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black dicks like white phat a**es

Whose a**es are bigger black women or white women

I'm a complete and utter failure. I wish for death.

recently i broke up with my boyfriend and actually even before that we were slipping into the "lets try to be just friends" period because i slowly begin to realize how i cannot be with him (not because he isnt fabulous but religion differences and my insecurities get in the way). he agrees too.
but the thing is, my love language is touch, and i havent actually held anyone's hand romantically in a long while, or just sit by the cityscape with my head on someone's shoulders, o... read more

I guess there really is innocent teens.. When I was a teen, I just looked innocent but would frequently do dirty deeds. Surprising I'm still a virgin today. I recall being intimate at 14 with guys in their 20s. I didnt care back then but Its scary now because I see the roles reversing. Im 22 and am attracted to guys in their late/mid teens. I don't act on it but its still scaring me because I have a blushing problem.. And I blush when I'm in front of guys I like so its bad th... read more

I'm addicted to cheating on my fiance, I just can't stop.

I'm a f***ing s***.
Let's see. (Just using the first initial of the name they told me.)
-J (again)
-J (J is a common letter, 3 dif people)
These are the people I've had some sort of romantic and/or sexual interactions for more than one day in the past week. J is my boyfriend, C is my girlfriend, J (again) is a master dom, V is a mainly sexual daddy dom, J (again) is a nonsexual daddy dom, R is just a f***buddy, P is a sexual daddy dom, E is my long(ish)-term... read more

I always feel the need to be with someone who i can share a deep connection with, but i can't stand living with someone else or putting enough time into a relationship to achieve that deep connection. I wish it was easier. That i could love someone without fear. And love them in a way where it is comfortable.

I just feel so alone even though i am in a relationship and i know this is my own damn fault.

Lesbian porn director how many scenes do I have to do

I can't wait to be in a relationship where I can hold someone, and be held. Be with someone I am completely comfortable and completely trust. Someone who i know would care when I'm sick, and someone I can be with when they're sick. When I'm feeling down will be there for me. Cry when you cry because I hate seeing you sad. Laugh until tears run down my face. Hold each other at night. I just want you. I'll wait forever for you, because if you're the one, a moment will feel like... read more

I'd love to just give you lots and lots of food and watch you eat until you're stuffed. Then I'd like to rub your full belly and cuddle up to you.

Is it considered cannibalism if you swallow c**? Lol

I just want to squish my boyfriend's chubby little belly. I think it's cute.

Why do I always look for someone to have sex with after I've been crying

Imma get dat a**!

I know you're married. But I would still f*** you.

Big a** monica santhiago

There’s been a debate raging on Urban Dictionary since 2004 about a particular Sisqó lyric: “dumps like a truck.” What does it mean? There seem to be two leading camps on the subject. One believes the phrase is synonymous with “junk in the trunk,” i.e. a big a**. The other (what you might call the underdog camp) is convinced the turn of phrase is an expression for taking a large, truck-sized dump; a term used to describe a lady who drops a hefty deuce. I raised the... read more

It's bout time u got raped!

I just cybersexed all of you, you will ALL GET PREGNANT no matter what and then I'll laugh.