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Ugh I'm so horny rn. My daddy is normally amazing, but it's obvious he has favorites. Let me just tell you, I am not one of them. I hurt my foot on Saturday and although I don't know what wrong with it, I know something is actually wrong. I decided to go have sex today, because my dildo was getting pretty overused, and all we were going to do was finger and foreplay; nothing hard on my foot.
Well, turns out the mail system is as screwe... read more

Dump a boy that is not your friend, kinda obvious.

Sex massage palor at your services

My dick hurts. I think it would help if you massage it.

My p**** doesn't care how much you hate me for having one.

Some fish can change sex. Imagine how rough they have it in the social sphere

The penis is calling you, my sweet dear. Do not run from it, for it is your destiny in this world as a woman. I hate to break it to you, but your only purpose in this world is to please men, and make our babies for us. Don't run from your destiny, embrace it!!!!

Basically I'm always just used. And yes, it hurts every time. Sucks.

Lesbian sex crazy as I don't know what this girl kept licking my vagina non stop wtf like calm down 😂

Gay men,

DO NOT force yourself OR your sexuality on a STRAIGHT MALE. Think he's cute but has a string of ex-girlfriends?? DON'T get him drunk and ''see how far it'll go'' - just move along.

Because of gay men like YOU, you're reinforcing a stereotype that we gays are ''pushing an AGENDA''. That thing we're trying to prove we don't have.

Have some decency.

- A fellow gay.

Im so single but I really want my boobs to get some attention. They have grown lately and ache and bounce a lot more, I want someone to suck and rub them 😧

I'm 18 and I had a always had a sex fantasy about having sex with an older man like in his late 30's or early 40's. I feel like they appreciate it way more than guys my f***en age and they want to pleasure you, no matter how long it takes. Not like these f***boys that just care about themselves and c** like in .03 seconds. I want to feel submissive towards him and let him have control of me. I find older guys hot, for some odd reason. I mean yes I find guys my age hot too but... read more

Got drunk with one of my friends and we reached third base. Neither of us want to date each other but I had a good time. How can I propose the idea of us being 'friends with benefits' to him?

so my partner doesnt shower or clean her teeth. by not shower i mean its been about 6 weeks since her last shower.on my birthday when going out,she didnt shower,the other week went to a gig.did not shower. but i knew this morning she would take a shower ,how? because she is going to her relatives for a few days. f...king maverlous she can shower for them and not me her partner. and i'll tell you she stinks,its so awful i can smell her as soon as i walk into the room,so awful ... read more

I wish my boyfriend tended to my needs more often. He has a heart of gold, but he's more logical than emotional, and that imbalance makes me feel neglected sometimes. I value physical intimacy and I miss the way it was when we first started dating. I know life isn't always perfect but it would be nice if he showed as much interest in me as I do, him. I just want more reciprocity..

I can't get you out of my head and it's killing my mood

I cheated on my husband. I gave myself up to a younger man and much more well endowed. He didn't care that I was married. For a younger man he sure did ALOT of things to me my husband never did. He is the only man I have ever had sex with the lights one. We recorded a few our sexual affairs a we times and watching him handle me in bed was erotic to watch. My husband would never approve how I allowed him to violate me sexually. I don't know why but I loved it, not at first but... read more

If anyone calls me immature for this, it's fine because I'm aware that I am about this situation. You see, I get disgusted by certain situations easily. I've been with my boyfriend for almost a year now and the talk about meeting parents came up. My parents are Guyanese and his parents are Trinidadian, and Guyanese and Trini people don't exactly get along. However that's not the issue. I grew up in a house where after my parents made me, they never had sex again, they don't f... read more

If you ever touch my phone again, I will f*cking strip you naked and shove a tampon up your @sshole AND run away from the cops immediately afterwards.If you ever touch my phone again, I will f*cking strip you naked and shove a tampon up your @sshole AND run away from the cops immediately afterwards.If you ever touch my phone again, I will f*cking strip you naked and shove a tampon up your @sshole AND run away from the cops immediately afterwards.If you ever touch my phone aga... read more

I'm so horny....I've never had sex but I'm craving it like crazy. This sucks!