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#Venting #Depression

My family doesn't ever seem to understand how I feel. I've been diagnosed with severe depression and it's like they don't even care. They yell at me, scream at me and demand more of me then I can give them. I've seen doctors and therapists. Everyone tells me it gets better, and it did for some time. But now it's getting worse again, and I just want it all to do is just f***ing end it. I'm slowly losing my will to move on with my life. Today I started tel... read more

So.. I had this friend of mine (we'll call her Lia.), and she was honestly one of the sweetest people I've ever met. Like my other friends, she was always there for me when I was feeling down; she never judged me or told me to just get over whatever I was upset with. And though I have quirks that would most likely turn other people away, Lia looked past all of them, just as my other friends had. I loved her. Heck, I even started having feelings for her; I still do. We would S... read more

I want to stop self doubting, its toxic and draining. #venting

My brother in law and sister keep fighting and its really serious stuff about how he doesnt love her or their daughter and how she wants to kick him out and never loved him when theyre both just scared about how money was just stolen off of them by a close friend and how he has a court date about some of his doorman work that he might go to jail for. I love them both and I've tried reasoning with them. Im so tired but i dont want to wake up to one of them gone or another argu... read more

So pissed off. Someone came to church sick and got my granparents sick! TWO WEEKS now they've been under the weather. I'm seeing red because some lady had the nerve to be all like "I don't see why you're angry. You can't go anywhere without being exposed unless you're going to stay home in your own little bubble!"
*Throws all reason out the window.*
If you threaten my family I will punch you in the face. I don't give a f*** who you are! You cough in my grandma's general direc... read more

So it annoys pisses me off when minors post on POF Tinder etc saying they are 18 and flirt with you then randomly say, oh btw I'm only 15-16 . I'm 20, so an 18 year old isn't an issue. But 15-16, I can't be flirting with someone that young I can get in a lot of f***ing trouble. I wish that they would understand that just because you can have sex at 16 doesn't mean that everything is okay, you can't talk about having sex, can't send or receive picture, it's just not worth it f... read more

With friends I never feel like I can connect with them or show them my full self. I like my friends and they like me too but eventually I just start to annoy people. My personality is very crazy and random. So I tend to do random things that may start to annoy people after awhile. Also, I feel like eventually people find someone better then me. Like we would be really close friends but then they make new friends that are all of a sudden they're best friends. I don't fit in wi... read more

I feel like I always am there for everyone whenever they need someone but whenever I need to talk no one is there. I feel like I'm never appreciated like I always respond right away but I have to wait forever to get a response from anyone. #venting

I really don't know what I'm looking for, someone to listen or just some advice. Well I met a girl last year and we became best friends, I love all my friends. But with her I started to like her in a different way. I'm a girl also and I was confused and in denial about the feelings, so I just ignored them. We went on summer break from school and the feelings were still the same when we returned to school for our freshman year. We went from having almost every class together t... read more

If you could save your dying city would you do it? A:Of Course Yes.
However I'm not so sure, I've weighed the pro's and con's of what people do in this city and it annoys me to see the pattern people constantly follow.
It's rare to come across people who actually struggle to help others, but I find the people they help also go nowhere.
Everyday for the people in this town its wait for the Doll, Get Drunk, Work, Spend money on Garbage and the constant repetition of society str... read more

I hate English!!! Not because of the subject, but because my teacher is awful. First things first, it's an all high school freshmen class. She is so unhelpful! Literally, she says "Ask for help whenever you need it." Then when you try to get help, even if she isn't busy, she's like "Come back later." When she does (unwillingly) help you, she just does the bare minimum to answer a question. In addition to being no help whatsoever, she grades hard as hell. It's nearly impossibl... read more

So basically I'm going to try and keep It simple. Me and my boyfriend have been together 4 years. We met at college. I had 2 friends who ended up becoming a couple when we left college. I introduced my boyfriend to them and they got on really well and we all ended up working together for a year. That was a few years ago.

Neither of us work together anymore. However we are still close as couples. We go on a load of double dates. Shes one of my best friends and my boyfriend an... read more

Why the hell can't people be f***ing adults. Why the f*** does my birthday have to be trashed because your f***ing jealous of my friend. Quite honestly all my friends suck at being friends.... I'm told that I am a good friend but yet I don't get any good friends in return. Be and adult so what if I hang out with you the day before my birthday or the day of. It's gonna be a piece or sh** day anyway because I am not even doing what I want to do cause your all a bunch of imbecil... read more

So I'm trans and I am pan sexual. I have a girlfriend but I've had feelings for this guy sense my first year of college. He and I hooked up a few times and now I feel guilty and I don't know what to do. I can't stop thinking about him.
I'm also very close to starting my transition and this is the break I've needed and I don't want him to be the reason for me being not happy #stessed #freakingout #venting

I hate when I see all the cliche posts like "why am I so depressed?" or "why am I so lonely?" And even "I hate myself."
Cause literally, it's more than that. It's painful as all hell and I know that it sometimes applies to other people, but to me, it just feels like people are "acting" like that. Just posting it to make others feel sad for them cause they don't know any other damn thing to post to. I hate when I see those and it's the same thing over and over and over, the sa... read more

I honestly don't think any doctors or hospitals know how to treat a patient with Crohn's Disease. During a recent flare I called the emergency department in the middle of the night to find out if the pain I was having was worth going in to be checked. I hate going in and clogging up the system when there are others who are in more desperate need and staff are stretched. They had my file ready when I arrived, I was taken into a waiting bay and there I sat for 2 hours, kneeled ... read more

This pisses me off more than anything. Family twisting words around to piss another family member off at me. Ok so I wanted to hang out with my younger cousins, do some stuff around the house, our plans are all in place and we get permission from their dad then their b**** mother tells the youngest daughter, who gets treated like sh** btw, that we said they couldn't come over because we couldn't handle 2 teenage girls for a day. Well I call bulls***, I wanted to have a day to... read more

I am feeling so bad about everything.. like why is everything so f***ed up?? WHY ME WHAT HAVE I DONE???! How can I escape without dying? There's no other way. There is always sadness, pain - there are always those thoughts.. this voice in my head is telling me how worthless I am, no matter what I am doing IT IS WORTHLESS!!! I can't handle it anymore.. And who would understand me? My therapist is the only person, who REALLY knows what I'm going through.. Feeling like a stupid ... read more

Sometimes I get so frustrated at him. It's not his fault, I'm practically his first love. But when he gets like this I just need to hit the wall as hard as I can. I'm nervous because I know how bad it hurts, but it's the only thing to ease the pain.

#ithinkitsoverforrealthistime #venting #relationshippromblems

I've never seen anyone getting pissed off cause someone wanted to bring back food to their living place in a luggage before my mother. Geez I wanna return to the city where I'm studding real quick... #sigh #venting #WTFmom