I've recently started dating a guy who's a switch, which i absolutely love because so am I.

He plays the dom roll so so well & i'm a good sub, however, in past relationships I've never met or been with anyone who is willing to submit to me (yawn) so now that i am able to take control as I've always wanted i'm somewhat struggling to let that side of me out (as it's always been repressed / told it's wrong / disgusting etc) & I guess i'm also lacking a bit of practice in that area.

We both have a pain & power complex but him more-so pain / humiliation etc but due to the lack of experience I've been allowed in the past i'm unsure how to take it to the next level to really drive him wild. I'd say the talks there "get on the floor, on your knees & wait like a good boy". "Yes mistress / miss / queen". But i suppose physically i'm looking for more ideas! Blind folds, giving orders, slapping, scratching, hair pulling, restraining, teasing - all things we've done & he absolutely loves & goes crazy for but what more could i do to my sub when he is my sub? Even tough i'm the dom in this situation i still think about pleasing him & put it quite high on my list, if he's not getting as much pleasure as i am it's not as enjoyable..