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skinny ppl who complain about being 'too thin' should kindly f*** off. you aren't the ones being called 'fat a**' or 'morbidly obese' so shut the f*** up

This Bugtypes or Gloria person sounds like a real b**** to drive someone to want to kill themselves.

my coping skills are weak af

The fart I just did was inexcusable

i have a terd in muh butt!

Where you at? Or have you gone M.I.A?

I'm more (mentally) sick by every passing day; I'd run away from the scary people but four years more? I fear I'll die by then..and I just can't allow that..
#vent #scarypeople

How to keep your juicy booty fit and tight ladies

idk what the hell is going on with my vagina but oh my god it's painful as f*** why do humans have to get gross infections and sh**

RIP my 🙀

That's how tranny dudes tuck their junk, right up in their own a** ick.

My sister wants a big a** she wants to be butt injections or butt implants I'm said to her you gotta workout and exercise to gain that why take the easy way out when in the end hard work will pay off

i want to f*** i n g e n d it
i want to move into a different place and lead a different life
but its not possible so i just have to tolerate all of these people and all of these situations and i just want to e n d i t
and im trying so hard to pull myself together and not kill myself but god thinks its a funny f*** i n g joke to just make my life sh**ier than it was

me : [ wants affection always ]
someone : [ gives me the affection i need ]
me, an asshole : [ f***s up my relationship with them ]


I'm really tired of everything,
I don't want to die!!!! I want to keep on living!! but somedays I just relapse and I want to kill myself as a reflex
I just want to rest but its not possible anymore
it will never be possible unless i die
but i dont want to die! but i dont want to be tired of living either!

I don't know what it is but every time I take a blue berry I get so much more confident, friendlier and I'm able to articulate my thoughts and not feel afraid of judgment and people actually like me. It completely takes away my anxiety and motivates me to do better. Maybe some people really do need pills to fix a chemical imbalance in their brains

I want to work out, but my mom would never let me, and the gym is quite a way away. What do I do?

Breast feeding is a g**d*** scam, I quit it's not worth so much pain and I'm not like all the other moms who've normalized and submitted to it f*** that! I'm not a bad mother but I'm beginning to hate being told I'm not doing my best by not putting up with excruciating pain. I've tried all the other options and fixes, it just hurts and I'm done f*** what other b****es think of it! #overit

A LARGE MAJORITY of voters OPPOSE REPUBLICAN efforts to end federal funding of Planned Parenthood according to a new poll. Overall, only 31% of voters support cutting off federal funding to Planned Parenthood while twice that many, 62%, oppose cutting off funding. A majority of Republicans, 63%, support ending the funding....90% of Democrats who oppose cutting federal funds."

"Moreover, the poll suggests that support for cutting funding might be even smaller. Quinnipiac aske... read more

Why can't I cry anymore? Am I turning into nothing?? I can't cry... wtf ... ? I'm not happy, so that is not it. It's been months and I can't cry even if I am sad and on my period..

I dug out this area cause my family wants a new pool by Labor Day. The diameter is 18', I spent like 3 hours out there digging, no break... anyway I was okay doing manual labor for hardly any return because it was calming and distracting. My blisters and bleeding, callous, sore back, which triggered me for obvious reasons... I could totally go pill seeking "oh no, it's too painful, I can barley walk" bit BUT NO! I WILL NOT! I must NOT! I'm also ten days clean today, double di... read more