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I always wanted to fall in love and get married. I used to watch proposal videos on youtube and cry and dream of that. I had my wedding dress picked out since I was 15. When my husband proposed he didn't have a ring, he didn't get down on one knee, he said "let's get married." The next day we drove to reno and got married in a chapel. I had to buy my own ring off amazon for $30. This isn't at all what I wanted. I love him to death so I was willing to give all that stuff up fo... read more

My Boyfriend cheated on me. He was my best friend and i never expected that of him. Ever. But he did. And now he wants me back but i dont know if i should. There is a guy i have been talking to and he have been helping me. is it possible i like him??? Anyone know how you know if he will cheat again? #help #relationship #issues #urgent #counsel #venting #helpme #crazy #cut #thought #notajoke #pleasehelp #hashtag

okay so for starters. my dad passed away when i was only 10 and my mother has always been abusive so i went to live with my aunt and her fiance had molested me and she didn't believe me at first until my cousin told her. then as time went on my aunt turned out to be just as bad as my mother. she was controlling and basically made me her slave. then she told i had to either o into the military or she was going to kick me out. i was only 16. so i went into the military at 17 bu... read more

I don't know where to start why I'm here or anything just want someone to hear. It was 5th grade and I started to like this girl, let's call her T, she liked me back and it was cool, we dated for a few months, it was just a elementary school relationship or so I thought. She broke up with me through her friend and I thought that was it, sixth grade comes around and we try again and again a few more month. This time I was sure that I wasn't going to be the one who got left. I ... read more

People on the internet can be so daft...#venting

This will probably offend some, but just hear me out. It's about racism and how white people are portrayed by society. Now, I'm not just saying this because I'm white, I'm saying this because it genuinely offends me. And I get that people of other races and ethnicities get offended about certain things as well. I think that society has forgotten that whites are people too and that they have feelings. And I'm sorry in advance if this offends or iterates you, I am. But here's t... read more

i'm in middle school. i get all a's, i've been on the dean's list for 3 quarters straight, i'm in the challenge language arts and math class, i'm part of the school's advanced choir, i'm in the musical (which i was told i had the best expression), i was given an award for my outstanding projects, i was chosen as a student to represent my school, and in the parcc test i got in the top two percentile for my grade and state. yet i have not once been rewarded by my family. i got ... read more

So, I got engaged 2 years ago, love her with all my heart. Upon getting engaged wedding plans began getting made and both our parents are old fashioned and decided to foot the bill, my parents agreed to paying for half of the hall. At the time all was good and everybody was happy, but some 9 months back my father had a botched surgery on his ankle and has not been able to return to work (indefinatly at this point). So now they are struggling to keep afloat let alone pay for a... read more

So, I'm a girl.
I'm 17.
Hi 👋🏼
Since I'm in the category of love, I might as well share my love issue, right? Here goes..
In December, I realized I had a crush on this girl in my history class. BUT, this was my first *real* crush on another girl. There were instances before where I found myself crushing on a girl, but those went away fairly quickly. This crush, however, has been going on since (aforementioned) December. It is now late April.
I know, 4 months... read more

I've always been paranoid. From being afraid of monsters crawling in the dark to people from other dimensions watching my every move, I've always had these thoughts and they've always gotten to me. The latter is more prevalent and makes my daily life a nightmare. I can't do anything without worrying that unseen people will judge me and be disgusted by my actions. With a rough family situation I feel like I can't tell anyone about this or any of my other feelings without spark... read more

My name is Lily and I started seeing a therapist when I was young because my father died and my mom was worried about me. I was only in 4th grade, so there wasn't really much going on with my life. Most of the discussions I had with my therapist were lighthearted and just about how school was. However, I've recently been feeling very depressed and anxious all of the time and it just doesn't stop. I feel like if I brought it up she wouldn't take me seriously because most of ou... read more

I'm 17 and I feel like I have no future, just because I called in a lot in my past two jobs and I'm struggling to find a new one. #annoyed #lame #venting #agitated

So. I don't even know how to start this. Uhmmm.....I have a daughter. Her father and I seperated in September. It was 2 days after her first birthday.
Today he is currently married and his wife is about 6 months pregnant. They got married on my brother's birthday. She's been pregnant since November and I just recently got confirmation that he was cheating on me with her, which was known. I've been okay. It's just I wish I could understand why. My head tells me that it's not m... read more

I don't know what to believe anymore. I used to think that this guy cared about me as much as i did for him- but i really truly don't know anymore. It seems like he is talking to me less and less; and is slowly pushing me away; or maybe he is busy? Idk anymore i just need help; because ive really (sincerely) truly fallen for him and i dont even know if he feels the same way anymore (or ever did). I just wish i knew; especially since we're going to prom together (i asked him).... read more

So...I came here to vent because I feel as if I ramble on about the thoughts roaming in my head to my bestfriend or my boyfriend they'll get annoyed or won't understand. I have my days where I feel like complete sh*t! And I can't talk to my boyfriend about it because he'll say he went through worst and then I feel bad for even crying about it. My life has been crap since I can remember, my family hated me for being fat. Especially my mother, she was embarrased! So 8th grade y... read more

I swear my father is so grumpy. Lately all he does is have a go at every little thing. For example, he had a go at my sister coz she ate the last prawn and cocktail crisps and he didn't get them; its just a bag if crisps omg! He has a go at me especially every chance he gets, even if its hoovering but hoovering rooms in a different order to what he likes. I dunno what to do. Is it just my dad?#venting #pleasehelp

I'm sick and tired of my mom treating me like a twelve year old!!! I'm literally 21 years old, about to graduate college, and I can't do anything or go anywhere without her permission or her tagging along! It already sucks enough that I can't drive (because of her) and don't have my own car, or any friends to take me anywhere. She makes it so hard for me to be my own person. She's always judging me and treating me different when I don't do things (the way) she wants. She's al... read more

Hey f 16 here.Just wanna get this off my chest.So apparently,idk why my mom is mentally and physically abusive.I swear I didn't even do sh** to her,but she's always yelling at me like for no reason at all, slap me,pull my hair,pinch me, kick me etc .Shes always treating me like sh** and I feel like she doesn't even care at all. She hates me, almost everyone absolutely f***ing hates me because im f***ed up and I'm never gonna be f***ing good enough for them.Im getting sick and... read more

I've been talking to this guy and we've been on two dates, he's super sweet and just everything I've ever wanted. The only thing is I've always been very shy and awkward and he is usually the one carrying the conversations. It's even worse around him because he makes me nervous.But anyways I invited him to my house for a get together my parents were throwing and my best friend was there too. I wanted them to meet for the first time. So the three of us were hanging out togethe... read more

Please make the noises stop, I just wanna rest. Im jealous of my siblings that lash out while im expected to be the kind youngest child I just really want quiet in my head #venting