Things I tell myself:
"Start being hard on yourself or the world will"
"You're doing okay."
"You're f***ing crazy."
"Buck up, buttercup!"
"What do you tell your friends with ACTUAL [diagnosed] depression? Wake up and keep on fighting. And what are you doing. Not fighting hard enough!"
"My god, you've gotten fat..."
"Count your blessings you're so lucky!"
"You have a date tomorrow. Why aren't you excited?"
"You ARE enough (Yeah right...)"
"Look at the beautiful day!"
"Stop using your emotions as an excuse for everything. That's getting REAL f***in' old, child!"
"You're never going to amount to anything if you keep acting this way."
"Get your sh** together!"
"C'mon, they weren't yelling at you. They were telling you how to do that job better. It's called constructive criticism. It's helpful. See? Now you're doing the thing better because you know more."
"Why do you want to cry?! You have nothing to cry about."
"Seriously? You've done your best and it's still not enough? Just give up..."

#Depression #GoAway #ComeAgainSomeOtherDay #WhenYouMakeSense