I can't even sleep at night. I keep getting these eerie anonymous messages on a social networking site. It began with them saying that in 2017, everything would change. then they started saying that i'm the only one worth "saving," and just all these weird, vague, pseudo-philosophical messages. Eventually they started asking how they can contact me via letter. recently, I got another one asking me if i'm "following their advice" because there's "only a few weeks left." I have no idea what they mean by that. at around the same time, I got another message naming a state and asking me if I lived there, which I do. however, I've only revealed that information to a few people on the site, so I don't know how someone would find that out. these last couple messages are the ones that make me really afraid. i genuinely feel like they're going to harm me.

I have an idea about who it might be. About a year ago, on the same website, there was this guy who started sending me messages. He would like all of my photos too, like literally all of them. Looking back, that sounds creepy, but at the time I just thought he was being nice? And we started exchanging messages, discussing philosophy. I should mention I was in my late teens and he was middle-aged and married, but he wasn't happy in his marriage. One day he said he loved me (he hardly knew me). It felt like a red flag but I ignored it (I wish I hadn't). We kept talking but eventually things got too intense and I stopped going on the website for a few weeks. When I came back , he'd written these HUGE walls of text about what he thought of me, and why were perfect for each other, etc. Like a novel's length of writing about these things. I guess I felt bad and starting to him again, which I shouldn't have. I agreed to meet him in person but backed out because the idea of it was making me feel sick; I think intuitively I knew he wasn't safe. After that I blocked him and didn't talk to him again.

I feel like these anonymous messages are from him because the most recent anonymous message said there are "only a few weeks left," which is exactly the time were supposed to meet in person last year. Also, the syntax is very similar to his, and all the messages seem to be about philosophy, which was all we talked about. He's also one of the few people on the site who knows which state I live in.

I don't know what to do. I'm really afraid of this person.

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