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Sold vids of my feet to horny dudes for cash. I've racked up 100 bucks so far. I've also shown my boobs for a bit of cash. I mean.... I have them, they look nice, might as well profit from them! #muttrafterhours

Ohhhh myyyyyy godddd I'm so stupid

My ex wanted me to open up more I didn't then when I did he said I shared to much what's to much?

I fked myself with a marker before and recorded on my phone #muttrafterhours

I Whispered "Mark" the whole time when me and my ex had sex when we were high thing is idk if it was mark wahlberg or "Mark" an old friend #muttrafterdark

f***ed myself with a giant dildo while my neighbor watched

I prefer little penis even though sometimes I can't feel it #muttrafterhours

Got high on coke and f***ed the drummer of the band #muttrafterhours

That makes sense. I'm very aggressive during the day so my sexual life has to counter that to balance it......


I had two encounters of sexual acts with 2 different guys in a public area at different times though #muttrafterdark

I'm into also a guy


f***ed my boss

Sucked off my professor after class


BDSM cocktail party #muttrafterhours

I almost had sex with the same guy that tried to get with my sister #muttrafterhours

Three black cocks one white girl, never felt better :)


I love when we're fking and your Balls slap against my asz or Coochie it's feels so fking good 🤤

If I buy a fake vagina can I eat it out and will it c** I've always wanted to eat vag

Half the time when I'm not thinking about how fcked up I am I'm thinking about sex

I really love dyck any type of sexual act I love it it's something wrong with me lol