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    Alright, so I know this probably should be in the advice section, but everyone has a different story, so I am going to let what I tell you be interpreted the way you want.

    I'm 14, and I am exactly 5 ft. When I was younger I used to be so self-conscious about my height and people would tease me about it. But as odd as it sounds, there are so many opportunities that have been brought to me due to my height. I think one of the biggest ones is that I do theater (which everyone has different opinions on, but I'm possibly doing it for my career in the future, so it is important to me.) and since I am the shortest person in the whole production, even though I am an ensemble (background character/singer) I am the very head of a scene where I lead a group of people in. It's a big responsibility since I have to move a specific way (gracefully, for a lack of better words) but I would not have been the head if I were not so short.

    Even if you aren't doing theater or don't find a way to make your height useful, you have to come to accept it. You might not wanna hear this, but there are so many beautiful, cute or pretty girls that are our height or shorter. You have to really embrace it to be able to let the teasing not hurt you any longer. It doesn't even bother me now when people comment on my height because I honestly don't care as much as I used to. It's something that comes with age, since every single teenager is self-conscious about something. So don't feel too bad if you don't keep growing, and if you do...embrace that too!