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    Talk to her. Let her know what you're feeling and why. She is likely aware of the same distance between you. If you're able to, coordinate with her a at least a few days each month where you'll know in advance you can spend the day together. There is a normal waxing and waning that happens in most long term relationships. You'll have to decide how much more you want to invest in it. If you feel strongly about wanting to stay with her, put in the extra effort. It's ok too, if you've decided that it just ain't working. But you should discuss it with her, even if it's difficult.

  • Julia4422 gave Advice

    hi, this seems tricky, but you may just have to let her know in some way, i know its hard, or you could organize a short break where you go somewhere other, you know - get out of routine, and then you may find your answer. This isn't one of these things you can just sweep under the carpet.