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Recently I've come to the conclusion that I have what is known as Body Integrity Identity Disorder. I don't really think it's a disorder, but they have to call it something I suppose. People "afflicted" with BIID have an intense desire to be an amputee and feel as if they're not whole until they're missing one or more limbs. In my case, I'd like to lose my lower right leg.

This. Is. Not. Weird. I think people just have a knee-jerk reaction to the idea with... read more

I'm sick and tired of feeling chubby. I try to diet, but I always break down and eat like a pig. I try to work out, but my willpower crumbles. It's frustrating. I'm 14. I should be thin and supple as a bird, not waddling around like some middle-aged mother of 4.

Zhao, fruit a college was taught such a concept, even if slightly unwilling heart, but it is just like the wind, as passed, does not leave any traces. She thought, when the teacher is also not a bad thing, why should toss it? She managed to jump from the rural areas of the city, but also the heart of the capital known as the motherland before leaving parents and elders kept asking to listen to the teacher, to clamp tail man, how dare she act rashly?
Zhao Lei, but chose not t... read more

Im seventeen and just found out i have polycystic ovarian syndrome, which basically means i will most likely get type two diabetes, not be able to have kids and yet having kids is my dream, and a way greater risk of having heart attacks!! Why me!!??? WHY!!!!!!!!! i cant handle this by myself i dont know what to do and my mom doesnt think its bad but in fact its bad!!! Why me??????!!!!!!!!

I'm sick and I am sure it's more than just stress. I can't afford to go to the doctors because we don't have that kind of money. Can't get help from the state unless I am diagnosed with something and even then it's hard to get help. Not that that would matter the doctors here are freaking retarded (once prescribed the wrong kind of antibiotics)and so many more stupid things that I know about. I don't want to be sick and I pray everyday that i'm wrong but I have this stupid na... read more

Oh hoorah! My endometriosis is back. (if you don't know what it is, you should look it up! it's super!) It's been back for a while, but for some reason today it's been bugging the hell out of my horomones. I keep crying over every little thing, it's worrying my coworkers. GAH!!!! Now I'm crying for getting so mad at my stupid body. :'( also angry face, but I don't know how to make one :(

I feel like I'm a functioning depressive person....although I'm handling things well I feel like at any moment something might happen and I lose it. I wish my friends would believe me when I say I'm having personal issues. They dismiss feeling saying I have it good in life. I'm a true example that money and financial stability doesn't make you happy.

I felt nauseous on my way to work this morning. So, for the first time in seven years I did not want that morning cigarette. And I feel really good about that. I'm going to try going all day, and if that works maybe I'll try again tomorrow. :D

And tell me why I haven`t lost any weight I`ve been working out but barely LOSE anything Tips please lol muttr

Tell me why men have more testosterone then women> I think it`s super unfair! Lol I have a little bit more Testosterone than Oestrogen but UGH I can`t burn off as much fat , nore can I turn fat into muscle as boys can> Err , i`m not saying i`m super obese just a little bit of fat on me I hate hate hate it! I want muscle *sigh* :/

It's my nineteenth birthday. I don't want to be nineteen yet. I feel like I haven't done enough with my life.

I wish I could have aged to about eight and just stopped there; life would have been so much better.

Soo upset ... Im an american citizen whos husband works im pregnang we go apply for medical and they say we have a share of cost of $700 a mo. Ugh!! I cant afford that its bs that any illegal can come over and recive free medical foodstamps n cash and I have to pay because my husband works.

During my childhood, I have been through a yo-yo of emotional turmoil, and truly hurtful comments. On numerous occasions my own mother has become angry at me. Once, when I was roughly about 8 years old, she was furious that none of the clothes fit me in a shop, and shouted that I was fat publicly. I think that's the first time I ever felt so embarrassed. I looked around the shop, and saw an obese boy, around the same age as me, smiling as he was trying on a pair of trousers, ... read more

So my condition is also eroding my brain tissue? I did not know that. Does that mean by the time i am old i will be a vegetable? If so do i get to choose which vegetable i become? I like potatoes!!

You mean all this time I've had Borderline Personality Disorder? Why didn't anyone care enough to help me see my mood swings and impulsive actions and erratic behaviour was not normal, instead of calling me an a**h*** behind my back? I hope it's not too late.

I smoke cigarettes so what I know the dangers but me going too long without one is even more dangerous, quit lecturing me Im not forcing you to do it just let me make my own decisions, if i want to smoke in my vehicle or somewhere outdoors its not forcing you to enhale it, I have enough courtesy to stay away from non smokers when I light up.

i cut myself trying to make grub and my hands pulsing.. lol the vein looks like it swelled up n no ones here so whats up with that -.-' i feel dizzy

Dear fat-a**,

Go away...


your owner.

I seriously was downing really hard, just thinking about how im stuck in a rut in this point in my life... I smoked a bowl of bud and I feel a million times better. Thank you Mary Jane, you always know what to say

I am constantly angry. It feels like a giant wave that has swallowed me hole and when I try to break free and swim for the shore, I get caught in the undertow and am dragged out to sea once again. I need to breathe but I can't. I'm chocking and I can't get out. I have nothing to be angry about, I have a good life, so why am I so pissed, when I was typically laid back????