So basically I'm going to try and keep It simple. Me and my boyfriend have been together 4 years. We met at college. I had 2 friends who ended up becoming a couple when we left college. I introduced my boyfriend to them and they got on really well and we all ended up working together for a year. That was a few years ago.

Neither of us work together anymore. However we are still close as couples. We go on a load of double dates. Shes one of my best friends and my boyfriend and her boyfriend would say theyre best mates too.

Getting to the point. He is completely different when we are with them both on a double date for example.
I understand boys tend to show off and feel the need to try and be a jack the lad and make everyome laugh. He's just a completely different person. Really immature. He's not like it when he's with anyone else when I'm there. I'm always the topic of his jokes. He says things about me to make them laugh. The extent he will go just to make them laugh is embarrassing. He is normally a mature, sophisticated, funny guy but around them he acts like a child, just to make them laugh.

I'll try and think of a few examples of the extent he goes to be a 'lad' in front of the other boyfriend and make them laugh.

-He will openly talk about my toilet habits and try and embarrass me.

-He will openly talk about our private sexual life and try to embarrass me. Not even being a "lad" trying to brag about it.

-If we've had a discussion where we came to an agreement where he didn't get his own way. He would bring that up and make them side with him and attack me so that I would back down and he would get his way.

-If they're holiding hands and then kiss he will make sure they're looking, enthusiasticly hold my hand and say In a child's voice. "Look we're holiding hands too". And kiss me and say In a child's voice. "Look they're kissing, quick we need to kiss come on". And I'm just there looking at him like what are you doing? Where as they're both finding this hilarious.

- Me and the girl were walking behind the boys having a chat and my boyfriend turned around and put a creepy face on and then starting frantically finger blasting the air whilst staring at us. I snapped and was like stop being so weird. We're girls we're not going to find that funny so stop trying so hard and calm down. Me and the girl looked at each other as if to say he's taking it too far now.

-I try and have a normal conversation with him when he's with them such as asking him what his plans are the next day. And he will make sure the boyfriend is listening and say "I'm going to be w@nking my self off all day"

Just to name a few.
I've spoke to him about it and he says he doesn't realise he's doing it. But come on how can you not realise you're doing all of that?
He's apologised when I've spoke about it which I do appreciate but it's the same every time. I actually dread going on double dates because I know he's going to turn into this child who loses respect for me and will desperately do anything to make them laugh.
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