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Slobbin on his dick

Lesbians love oiled a**es back it up

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Did someone say being lesbian was a choice?

Did you know that having an arm is also a choice

you can test me but I'm not a hetro ingenue. I will wear that tongue out so don't step up if you can't keep up lesbian mafia! Cum at me. 💋

Hey did any girls feel pressured to become lesbians in the past hour? Let me help you determine your sexuality with my tongue test... 👅

Get over it, most men suck it's a fact and lesbians are happier when people aren't trying to tell them to keep giving a**h*** a chance. f*** that, try lesbianism first it's the standard default, not being penetrated by the opposite sex like an object. I'd prefer to have relationships with actual people not spoiled selfish dicks.

Ignore that person below, PLEASE FORCE ME TO BE A LESBIAN! I can get down with touching boobs and giving each other multiple orgasms with our tongues. Teach me how lovely ladies of muttr! I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!

my boyfriend is proud of my belching. His farts make me laugh but they stink.

my boyfriend said my a** and thighs are too thick for him to get his penis in me
it's actually making me feel really down and bad about myself

why do you like eating a girl out?

Now I'm gonna rape your mind
just cause it's so tight and squishy :)---

Let's play the rape game!

So genuinely tired of being unhappy lately.

TLDR; I'm in a long-distance relationship with my best friend, who I truly can't stand the last few months. I'd break up with her, but, we have planned vacations and cancelling them (and subsequently wasting all the money I've spent) isn't something I'm down for. Constantly having to deal with her sh**y attitude, and I feel the relationship is completely one-sided.

I don't know, honestly. We started off pretty good, have had an a... read more

Fun fact: A pig orgasms for 45 minutes

I've been a bad bad boy someone spank me

I was at the store and now they have oatmeal flavored chapstick. That's as weird as a horse with no nose.

Wasted years of careers? Data is for you. You are all number 4s your dream job the arts, of loves, was stolen by the Harvard standard of schooling cheats. Then doctors. Then teachers. Then metas. Then arts (religion included) now art eyes. Then there is your zombie Apolo calypso. Still think that ? Is not a crime? Then try to act and see what happens #save the art
Amber Konkler data fund art ion.

Married for a very long time. Husband invited "a friend" to spend the night in his hotel while he was away on business after buying them dinner. A year later, he sent a different "friend" the same rose bouquet he sent me and wouldn't allow me to see the text messages between them. Not even a year later, he forgot to plan Valentines Day and tried to plan a last minute date night I had asked for 6 months before to make up for it. He left on a work trip early April and is still ... read more