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I have confession to make I've sexual relations with basketball player Avery Bradley who plays for Boston Celtics πŸ€ since I was fourteen but he would flirt with me non stop this went on for four years

I fully believe one of capitalism’s specific goals is to dehumanize people. Machine us. And specifically, females. Force us to comply with the tenets of masculinity most profitable to males. Separate us from each other. Overwhelm us with mandated masculine job requirements while simultaneously enforcing femininity and supporting a social structure which chains us to a second job if we dare have a family while also shaming us for refusing to have a family.

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I feel so distant from other gay guys because I'm nearly 20 and I still haven't had sex. I feel like nobody would want me because I was never able to do anything in high school because of my home life, which now has bit me in the butt. I don't think any man will want me, I feel inadequate compared to other gay guys I know

I miss my man's dick floppin on my face :( he thinks it's weird but I'm just so in love with his dick lol

People think I'm crazy because I'm into astrology, and spiritual teachings. Okay honeys. Call me crazy when the exact depiction of your dream man comes into your life, no strings so far. But manifestation is a real thing. For about a month I've been telling myself I am thankful for this gorgeous bi sexual man, with tanned skin, massive green eyes, super fit stubble, well kept hair, manly dress sense, beautiful car and massive dick that has downward curve like the shape of a b... read more

I sometimes don't love the whole no sex before marriage thing

Fishnet outfits for big butt lesbian hoes

Feminists deserves good old spanking πŸ‘‹ and torture πŸ–•πŸ‘Œ... Heart if you agree πŸ’“

I miss brokeback spammer troll and the radical feminist lesbian against piv. They were like, perfectly matched enemies but then you realize they are just picky about where a dick goes in a world that says the only way to have sex is straight guys penetrating straight girls who become domestic slaves. They are right, there are other options but most people can't see them and are too lazy to try.

Why do guys still try when they know their girl is on their period. Why. Don't start crying if she starts bleeding on you.

I'm gay, but one thing that pisses me off is how every single super fit guy, I have sex with always has f***ing girlfriend, it makes me feel like I can never have anyone that I genuinely find attractive, if they don't have a girlfriend they just are not into me that way, I don't f***ing get it. They die over me in the bedroom, but then I have to find out they have a f***ing girlfriend every single time. I guess it's karma for past mistakes.

Why do I feel physically turned on by this? This is wrong, wrong, wrong!

I am exhausted. My hand hurts my back hurts and my feet hurt. I worked till 9 pm tonight. I am still awake. Tomorrow morning I will leave out @ 6:45 am and won't return home till 9:00 pm. I work 5 days a week and keep my Grandkids on the weekend. I have had back surgery. I've had major hand surgery after I cut my thumb off at a job running a miter saw. My husband sits on his a** and does nothing. I don't like him very much. I might have a little over compulsive disorder going... read more

Why do some people not like tongue kisses? I LOVE a good tongue shoved down my throat by a sexy hairy man mmm

I've realized I haven't had a panic attack over the time when I groped in at least 2 months.
It's been so much longer since the last time I had one due to something my boyfriend did.
I'm extremely proud of myself now, I've come a long way.

I really want someone to talk dirty to me

I just had the best sex EVER!!

Single would be fine if I didn't have a big heart and soft skin 😞

Single would be fine if my heart wasnt so big and my skin so soft 😞

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