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Time for the demons to whisper in my ear. Read me a bedtime story about how they're going to ruin my life.

f*** you Cancer!

Think my depression is coming back and stronger then ever...

God I'm so overwhelmingly lonely. Like, I shouldn't feel so sh**y because I have so many people who love me but. Just. Sometimes I feel lonelier around other people, you know? Because I know that some day they can't be there for me. And right now I know they want to be there for me. But I know something will happen. And in general I always get so mad at myself for the stupidest things, and I don't know if I'm just overreacting or being hormonal or what. I can't be alone for ... read more

i've tried to talk to my closest friend about my depression but her response is always so infuriating.

she tries to shut anything negative out of her life and simply denies anything that isn't positive and happy. when i got quiet and zoned out because depression she told me to "stop thinking!" then assumed i was fine and treat me normally as if i didn't want to murder everyone that made any movements or noises within a four mile radius whilst simultaneously curling up into a... read more

Im pregnant. I need help!! #pregnant #knockedup #help

One word

Health trends: Men, say "bye bye" to stiffy pills if you stick a vasolined finger up your a** daily stimulating that prostate~wives want this!!! β˜πŸΎπŸ’©

Is it possible to have a splinter that doesn't go away after a few years?

I'm too whiney, I need to chill for a while, i need to make a goal list of everything I want to better myself in

My cat's fine. Thank you for your prayers.

I woke up feeling like Atlis. The weight of the world on my shoulders. Wondering if everyone I care about is okay. Why must I be this way? Why do I TRY to take care of absolutely everyone? Can't people take care of themselves?

I hate myself so much! I get weird a** cravings for Dog Food and Dirt.

I don't smoke often, but sometimes, no matter how gross it is, I end up doing so to distract myself from being nervous or jittery.

Attractive nurses probably never get accurate pulse readings from their patients.

im on a diet because i hate how i look right now. im a girl with a f***ing inverted triangle body type. i get that its not my fault and its genetics but damn i look like a f***ing football player with these broad a** shoulders. Anyway if im on a restricted calorie diet and adding a few squats to get my legs and a** bigger , wont i lose my shoulders and stomach first since its the biggest part. everywhere i read says the place where you have the most fast goes away first?

Sometimes I think I went insane years ago in my teens and everything that's happened since is just a delusion in my mind. I'm not really even here right now and none of you are real. I'm lying or sitting in a hospital drooling on myself and staring blankly ahead while the delusion plays on.

im on an 800 calorie a day diet and i was wondering how to stop hunger pangs. Im gonna try water today but idk if it will work

i dont have and eating disorder, but sometimes i hate my body so much i just want to tear it apart. i hate my body so much but unlike the beautiful anas i have no self control and always end up feeding myself too much. I hate my body but tell myself curves are pretty, but the only curves i have are on my stomach. i hate my body and i wish i had enough self control to not eat at all. i'd rather die than be what i am

I'm hoping that doing all of this writing means something to me. That it gives me the insight of what I need in my life, to heal and move forward with my life. I hope this helps me.