PLEASE HELP! I hate my mom. I know I shouldn't it makes me feel like a bad person, but facts are facts and I hate her as a person. I hate her with all of my heart. She says I'm her issue. I'm a 16 year old female, and I feel very depressed. She says spending money for my therapy isn't a good investment, she calls me names, threatens to hit me, tells me to stop acting out and says maybe the only way I'll learn is if she hurts my feelings. Whenever she's mad at me, her behavior gets worse, even when she's mad at other people her behavior is still hostile towards me. I know I should love her, and I do but I don't think she deserves to see or know that. We used to be close but are drifting as my depression gets worse. I don't want to be around her, nor can I stand talking or living with her. Just thinking about her makes me sick physically and emotionally, but there is no way past her. The worser I feel the more suicide becomes an option and I feel very stuck in the stituation. HELP ME PLEASE!! #depression #neverhaveiwantedtodiemore #suicide #momforsale #venting