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I feel so desperate right now. Like somebody, love me..please. Put in the pro's column that I dig portishead and deftones and washed up and death cab. Consider me poetic and beautiful in ways you can't quite put your finger on. Put two fingers on it. Feel my pulse thrumming.

Me and my best male friend have an intense shared sexual tension and it's driving us both insane but I have a boyfriend but I really just wanna relieve the tension, but I don't wanna break my boyfriends heart

I feel so filthy for having any sort of sexual fantasy.
The exact touching I had to deal with for two years is suddenly okay now because now it's my boyfriend?
Ugh, I feel like I'm so disgusting.

Already feeling this lusty intoxication from him that feeling of carnal desire is a sensual feeling sex desire I can't get enough of him

I wouldn't mind if my ex kicked me in the balls a few times. She hates me anyways. It's a win win. For the most part

Apparently I'm not the only one with a ball busting fetish

BOOBIES!! They make a bad day so much better :)

Today was ok until husband came home steaming yelling angry mad ball of stress. I can't fight anymore. There's no more fight left in me. I've asked for help. I can't fight or flight anymore. I leave to hike to feel free & feel as if I can breath. I don't want to return home to all this anger. Why can't I just call it quits & we sell our house & we can go our separate ways. I just want to get along. I just want a voice. I'm at my max today. I'm trying to do all I can. I've ask... read more

So stressed guess I need to masturbate

Into a world of carnal desires

If someone is talking about you behind your back just fart 💨.

I miss kicking my ex in the balls- he loved it and it was therapeutic for me win-win!

So my girlfriend was talking about her past boyfriends last month and she said that she'd had a 3-way with one of them and another girl. When I said I'd never done that she insisted we have one with one of her friends and asked me to pick. I immediately knew it was a bad idea and said no thanks but she wouldn't let it go. I finally said all right and picked one of her friends who she talked into doing it. But now after its done my girlfriend is acting pissed off and paranoid ... read more

The masturbation has gotten out of control. I can't stop and its ruining real sex for me. The last time I was with a real partner I could barely perform because it didn't feel 'right' and the sex wasn't as satisfying as it always is in my fantasies. I wish I just didn't have a sex drive at all. I wish I was content to just go through life not seeing women or men as potential sex partners. Then I'd be free of this and the self-loathing that always settles in after.

by Anonymous
Dear Boyfriend of my Housemate: I get that you’re an awesome guy, a Bernie Bro and a friend of feminism. But if you go on more rant about how the government should fund birth control while you spend most of your time here, not paying rent and having loud sex with my housemate, I swear I will super-glue a “Make America Great Again” hat to your morning wood the next time I hear you snoring away as I get ready to work the early shift. You’ve been out of coll... read more

Had a dream about you that left a bad taste in my mouth

I hate having to apologize to my girlfriend about things that I know I shouldn't need to, and she always admits that she shouldn't have been made at later on.

1. Don’t start with the clit.

What the hell? This is the number-one rule—don’t go straight for the clit! Ermagerd. Start by licking my p**** lips. Yes, further down. Yes, when I wriggle to move my p**** to touch your tongue, it’s because I’m trying to show you where to start licking. Fark. How obvious do I have to be? Start with the lips and tease, tease, tease! When I’m begging for it (groaning, asking for it, grinding), that’s when you move to the clit.



We've been trying to get rid of this stereotype, that we have the ''gay agenda''. It's not helping when horny gays push their boundaries with straight pals.

I felt so mesmerized this man I've been dating him for two weeks is like wow feeling like going into a sensual world of carnal desires with him