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I don't know why you think that I lie to you when I am making conversation with you. If I say that the kid were up half of the night from being sick or something, you turn it around and tell me that you were up half of the night and you did not hear them so they were not up half of the night. Umm... they were in my bed (second floor) so how would you know? you were in our guest suite DOWNSTAIRS in the basement, there would be no way you would hear them lol. Why can't you say ... read more

I don't know why you think I am 'faking sick' when I am not. I have the flu and I know my body. Are you inside my body? no. Do you have X-Ray vision to see what is in my body ? No. So WHY Do you roll your eyes at me when I am coughing or the fact I have been in bed trying to sleep it off ?

I'm a freshmen in GISH, Honestly when the year began I was hyped. Things might be different, better than the last
years. But of course nothing will change as long as I live, the names,looks, and behind the scene talks continue. I know
I'm still young and I got a future ahead of me. It all started when I was 10, when i used to think nothing bad about myself until
I moved to CA, then I heard many, many things that people thought about me. Then again I had a bipolar sister, and ... read more

The guy I have tried to break up with so many times in the past two years ... the same guy I left in the middle of the night ... when I packed up the car to the gills and LEFT, and found myself a whole other place to call home ... He lost his house, and I let him AND his dog move in here with me and my toddler daughter (not his daughter, btw), even though he's NOT on the lease and pets are NOT allowed. I felt sorry for him, and he had nowhere to go, supposedly. I know it was ... read more

What is a relationship with little communication from one party? I tell her EVERYTHING, but she tells me nothing. I tell her when I feel suicidal, when I hurt myself, when I'm sad, and everywhere between. I try so hard to make her happy and to give her happiness, and she expects me to be happy automatically. When she's upset I have to pry for hours before I get a straight answer; she told me if she ever needed therapy she would take her best friend instead of me. She always c... read more

I don't know where to start. I am depressed. Everyone goes through these emotions and yet no one understands. If I were able to do things that made me happy, I would. However, there is no accessibility. You know what would make me happy? Going to Italy. Why can't I do it? It's just not realistic. Money issues, ect. All the websites and books tell you to take time for yourself, but that's all I have: time. I have too much time alone, and sitting in my bed not being able to get... read more

Number one thing I need to vent about: lunch monitors. No, not lunch ladies - MONITORS. The people who typically have no formal training to be teachers, but who often volunteer to watch over a few hundred kids during their lunch period. I am a high school student - actually, I'm a student who maintains an all-A report card, a great attendance record (give or take a few sick days), and an even better reputation. I should be able to come to school each day and not need to worry... read more

Blah.. Okay.. Here is my vent because I need to get this off my chest and see if it will help me feel better.
I struggle with depression. No one really knows how bad it is. I have one friend who I have told about my depression and how bad it is and that is only because she deals with the same thing.
Depression runs in my family. My mom knows that I am depressed, but she has no idea how bad it gets and how it is all the time that I feel this way.
It's taking over my life. I tr... read more

Why don't I like my dad? Is there something wrong with me, because anyone would be so glad to have a dad who calls them and wants to hang out with them but everytime I see a missed call from him my heart stops and my anxiety goes into overdrive. Life is already stressful enough for me with college apps and moving into a new place with my mom and just being a teenage (senior) with homework and respeconibiliries everyday! He is nice, I guess, but everytime I hang out with him I... read more

#venting my aunt never shuts the f*** up she always complains about the house being dirty when theirs only one dame thing on the table she blames my for every little thing that goes on in the house I will never put my hands on a woman but iv never wanted to hit some one more in my life

I dont want attention. i want help, i feel like absolute sh**. my mother was very ill with depression and it runs in the family, im 16 and i camt say ive been through it all but ive been through alot. I was in multiple relationship which included drugs. sometimes i blame my dad because he wasnt there for me. because he chose alcohol over our family. Ive been getting weird eating patterns either i dont eat or i binge. my lowest grade is a D and im freaking out. I feel like i n... read more

I am very sad... My boyfriend of two years seems to never have time for me anymore, he sometimes doesn't answer my texts or calls for up to 48 hours. This has only gotten worse with time.. I love him and i miss him so much, he works two jobs and i understand he is busy.. but really? two days? I am supposed to be his girlfriend.. And as of right now he has time for 5 other girlfriends. Even the days that he does message me i get one or two texts.. Ive even told him how i feel ... read more

What's the point of smiling at me when I know about the sh** you're saying behind my back? Your face pisses me off. #venting #f***thisguy

urgh!!! it was february 3rd...the day before her birthday...the week after we told each other we still liked each was almost 3years since we were together.....she told me she is inlove with someone else... she didnt love me...she didnt care for me...i was not important to her! did i waste almost 3 years of my life to be told that! i wasnt a bad boyfriend! and till this day i still think about her...i havent moved on...i havent felt the warmt of another girl! why is... read more

Every day, I strive to let go of resentment. I strive to become a better me. But my parents make it difficult.

My father is a bitter, angry man whose dreams never came true and blames the world. Every time he speaks, it is something seething and negative unless he is high. I like him better that way, because then we can actually have a conversation. Otherwise, he spouts on and on until I feel like a piece of spring all wound up inside a broken clock, and I want to lash out a... read more

I was just traumatized by a documentary concerning the war in Afghanistan. Let me state why I watched it in the first place- I am trying to ascertain different perspectives on war, so that I can better understand it and its complexities. I've seen many War documentaries, and I've read up on the history and politics of war. But my breaking point is now. I was reduced to angry tears and had to take a break from it in order to finish the film.

The film was made from the perspec... read more

It just sucks when you realize that things aren't the way that they used to be. you start missing the memories more than you miss the person. Like he used to do all these special things for me. and now, were not even spending time together in our anniversary. yea, I get it, you have to work. but can't you at least ask for a day off just for one day. it's not like anniversaries happen everyday. I'm doing a lot of special things for him, but I don't even feel like he appreciate... read more

I finally found the girl of my dreams, she is without a doubt perfect for me but I don't think she feels the same way I do. Shes a friend but she doesn't look at me like I look at her. She's never had a BF before and has said she never wants one, that she's "fine being single." She treats me just like she treats any of her other friends. She has social problems so she doesn't think too highly of herself, on a few occasions I've had to remind her of just how great she is but s... read more

#Venting #Ex-Boyfriend

So one of my close friends and now ex-boyfriend broke up with me Monday night... except for *I* had no idea the relationship was over. He called me on Tuesday and said his parents wanted us to just be friends and that he couldn't hang out with me otherwise they would kick him out of his house. Which he personally told me on Saturday, over Facebook, was a lie. He basically said that is is indifferent and doesn't like people from the start. He doesn't care about me anymore and ... read more