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I am an african american girl with 2 inch length hair. My mom doesn't know what she's doing. She's still in the grease-will-work, shampoo-every-2weeks state of mind. Ive been to many salonists but they lack the wisdom and knowledge Im craving for healthy long hair. Nor am I financially capable to keep any weekly appointments. Everytime I look in the mirror Im on the verge of bursting into tears. I hate my hair. If I were anything other than african descent I wouldnt have this... read more

I sometimes wish I were immortal. Some people tell me to go to the hospital without trying to understand my dilemma. Once you acquire the Truth theres a low tolerance for turning back. Shameful that the only reason I am ill is because of backsliding. I know to get on my knees and surrender all to God. Christ'll heal me immediately, like all the other times. But, theres a large consequence that comes from this particular backsliding I don't want to face.. so yeah I'd rather si... read more

This nerve or muscle in my left eye has been twitching every hour for a few seconds. Yesterday my head hurt, and now this?

i was awake for more than 24 hours and then i couldn't sleep, i ended u only getting like 5 hours. like wtf??? im so mad i wanted to sleep at least 8 hours. i watched a movie, now its 3am, i would probably be able to rest more now, but i have f***in homework. and god i hate myself and my stupid sleep habits. i really want to go back sleeping in the evening and waking up at midnight, but my stupid body is not letting me. I DON'T WANT WANT TO BE A NORMAL PERSON!!

My cerebrum hurts. I'm getting migraines.

I didn't take a shower tonight idk why and now I'm itchy and everyone's asleep and this house is too small.

Is there something wrong with me if i never believed id make it past high school? I never made plans for my future. I honestly never figured id make it this far.

haha ha ha ha IBS is hell f***ing hell

Im planning to get my sleep schedule back on track. I want to go to sleep at 9 pm and wake up around 6 am. I want to be one of those people who drinks their morning coffee and takes morning jogs. Reminds me of squeaky clean healthy living..something Ive never had. My mom rarely enforced bedtime. We would just knock out anytime we felt like. Usually around midnight. In my teens, around 3 am. Not having enough sleep punctured my ability to focus in school. I ended up passing hi... read more

When I found this site it literally brought tears to my ears. Lately I've been feeling so alone and I just needed to vent. So much has been going on in my life personal life lately and I feel like I hit rock bottom. I'm not suicidal or anything I'm just not happy. There's nobody I can talk to about this but I need to let it out. I feel like I don't even know myself anymore. There's so much built up emotion in me and I don't even know where to start. I wanted to start a blog b... read more

it really hurts. to watch as the people around you effortlessly develop relationships with people. to realize that it's probably gonna be another couple years of therapy before you'll be happy. to have to pretend like you're ok and that you're happy for your friend when she gets in a relationship. it's hard to deal on your own.

Is there anyone who doesn't like being categorized male or female as far as gender goes?

That's how I've been feeling since fifth grade. I wanna be androgynous, and cut my hair sorta short. Sometimes I wanna wear guy clothes and bind my breasts, but I still wanna wear a dress and style my hair or something. I don't really like being "her" or "him"… I'd rather be "it".

I've tried to express this to a few friends before, but ... read more

Geez my brother is throwing up all over the place. Id help my mom clean it up but I might just throw up myself.

I have acne on my gluts. :\ It's not severe, but it's definitely noticeable. How do I get rid of it? It's not hemorrhoids either because it's on my skin, not near my anus. It makes me feel really self conscious. Would a guy care if my butt isn't perfect? I mean once we're both undressed I highly doubt a guy would turn down intercourse.

I think i'm sick. Mentally sick. All i ever feel is insanely depressed. I'll go and hangout with my friends, but then i'll get sad again. I dont know how to stop it. And i cry. Alot. I dont know why. Ill just be in my room or at school, and i just get so sad for no reason and i start crying. Literally out of no where, it just happens. I feel like everyone i know is abondining me, or leaving me, or doesnt like me. I dont understand it. Do i need help?

How to be admitted into a mental institution? Im not that good of an actress. Nor am I really crazy. So, if I do get in how will I keep up the act? I was thinking injecting unspecified pill dust into the calluses on my feet. Slurping some every few hours. Im not sure what kind of pill. But Im thinking anything that would have me less coherent; just enough to not be completely unaware of my gameplan. Also, I was brainstorming how much I would be able to pack in. Most likely, I... read more

Do I control my mind, or does it control me?

I have a serious addiction.


Why does cancer get all of the attention and research in the medical world? I have a severe, crippling Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) that no one has ever heard, yet it affects millions. I know the reason why people give cancer all of the attention.


Cancer is what is in style. It is so easy to give cancer attention. For example, the biggest reason why breast cancer support is so high is because breasts are sexy. Everyone wants to "save the breasts... read more

Im a young adult struggling with drug addictions. I recently relapsed two weeks ago on crystal meth. It all happen so quick. And iv been taking my mothers cough syrup. I've hit a new low. I've never stolen anything from my mother. I can't even look at myself in the mirror. I refuse to go to rehab. I believe i can be strong enough to do this on my own. Ir maybe im just to embarrassed to admit i have a problem. im a fkn failure as a sister and a daughter. I dont want to see my... read more