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I will never understand why I'm never good enough. Am I unbearably ugly? I feel as if all my problems center around my physical appearance. It's in my head that if I weren't ugly, my whole life would be completely different . I would be happy, have friends, a boyfriend even. But I don't. All I have is the unending desire to be dead in the simplest form possible. I don't want to go to another life-an after life, I want to stop thinking and stop feeling and just be calm. I want... read more

My wife and I work together and she treats me like sh** at work to look badass in front of our coworkers. She also stalks my Facebook nearby friends when I'm not with her, refuses to be affectionate in even the slightest of ways, and is a complete pillow princess!!! #UtahLGBT #venting #relationshipProblems

Idk what to do ! Like I f***ing love this guy , I know I f***ed up but he started it , yeah I know that's childish in a way . But I have gave him everything ! My love my attention my ALL and it wasnt enough for him , but once I stop and once start giving him the same treatment as he did me , such as .. Lying , deleting messages , calling everyone " sis" knowing damn well he only has 2 blood sisters and or calling them "cuz " like come on now , if that was the case then why de... read more

figured as nobody i know is on by the moment I'm typing any of this, i found a spot here to merely vent, and ask for advice; to figure out what to do, as it feels like nearly anything i do lately, ill do it wrong. "I can't do anything right", i say.

Back to the beginning of this trainwreck - a friend and I were working together on some artsy things and all, drawing together, sending each other doodles and whatnot with them and a few other friends in the same chat. Until, i r... read more

If my coworker or a customer smacks their lips, it's like somebody just flicked me in the cheek. If someone stands there smacking hard candy or eating with their mouth open, it becomes impossible for me to concentrate, and I get so stressed out that I'll nearly be in tears by the time it's over. But if I ask them to please stop, then somehow I'M the rude one, even though their lip-smacking is painful to me. God, misophonia sucks.
#venting #misophonia #whywhywhy #pleasechewwit... read more

sorry, last version was replies disabled. #rape #venting #survivor im a 13 year old female and my dads friend raped me. please don't keep reading if it will upset you cause im gonna go into detail since ill never get to tell anyone this much detail on it. when i was six i was raped by four of his friends. no true penetration but they did finger me. for two hours. they took turns f***ing my throat raw, too. i just went to home and school the next day, unsure why i felt so dirt... read more

#rape #venting #survivor im a 13 year old female and my dads friend raped me. please don't keep reading if it will upset you cause im gonna go into detail since ill never get to tell anyone this much detail on it. when i was six i was raped by four of his friends. no true penetration but they did finger me. for two hours. they took turns f***ing my throat raw, too. i just went to home and school the next day, unsure why i felt so dirty. i saw them often still, being neighbors... read more

Literally begged my gf to come to bed with me and she wouldn't so I don't even know anymore we have never slept in different rooms in the same apartment I'm scared this is the end I love her and don't want to lose her but she will never talk to me when she is mad she just bottles everything up. #venting

My girlfriend has never been very emotional or comforting but my mom is having surgery to remove the cancer in her neck next Tuesday.Today I started crying for no reason because I am just stressed about my mom and I told her that she got mad and told me she can't read my mind and that I can't expect her to know when I'm sad. I understand I should be more upfront but I don't like to talk about it but I just needed her to be there for me. She left and said she doesn't want to t... read more

I really need to vent about my boyfriends ex girlfriend because I'm pretty sure my friends are tired of it and I'd like an outsiders perspective. Background info: they dated for 2 years and she cheated on him when he went to basic training. It was a really messy breakup. He started dating another girl shortly after they broke up and his ex got mad but then she started dating the guy she cheated with. He then started dating me about a year after he and his ex broke up(the othe... read more

For the past couple of months my life has been sh**. My normal state of being is either stressed out as f*** or crying my eyes out because I'm too scared of ruining relationships to tell anyone. Almost everyday has been miserable whether it's my school binder breaking or tripping twice in the span of 3 minutes or being too stressed to study and my grades falling. I feel like I'm losing control of my life and I can't do anything about it. I try to stay strong, but sometimes I ... read more

I am so finished with members of my family disowning their own children. I haven't been disowned because my parents love me and understand mistakes, but it never ends in my family. People are just so stupid and do not think before they speak. Nobody thinks about the future and what can happen if you mess up. #venting #family #idiots #annoyed

If you didn't ever want to be friends I don't know why you tried for 7 years. I clearly don't want to let go yet because I still have hope that we can be close again. But to go as far as lieing to me about ****** that is bulls***. He doesn't deserve you, he cheats. It's obvious, he's outside of your house hugging you goodbye when he has a girlfriend. #venting #RelationshipProblems

Never will I ever waste my time again. This is it I'm really done I said it before and I didn't listen now it's the second time around I need to let go. I need to let go before I start developing any type of feelings. Yes, I liked him, still do. But like is not love. Like can easily be thrown away. Its time for me to move forward and stay firm in my decisions. I don't have time for the bulls*** a** games. Your number will be blocked soon and every message deleted. If you try ... read more

There are 2 guys, we're going to call them A and B. I've been with guy A since 8th grade, and we just never actually ended. Somehow we always drifted back to each other, well now we're in college (2 different states). So much has happened that our trust with each is completely f***ed, but we made it work because of the love we had. When I went off to school I met guy B towards the end of the first semester. Instantly we clicked, or maybe it was because he was something new an... read more

Why are you such a b**** to me? Anyone who meets you thinks you're so sweet and nice but without anyone around you're a real piece of work. No one believes me when I tell them you're a monster. I am too, after all I learned from the best.

It's not fair that you corner me with all your supporters. Now I'm like a caged lion, you keep poking me and poking me.. I sit and growl, I endure it because you're family. You'll keep poking with all your fans until I snap and try to attac... read more

I didn't just choose to shut you out overnight for no reason. I had to save myself and my energy. I got tired, very tired of trying to breathe life into the relationship on my own. I needed your help, as someone who claimed they care about me. I deserve so much more than to be half loved. #power2me #venting #done

My parents will never accept my boyfriend or rather anyone I date unless they are rich/come from money. I don't care what they think but I am not in the position to move out yet. I am still getting my M.A. and my parents still pay for my living expenses. My bf is also in graduate school. I would rent or buy an apt. but my part-time job doesn't pay me enough. I am only 23 but I want to start my life with my boyfriend now. It all just feels impossible... It is hard in a relatio... read more

I was seeing a guy who was studying abroad. & knew he was leaving so I pushed him away. I know that he wanted long distance girlfriend type things and I didn't think I'd be able to do that.

I miss him and can't seem to get him out of my head... but I know it's wrong for me to talk to him because it's harder for him to move on.

It's breaking my heart that I may never see him again... but I don't want to stir up feelings and not be able to give what he wants.


#love #l... read more

My close friend has been trying to kill themselves for years, it all started around 5 years ago (we live in different cities)
I talked to them on the phone and persuaded them to not carry on with their suicide. From that point onward, everyone is calling me expecting to stop them from doing it again, at every mention they say of the act. This person is very emotionally manipulative and abusive towards me. I still love them a lot, but I know I am being played. I do not want th... read more