I don't know care what people will say but I f***ing hate it when I'm having a total meltdown and someone calls me a f***ing child! First of, you have no clue what is going on in my mind and you have no idea what I have been through. Second, who are you to judge Miss Perfect? Who are you to tell me if I can cry or yell? So do us all a f***ing favor and SHUT THE f*** UP!!!!! Every time I fall apart instead of someone picking me up, they spit on me and tell me that I'm being a child. Instead of you holding me and telling me to let it all out, you tell me to call you when I'm done throwing a tantrum. Well, NEWS FLASH f***ERS! I'M HAVING A MELTDOWN AND I NEED YOU TO BE MY FRIEND/FAMILY NOT BE f***ING a** AND TELL ME THAT I'M A f***ING CHILD!

#venting #problems #not-a-tantrum