it's just to guilt trip you. She's killing my grandma with stress. She's killing her liver and health. My aunt lives with my grandma, and has dealt with my mom's drunk driving, hospital stays, bills, job, everything. S... read more

I used to have a bestfriend named, Alfred. (Not his real name.) Now before I explain how our friendship "ended" I'll just say that my brother doesn't approve of my bestfriend because my brother is over-protective. My family is too over-protective in general. I had 4 brothers and I couldn't be friends with Alfred because he was a guy and it was mainly because of religious purposes, but we didn't do ANYTHING wrong. We were just best friends. I kept arguing with my brothers and ... read more

My whole life, all I've ever wanted is to interview people and be interviewed. Like a talk show host. I know that sounds ridiculous when you think about a talk show host you think of Barbra Walters, Rosie O'Donnell, Ellen Degeneres etc... all of these women and some men who essentially sit there and just ask famous people stuff. Is it bad I just want to sit there and ask non famous people stuff? Like what's your favorite curse word? What's something you wish you could tell yo... read more

I have a big test tomorrow, and due to me wasting time, I am cramming tonight. This test is for my butt-kicking, required-for-my-major class and I need to cover how to explain the Statistics concepts in words by tomorrow at 10am. #FML #venting #student #studying

I made friends with a girl (whom I will call Shay) over Tumblr because we blogged about the same TV show. After a few Skype conversations, I found out that she was depressed, bullied, suicidal, and scared to seek treatment. Her parents weren't great people either, so that added on even more issues. She lived in New York, so our only method of communication was text. Thinking I could be a hero, I kept talking her down during time I could have better used for studying and ended... read more

Today I saw a hit and run (on a parked car) while I was at work. I work at a popular restaurant, so obviously it gets pretty busy on Saturday nights.
However, I felt a moral obligation to jot down the information so I could report it when I got off of work, as I would want someone else to do the same for me. When I got home I immediately called the police non-emergency number, and told them what happened, that I was at work at the time, and when. The lady's response was a ver... read more

I'm a little pissed of at the universe. i don't understand why i keep getting "friend zoned". i haven't had a gf in almost 2 years. its getting a little annoying. and really hard to concentrate on my life.
last girl i tried to get with was going great! i know she likes me she knows i like her. but apparently shes Mentally not able to handle what we were already doing.
we were basically dating. going out to get food.. ice cream and parties and stuff.. and we got along perfect.... read more

So I've been in a relationship for 6 years and he's pretty great except his female friends are really starting to bother me. I've ask them if they have ever cheated they sweared they haven't and that they're simply friends. These females are single mothers as well not that it changes anything .. Idk I trust them and he does spoil me and shows me he loves me I just don't want him to have female friends but don't wanna come off as that psyho gf. Does your bf have female friends... read more

It annoys me that you only want to be in my children's lives when it benefits you by making you look good or when it's convenient. Its stopping NOW! #Venting #mykids