I'm 24, recently single, youngest sibling but don't speak to my siblings because after my father passed away right next to me in 1999 my brother & sisters didn't talk to me for almost 15 years and then try to come into my life out of nowhere and act like everything is okay whilst my mom was battling Lupus, HepC, & cancer. That's not why I am on here, about 2 years ago I met this girl, full of life, artistic, funny, smart, adventurous, but somewhat mysterious. I come to find out she used heroin. A lot.. never imagined I would go down that road but I made that mistake and wish I could turn back. Everyday I'm a slave to this devil, you can't stop if you want to and when you do your body becomes possessed with the little bit of demon that's left making you sweat, kick, sneeze, puke, painful bowel movements & flu like conditions which last for weeks and if your strong enough to get through that then come the mental withdrawals... it's a literal demon and I want to use this to inform anyone that has an issue or has thought about using if your in the same boat I was in, Don't do it! And if you have, others including myself are here and understand. Reach out and stop because you can't stop until you physically want to stop! No one can make you, it's hard and at times you want to give up but keep going.. don't make the mistake I've and many other have made, and that's getting 3-4 days in, without using, and then give up and jump right back in the hole you went through hell to get out of.. there's an epidemic going on and we need to make this stop to many of my friends have died or parents have left there children to this evil evil drug and I personally still need help but I wanted to write something positive and do something good anonymously before I went to rehab and won't have a phone or even pen and paper. God bless and make smart decisions