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Having really gross problems with my tonsils. I want them OUT! Making a doctors appointment tomorrow that's for sure. This has been going on way too long!

i used to be fat. and ugly.
now ive lost ten pounds and i finally feel pretty. guys are actually starting to notice me.
I couldnt be more happy for myself.

on day one of the "don't use soap when you shower" regimen (supposed to be better for your skin/hair). I, however, feel greasy and itchy. Beh.

Okay this is really pissing me off now. Twenty minutes ago: She had candy because of her oh-so-painful throat. For fifteen minutes now, she's been talking non stop to my mother.

Can't you see that she's exaggerating for your attention and the sugar?? "My throat hurts mommy... Can I have a piece of candy to suck on?" "of course dear" While in the corner, I mutter to myself 'That bowl of hard candies started out as full this morning...' And then I get yelled at for actually wondering if sucking on candy all day is healthy. Oops.

Who the crap grows up and decides to work with women's genitals every single day? Are you serious???

Ugh...nothing like having the runs at 3am!

REALLY sick of this STABBING pain along my upper jaw!
Nobody told me i'd still be sore a week and a half after having my wisdoms removed!! I want to get back to eating normal food... IM f***ING STARVING!!

I'm tired of trying to be strong when all I want to do is cry.

My great aunt is dying of breast cancer. ]=

Scientifically, someone's saliva can stay in your mouth for up to 7 years.

I reckon all of sydney's lesbian scene has indirectly made out. Gross.

My brain is banging against my skull. It feels like it's going to explode. My emotions are all over the place and I'm confused. I don't know what to tell people when they ask me how I am. I'm everything. Every emotion all balled up into one. It's tiring. I'm so stressed. My face is covered in pimples. There's so much going on right now. I don't like talking about my life to my friends because I feel like I'm dumping a load of crap on them. They have their own problems. I just... read more

NEWS FLASH BUDDY: WORSE THINGS HAVE HAPPENED! The weirdest part about all of this, is that I have no clue what he gets out of it. The next time he starts spurting off all of these insanely hurtful things that he obviously doesn't mean, I may actually punch him. Although, I suppose I could give him a little warning

Undeniable proof that people cannot think critically for themselves: "Humans only use 10% of our brain."

Can no one individually at least attempt to validate claims based on hearsay before spreading these bogus ideas around?

Though I suppose a good case could be made about how much brainpower these people are using (Oh yes, I'm being facetious).

Yesterday the orthodontist explained to me that my naturally small teeth, while fitting and connecting perfectly in my mouth, after 19 years and no major dental work (i.e braces) are a sign that i'm further along the evolutionary scale than most people.
As cavemen used to use their teeth "to fight and eat ze big woolly mammoth" (he said,) "zier teeth would break off and zey would have their remaining, crowded teeth grow down in replacement."

therefore, my body... read more

Chronic : ( Fatigue : ( Syndrome :(

Don't you just love a good cry?

Week 3 of a period should be illegal. My boyfriend is getting all pissed over it. Who thinks I should wound him so badly that he bleeds for more than 3 weeks?

You doctors should be shot, they can do surgery on a persons brain while theyre awake but can't seem to fix an irritating constant pain in my knee, almost 10 years and 9 doctors pffft

how does this make sense? we have been together for over 2 years, he said he was thinking of marrying me - and when he finds out I'm pregnant he makes me abort it??? oh yeah and he has a pregnancy fetish which I found out via internet history not too long after the abortion.