To the past me-
You're going to fail. A lot. And you're going to cry. A lot. You'll have so many bad things happen that you'll want to end your life, repeatedly. But you won't do it, because things have always been bad. But, then you'll reach the breaking point. The point that no one should ever have to get to, because it feels like your heart is split open and your brain is on fire and your lungs can't catch enough air, and the only thought going through your brain will be: I want to die. You'll sit in the bathroom, tears streaming down your face, vomit on the side of your face, an empty bottle of vodka in one hand, and counted pills in the other hand, ready to end it all. And then your mom will call. Pick it up. She'll save your life. You'll start crying and she'll come over and hold you and tell you it's okay.
And she was right. It will be. IT WILL BE OKAY.
Things happen. That's life. And that's unfair. But you don't have to go through it alone. You don't have to feel like you're carrying the world on your shoulders. Let others share your burden. IT WILL BE OKAY. And if it doesn't seem like it will, wait. Because it will. IT WILL BE OKAY.