So i went to my gf's house to see her but when i got there she wasnt home yet..... only her INCREDIBLY SEXY sister was there. (thats who let me in) anyway i go sit on the couch in the living room (to wait for my gf) and out of the f***ing blue her sister sits in my lap. now when i went over there my intentions were soley to see my gf...her sister starts kissing me and touching my dick and she says " idk if my sister told you or not but she wont be home for about 3 hours" SHE DIDNT f***ING TELL ME THAT. i wouldnt have came over as early as i did. then her sister says "so you wanna do something fun orrr no" so i get up about to run to my car and when i open the front door BEHOLD ...MY f***ING GF IS STANDING IN THE DOORWAY. Then she goes "YAAAY you passed the test, i knew you wouldnt cheat on me!!!" long story short always keep your condoms in your car ;)