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    It seems that no matter what you did (thoughts, behaviours, reactions, decisions, plans, goals) her life, or part thereof, was predetermined by destiny. It was always going to unfold in a certain way.

    Apparently some unseen, cosmic force was firmly behind the steering wheel of your life. You didn’t really have to touch the controls because the life path (destiny) was pre-ordained and non-negotiable.

    Am I the only person who considers this thinking to be a load of self-limiting, mumbo-jumbo crap?

    Am I missing something obvious? Why on earth would anyone buy into this?

    Oh, that’s right; it requires less effort and courage than the alternative.

    It takes making those tough decisions, taking those chances, facing my fears, dealing with my destructive habits, overcoming those obstacles, going to university, working hard and busting my arse to create my best life.