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Baby I'm sorry. I'm sorry for everything. I'm sorry for all the bulls*** I put you through and I'm sorry for all the sh** I never did for you. I'm sorry. I know those two words could never fix what happened and I know that even though your new man is keeping you warm at night you'll never have a happy life as long as I'm alive. So. I'm going to fix that. The tears won't stop pouring. I'm going to blow my brains out. I'm sorry for never being home with you. I'm sorry I never g... read more

im in the hospital and scared to death

f*** my knees hurt like hell. God has deemed me unworthy of moving my legs properly, so I am forever damned to walk like a pirate with two wooden legs. And may I pray to angels from above if I even DARE try to bend my knees. All hell will break loose from my very being, causing utmost agony, just for me. And do I even dare mention the mere THOUGHT of squatting? I can feel my scabs opening already, breaking apart my skin. g**d***.

I love the smell of a nice pus-filled infection.

Almost just added -sy to the end of pus, but that would have gotten the wrong message across.

how does one gain weighttt. like everyone says food and exercise. i've been eating more diary and protein for a while now and still see no change. i used to do specific work outs to gain muscle but it takes time and dedication and i usually stop when i get my period. think ima start going back at it tho

God I love it when my chest sounds like a f***ing plastic microphone/wheezy old toy, and when all my energy is sapped out of my body. It's even better when I cough my lungs out. I sure f***ing hope this isn't serious.

I know having PTSD is a serious matter but I've been wondering if I have it?

It says that you can develop this when you go through an extremely stressful event in your life.

I got cheated by the person that I depended on. I was devastated. I couldn't eat and sleep. It's almost a year since that incident happened but I'm still having flashbacks. I get nightmare almost once or twice a week. The person that caused this is still with me. I'm hoping that this would gp away but I... read more

my throat is killing me. i hate being sick.

OCD seriously after all the doctors and all the f'ing pills with all their nasty side effects
I'll stick to pot! It doesn't cure it but it's a whole lot easier to deal with! but everyone is different
And it helps with PTSD as well

Sorry if I suffer from OCD but it forces me to reply to every post!
We all have our crosses to bear and if mine affects yours imagine what your's does to others

i just wish i could be happy again
i'm tired of this

"doctors keeps brain dead woman alive for 123 days to deliver her twins"

so you used this woman's body as an incubator, and as soon as she completed her "duty", you pulled the plug because she's now "useless"?

f*** breeders y'all are f***ing crazy, she was a human being before she fell pregnant and deserved dignity and respect

I feel like I don't deserve to sleep because I can't do anything since everything seems bland and meaningless to me. My life isn't difficult; I'm just too weak to cope with the easy and privileged life I was given. I obviously have to go to sleep eventually whether or not I feel like I deserve it, but I try to make sure to punish myself for it. I'm clearly not too fond of how my mind chooses to work.

I have a really hard time getting myself to eat food. I wake up, and feel tired so I don't want to eat. So I stay in bed and don't feel like getting up until a few hours later, then I don't eat again until dinner. Sometimes if I have to make it myself rather than eat with family I'll forget about it and feel too lazy to make anything. I know it's not healthy and want to fix but just don't have an appetite. What causes this/ how can I fix it?

I feel like I'm going to die:(

Wife is about to have a double mastecomy. Can't vent, bc I don't want to stress her out. Stressing out, because every major surgery has a risk of death or other complications... #Surgery #Scared #Relationship

Having just recently come out of a 7 day anxiety attack, today has been an okay day. And really, that's all I can hope for at this point. I have a few things that try to flare my anxiety back up, I get pains here and there that make my heart start racing, but I'm able to reign it in. Pray that I am able to keep a tight control on my emotions and stay calm when things try to break me.


I don't want to live but I'm too scared to die

I hate that my adhd meds make me pee every hour. I really do need them to focus but this is f***ing annoying!