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    The insurance industry can suck it and blow it out their a**. I hope Trump, the GOP, (I don't give a f*** who does it) guts the insurance industry and puts them out of business. They're a bunch of shysters to begin with. Requiring someone to pay a $3500 deductible per year, plus out of pocket co-pay per visit, no coverage of dental or vision, no coverage of my prescriptions, and I have to use their pcp network which doesn't include a local ob/gyn, and on top of that, no coverage of pre-existing conditions. What bulls***. I need surgery, and even with insurance, I can't afford to do it! This insurance (through my workplace) is costing me $500 per week out of my paycheck, and here's the thing...the company 100% matches what I pay in! It's ridiculous that it should cost this much! It's cheaper to pay the yearly fine. For having surgery, I've done the math and it would be cheaper for me to pay for it out of pocket, fly to Thailand, have surgery, recover there, and fly home. Insurance in the US is rip off.

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    Of course they're concerned; the political backlash could result in a single payer system,

    putting the medical "insurance" industry out of business.