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I feel endlessly guilty and frustrated. I don't look disabled enough to get special treatment but I'm too disabled to keep up with my "normal" coworkers. I just look like a slacker even as I fall deeper and deeper into despair. I can barely handle working full-time but I have zero other choice. If I ever get really sick or something goes wrong I am always beyond f***ed cuz I can't handle full-time work and fix something out of the norm. Everything falls apart. It is falling a... read more

Please pray for my bipolar disorder to heal. I want to get pregnant and have a baby, lots of babies. And I don't want to have to take medications that can harm my baby. And I want to be able to breastfeed my baby afterwards. Please I never want please cure my bipolar disorder I have had 7 episodes. It's not fair. I want to have a baby and to breastfeed him or her and to never have to take medications. Please God cure me now please.

My hair is falling out. For the past 1-2 years I've been growing it out but lately I feel like I'm losing strands more than they're growing. I'm pretty sure I'm eating enough, I drink water, I even got a hair trim to get rid of all the dead ends. Everytime I run my hands through my hair to sort it out of a bun or pony tail I lose some hair, in the shower while washing I lose some hair, brushing I lose hair, all around my desk sometimes will be random hair strands. It's disgus... read more

Sure would like to finish my lunch, but I don't want to get up and get it...

You don't know what disease smells like do you? It is not strong like corpse, it is subtle but not pleasant, may remind you of raw potato mixed with heat smell

Can any of you smell disease when it's there or am i the only

i've not eaten enough food in so long reliably because of my eating disorder that when i went out to my friends house and had 3/4 of a shot i instantly got sick and all my alcohol tolerance is gone and it's horrible

Anyone have any tips for getting pregnant with pcos?

You Treat My Just Like Im' not a stranger!

I am my own worst critic. There isn't a person on this Earth that could hate me as much as I hate myself. I'm so deep into hating myself that I swear when I go somewhere people are staring at my insecurities, and talking about them and obsessing over them (Even though I know they aren't) & It makes me hate myself more, Like I think I need to fix myself to their standards and they don't have any.. They're my own standards, and I'll never be that good.. When I look into a mirro... read more

it's really hard for me to sleep at nights. my sleeping pills don't even work.

I ate a box of pizza to myself it made me so happy

time to toke, and listen to coast to coast am with georgy noory :-)

I'm HAPPILY into celibacy :-)

So I tried melatonin last night and it just made everything much worse I had really bad nightmares but I couldn't wake myself up like I usually do. Just. I give up.

I don't know what it is. Even though I'm surrounded by people, I feel so hopelessly alone.
I keep thinking about YOU, and how much of a hold you've had on my mind for the past year.
Your actions not only led to my plummeting GPA, but I'm almost certain confirming that I do, indeed, have depression.
Whatever bit of it I had before our little falling out is now a full-blown hurricane of doubt and self-deprecation.
I can hardly speak these days, yet alone write like I used to.
E... read more

I want to kill myself. Not because I'm depressed or anything. I just feel a really powerful urge to do it. I'm not clinically depressed, or anxious, and I have good friends/family.

I'm having a serious case of pms and I think I might die

f***ing Obamacare. I used to have good insurance but when they passed the law, they got rid of my insurance and put me on crappy Obamacare coverage. Now I need some basic therapy to deal with stuff and I can't pick my therapist and the only ones you can get anyway are pill pushers not the kind that give you coping tools.

I think I have a serious case of couch potato syndrome.