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Age of aquarius.
All 12 tribes. Time for data school. Who is Maya? I do not know who she is but I do know, I am down with any Christian who is not judgemental about any other sin than intentional greed. I know a shadow guardian writer. Whose idea was stolen from the true talent in jail. And asylums. The genocide is legit. If you have a child failing. They are an artist. So good job for killing them if you take them to the cdc spiders. Who purposely target us to get rich quick... read more

Art lovers. Take back harvard. Steal it and give it to the real Maya. Now!

We need our good red doctors back.

And our bad red colors .

The Whitfield scheme of Hernando. The battles names of heritage. Steals the art from the talented and sells it to doctors and lawyers. As exchange for buying best art ideas and bribery. Whitfield destroyed Hernando. Stole people lands. And decided to have his Harvard teams of lawyers destroy ms. Now Hernando Southaven. Delta dawners. Art quits society.

Dear doctorsir.

Dear worst lawyer.

Art quits. Give us the metastatic back. Harvard pay all Desoto baptists Hernando ms back for killing us in your freedom genocide. Thanks Mogadishu terror greeds.

Art say you starve. And work for free. Hitler was denied arts choose to punish the best way of life of Einstein bloodline. Now we are being put in prisons a. And jail. And everything. Now banana. Gullah. New code. Language of the metas. Prophecy. Jkj it. All around the rose of Au... read more

Why hasn't the therapist called back? Hasn't it been a whole week? Will I ever get in to be treated?

my mom's doing something and i go into the kitchen to get something then she sayed my name "i have to do this i'm old i make noises" in my mind i'm saying this to myself FOR THE BILLIONTH TIME WOMAN I DIDN'T COMPLAIN ABOUT IT I HAVE TO DO THIS TO KEEP MYSELF FROM RUNNING OFF A CLIFF STOP ACTING LIKE I'M COMPLAINING WHEN I DIDN'T EVEN MAKE A FACE OR COMPLAIN

This person came up to me while I was at school, never met them before... anyway they knew about my problem cause I came to school high as a kite everyday for like 5 semesters. She was concerned over her friends addiction to H, and I was telling her all the little things she could do to help... anyway long story short I might be getting pills from this person. I couldn't control myself when she brought up drugs after she later in the conversation brought up that she deals aci... read more

Does therapy help if you've been mentally abused?
And if you tell them about minor sexual abuse while you're under 18, will they tell your parents or anything?

I hope I make a pretty corpse in my coffin if I happen to have one

a semi invalid good luck getting any help around here it is your funeral

I have that typical teenage depression, I'm going to start medication on it tomorrow- the same day i'm bringing my friends over for D&D. I get told that these things will help me feel better form my therapist and parents and i'm getting my hopes up because I think it'll finally let me be happy but also nervous that it'll make things worse, it won't work, or it'll make me a entire new person.

I shared this openly between my friends. One of them stopped talking and the other c... read more

I wonder if I should buy a prepaid funeral plot or not I do not think it would be a good idea let the state pay for it

The more I push myself to get better from my trauma, the more risky behavior I find myself doing to cope with the pain that only deepens as u try to ignore it.

I wonder if I'm going to have the strength to work out today. I have not exercised since March and my body has been begging for a workout. I just have not been able to push myself to get in action. Since it's been more than a month since I worked out, my body feels slower and not as energized. I sort of have this stuck feeling in my head and throughout my body because my circulation isn't as good. I can tell I've gained weight, although this doesn't discourage me much. I thin... read more

Am I depressed? I don't really know but I think I am. Noone knows even my close friends because one of them is also depressed I wouldn't want to fuel her more. I don't want anyone to think I'm just riding a trend or that I'm an attention whore.

I'm so fatigued

Really wondering if this and my emotions are signs of depression

I think about dying alot, and often find myself jealous of those with terminal illnesses. I think I'm unwell.

I cant believe getting drunk cured my depression

Went to the doctor yesterday. There's a slight chance I have cancer. I don't care either way.