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99% of women look better with their clothes on don't you think? only 1% look better with clothes off.

sho me bobs an vegena

Why is it that when I hook up with a fine woman, she lets herself go and looks like crap after a year? WHAT IS WHAT THAT? I have been going through cycles like this. So now, when she gets fat and out of shape, I leave her for 3 months, next thing you now she looks great again and we get back together. This has happened 4 times now, same woman.

I like to think I am a good looking man. I want to have sex with nearly each and every woman I see. Beautiful, not so beautiful, great body, not so great body, short, tall, fat, skinny, black, white, brown, whatever. Even your mom. I don't think its normal. I actually don't get to live this out of course. I have no skill when it comes to picking up women. Sucks to be me or what!

f*** fukc f*** f*** f***f***f***f f*** f*** f***f***cufkc f***

i want to rub the inside of my legs i want to make myself wet i want to moan i want to orgasm

f*** it im so horny and stressed

ok f*** im so horny. i need to touch myself, right now.

time to take a shower...

I feel like my vulva/vagina is weird. I know it's normal that your genitals are different from other people's, but it makes me feel so insecure! I'm usually pretty confident in myself, but my inner labia just stick out so weirdly!! They're long, and weird!
I'm not having sex until marriage. But that's THE PROBLEM! What if we have sex for the first time and he's just like: "Uhh what's that weird looking wrinkly saggy protruding dingus thingy?" MY VAGINA LOOKS SO WEIRD AND UGLY... read more

I can just imagine us having some hot makeup sex .

Ranking of pornstars from best to worst desirable

Julie Cash
Sasha Grey
Ava Addams
Midget Mya

Ranking of women from most to least desirable:


OMG have you seen a vagina before? they are so f***ing ugly. and you want me to stick what where? f*** you!

I stole someone's door. My friend and I were going to just take some sh** from someone's house while they were gone. Simple enough right? Well this family was particularly wealthy and we figured whatever it is we stole they honestly weren't even gonna miss or could probably just replace anyway. And I didn't wanna steal for no reason. Crime is an art! And you should have people view your work. So we wanted to take something they would remember. So we took the door. To this ver... read more

why have sex with them if you were going to just break up with them and lie about how you loved them.
You took something special. A moment they wanted to share with someone who equally loved them.
f*** YOU.

If it wasn't for my religion and the standards thereof, I'm pretty sure I would've lost my virginity tonight.

I want to sleep with her again

I don't think I've ever had a squirting orgasm before why

When I'm horny i just want to eat some fat wet p**** and a** but I'm "straight girl"

I'm a virgin girl and I seriously need to know how and if guys prefer pubic hair to be shaved (or what ways most guys would find "normal"). All anyone ever says is "do what you prefer" but I want to do what guys "normally" deal with. So please leave some real advice basically telling me what to do.

I'm really craving affection recently. A lot. And it feels like I won't get enough. I don't just want sex all the time (even though I do.) I feel really alone and needy and mushy.
I just want to sit down and get coffee with someone and brush hands and feel understood? But also that is unrealistic and too many feelings are involved? Yeah.