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Soooo my crush got touchy feely when we got drunk f*** you bob

You know you're crazy when you start tracking the consistency of your man's sperm to see if he ejaculated that day or not lol ME! 👉🤗

Lesbian b****es be licking each other like ice cream and does it matter really? It just sex

Now let me tell you why that's bulls***
Human penis foreskin is used into anti aging creams
Semen is also good for the skin
It's ingestion increases memory
And has the hormone of happiness in it

However concealed estrus evolved, once it took hold among females an estimated 4-6 million years ago, it was unprecedented and devastating for ancestral dude. As a genetic parasite who must make a female copy him, – who must make a female surrender her resources towards the continuation of his strange little sex chromosome, – dude was all-a-sudden locked outside in the night. Getting copied/resource-extracting females was now gonna be a long shot, – a total shot in the ... read more

Still squirtin c** when you goin stop

Latin Mommas 2
Big Anal Booties 3
Oil Overload 8
Crack That a**
Slutty & Sluttier 19
Titty Creampies 4

My fiancé and I rarely have sex. It's usually maybe once every two weeks. When we do, a lot of times he stops because he's tired and we just go to sleep. It's hard for me to initiate because I'm always the one that does and he usually turns me down. This happens several times a week for different excuses and it makes me feel very unattractive. It hurts quite a bit, despite the articles I read and advice I get from friends telling me it isn't my fault. I wish someone understo... read more

I just really don't want to be a virgin anymore. I want to have sex. But not just meaningless sex? But I don't even know how to talk to people of the opposite gender so how am I supposed to do this???? I've never been in a relationship. I always thought it would happen but it just never did? Idk man.

Spongebob squareass.

How's that crow

I'm physically disabled and rely on my parents to do nearly everything for me and I'm sexually frustrated. There's no way in hell I'd be able to meet someone given that I can't go down the stairs without help. I just want to get laid. Or be able to buy a sex toy or something but I can't do that either, because I have no job and no way to digitally transfer the paper money I save. I want to scream.

Couples watch porn no big deal is it

Masturbation always put me to sleep it's a habit

Fight me on this, but relationships with cis hetero males convinces me that they are the same person. The guy who's desperate for a girlfriend? His first 'encounter' only broke his heart later. The class clown? Had sex after the first date. The misunderstood jock? He lost his virginity before he was even a preteen. All the other innocent cherry boys watch porn nonstop. And then they have the audacity to ridicule stereotypical gays. Smh.

I want to sleep with my dog, is this weird?

One girl on her knees with a room full of men. I love watching it, but I don't know why they do it.

We're trying out a different lifestyle, and now just in case we may meet another couple he wants me to give him head to get him off but I don't get anything in return. And because he's building up excitement, anxiety, what have you, he is always waiting to actually f*** in case someone hits us up. So now not only am I supposed to be giving head and no return head for me, now I never get to have sex unless we actually find another couple, girl, guy. I'm so depressed all the ti... read more

Massive dicks and latin adultery vol 1

I hate alcohol. A guy i've been talking to had talked about how he took someone's virginity and it was awful. I'm a virgin so I kept that to myself, didn't think it was any of his business anyways. But last night we were drinking in the park and answering date questions online and he talks about how he lost his virginity at 20 and how it changed how he saw the world but before he was just kinda dumb... I thought alcohol had like no affect on me but I ended up forgetting that ... read more