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5 stalls and they pick the one next to me. I just want to poop but... stage fright...I have a about loud music in the office restrooms...or a fan? A loud fan! A quiet fan? Anything? Maybe some air freshener?

I would love to have more sex. My husband can't perform anymore and doesn't seem to be motivated to talk to the doctor about it even though he says, well wait, We don't talk about it because he gets all upset. I feel like going out and just getting some sex from someone BUT then that would be cheating. I just don't know, if it is just sex and nothing else is it cheating and if your husband says go just don't let me find out... I KNOW I KNOW it's still CHEATING. which is why i... read more

I wore my night guard/ retainer thing to bed in the hopes of turning off this guy. No. Still ripped off my clothes and insisted we have sex.
Dick logic is too f***ing determined.

I feel bad after I masturbate to porn I'm suppose to be a straight girl but I get off too big booty hoes

i officially hate almost everyone on this sh**y site. but i'm addicted to it

I feel like eating some a**

Lick my Pussy and my crack

What does sex really feel like because idkbt want to give up my virginity just yet for no reason

Just kiss me already f*** it

Ive never been kissed. I want to know what it feels like. I really want to be kissed but it's never come up and I feel like I'm missing out.

I just want to make love to a BBW (big beautiful woman)

Feeling horny tonight.

I just need someone to talk to who can understand the type of sh** I go through constantly. Dealing with a guy who has a foot fetish and can't handle 1 person at a time is really difficult some days :/

My boyfriend blackmailed me into giving him a b***j** today by saying he'd have sex with me later on if I brought him a pair of socks from my sisters house when Ido go over to visit. He's done something like this in the past where he says he would have sex with me after he recharged and what not but ends up lying. I thought I'd go along with it and actually believe him this time. Yes, he does have a foot fetish too and the odd time I bring him a pair of my sisters socks to "s... read more

I wanna suck on someone Nipples while they rub my clit

I don't know if I want a boyfriend or girlfriend

I want to f***. I just want to be all oiled up and hot and just f***ing hard.

I'm a horny teenager and I need to get laid

My bf has been with you for five years, only makes $16 an hour, and I can't remember the last time we had a date or a weekend together or a vacation that wasn't totally f***ed because of you. He's not even one of your caregivers. He's a concierge. And youve won awards for your employees having the best work life balance? That's the biggest load of horseshit I've ever seen. I know, I've been to the employee appreciation party. You're good at indoctrinating your employees, I'll... read more

Years ago, someone gave me $100 to spend the night with them and I did it.