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  • Stacie5433618 gave Advice

    we all feel some type of way about our parents and coming from a 17 year old girl who has been in your shoes i can honestly say it doesn't get any better. WE have to get stronger, WE have to learn that we can't control the way they are but we think we can. No matter what she's always gonna be your mom. good or bad. She gave birth to you. And as much as we are hurting, they are hurting too. Dealing with a child with depression isn't easy and she probably feels like she failed as a parent and is just taking her anger out on you. My mom busted my lip this morning because i refused to go to school but i guess i deserved it but at the end of the day, i can't go to sleep angry about it because we never know what could happen. We could wake up one morning and our mothers be dead and the last thing we said to them was something mean or hateful. Believe it or not, they only want the best for us and I wish you luck in life. Just remember that the biggest storms end in rainbows. Head up kid, you can't let your crown fall .