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My "friends" are particularly sh**y people. My first friend, we'll call her Megan. Megan only ever comes to see me when she needs someplace to stay after school, a ride home, or needs to get frilly cosmetic things done (my mom does waxing.) Then she claims she was really busy and couldn't visit me for a month (even though I see her snapchats and instagram posts of her hanging out with her school friends.) Background: I got pregnant and had a baby. I got taken out of my publi... read more

i haven't been able to feel emotions or pain for a few weeks now. I'm constantly tired and have a terrible memory to the point where I forget things I just did or where I am. Stuff is really confusing and I have to focus to understand what's going on, or else I just kinda tune out everything and I don't feel like I'm in my body. I don't know what's happening to me??? I'm sure I would be scared, but I don't think I'm capable of it right now. #venting #pleasehelp

Sometimes I get so tired of being black.
I feel like the world hates me for who I am.
My skin is considered ugly.
My lips and hair are only cute on a white girl.
If I'm not a stereotypical black girl, I'm shunned from even my own community.
And apparently society says I'm the epitome of what ugly looks like.
I'm so tired.
I'm tired.
And I'm just ready to kill myself.
#venting #help

There is a picture in my baby book, it once hung on the wall of my parents house. I was smiling, and holding a little umbrella, it must have been a pretty picture before you come to my home in a fit of rage and knocked it, along with shattered glass off of the wall and onto the sleeping babe which lay beneath it. Now it's covered in scratches and i'm lucky that I wasn't.

My very first memory of you, you were sitting on Granny's couch back when she lived in the trailer. You m... read more

I dislike my supervisor. I know this sounds bad, but a college degree does not make a smart person. My supervisor refuses to make the information in the computer match the information on the boards. She states, we should follow the information on the board, but if something goes wrong someone will ask why we didn't follow the order on the computer vs the paper on the board. It is annoying that this system is so off and they call it a hospital. I just want to become a doctor o... read more

So my friend, who I have been friends with before I could even walk, is someone who is absolutely amazing. She really is. We have a lot of good memories together, and we always said that we mind as well be sisters with how much we hang out and get along. You know that saying, "opposites attract"? Completely true with us. She has always been athletic, sporty, afraid of thriller rides, haunted houses aren't her thing, and she enjoys subjects in school like gym and recess. I, on... read more

My roommate is losing her mind...she's going to therapy, but it doesn't seem to be helping. It all started out as her wanting to switch genders. She cross dressed as a guy, which didn't bother me. But lately, she's been claiming she hears "voices" in her head. Her therapist diagnosed her with DID, the new name for Multiple Personality Syndrome. But the thing is, when we were kids, she had almost a fascination with it. She would write about characters with this. She is doing t... read more

I'm sick and tired of the fighting in my family. If it's not one group or so fighting, it's another. Recently it's been my parents and brother for the past few months. He keeps giving them snarky remarks and an attitude, they either yell at him or take away his phone. Sometimes they'll even throw things at him. Which leads to him being upset and complaining about them being bad parents, which gets them angrier. It's a daily cycle. Today we went shopping, and they kept fightin... read more

My job has turned into teaching old people technology. FML! #work #venting

Also f*** you a**h*** . I hope you rot in hell. If you think you can get away with rape and abuse you're wrong. It hurts me a lot. It hurts to think about it at all. You get to "get away with it" while I have to deal with the aftermath. I hope you do end up killing yourself, I would not f***ing miss you. #evenifyoulovesomeoneleaveiftheyhurtyou #venting

My assistant manager is so damn hot. If I was single I would rock his world for sure. And he knows it. We both know it. I'm not the kind of person to ditch my current S/O for a fling though. For now I'll just have fun talking to him. #venting # imjustreallyhornyprobably

My car overheated because my little light warning to change my coolant evidently doesn't work. Since my car has a warranty, I figured, "Oh well. Now I know and the warranty will fix it!" I was half right.
I went to the place that was recommended by my uncle/dad because his old friend works there. I gave them my information and went on my way.
2 weeks, $1,400 USD, and $495 USD out of pocket later, I got my car back. Less than 24 hours later, I had her back in the shop.
1 week ... read more

I officially started my job at mcdonalds today and its one of the most nerve racking things i've ever done. extremely surprisingly, it's not talking to people and taking their orders that scares me the most. It's the other employees. either its my imagination or they're laughing at me and making fun of me because i'm new and i make mistakes and i awkwardly follow my trainer around everywhere because i dont really know what i'm doing yet. a lot of them are older than me so i f... read more

One day I woke up and I wasn't depressed anymore. I had been depressed as a toddler till the age of 17. I thought i would never make it to 18. I was constantly trying to suicide but every attempt would fail me. Now I'm 18. I've made it. I'm happy and anticipate the new day. Though there are nights where I cry myself to sleep. I know it's not the same tears as the ones when i was depressed. These are sad tears. They're different. I wish with everything I have that I don't wake... read more

So I keep joining different "petsites", now that I am on Flight Rising and am LOVING it. So I want to test more; I guess I am too picky because at the end of the day I am like 24/7 here on Flight Rising.

So I joined another one, "explorewindrose".
It has alot of potential, but in my opinion, still needs a ton of work!
Anyway, as I joined, I was given a sprout (the pets on that site) by a stranger!

I was so happy when I saw it because... I honestly was confused about most bu... read more

I usually walk my dog at night just to avoid awkward stares/cat calls/whistles and whatnot. My boyfriend and I were walking my dog and we always pass by this certain house during these walks. Usually, there will be a few people outside that house just having a conversations on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights. As we come closer to this house, which is on the other side of the street from where we're walking, I just hear two guys talking to each other instead of the usual. ... read more

I really hate myself. I have no friends. I am attractive, and people only want me for that. I know I'm attractive. but I hate myself. so much. i want to die. i'm annoying as f***. and I have no friends at all. I'm so sad all the time and I also struggle with anorexia. I want to be dead. #venting #imsorrytobeannoying

So there is this girl that I really like and she knows that I like her. She asked if she could have one of my condoms (I'm holding them for a friend and told her I have them a week or so ago) and I thought she wanted to use it with me since I'm dumb and I really like her so I said yes but then I asked if it was for me and it isn't so now I don't want to give it her. I'm not sure how to say no since I already said yes. #RelationshipProblems #venting

My mother is in the local mental institution for a bad bipolar mania. My sister was in a better mental hospital for a few weeks a couple months ago, and I can't but feel that it would be better if she had more specialized help like my sister.

Before she went, she did many spontaneous and unnecessary things, but most critically, she trashed our house further with barely started projects and spent lots of money on herself we couldn't afford to spend. My father is unemployed an... read more

So, for many months now, probably about 6~7 months, I've had this giant crush on a senior in my school. (Lets just name him Ethan for the sake of this post) This, he knows. He has known for months. What can I say? I have some big-mouthed friends. Everything was going well at first, at least before summer vacation. I always managed to sneak out of my class and sneak into his, trying to spend more time with him. On the last day of school, we both kind of clicked more, at least ... read more