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    Did you let her know that she makes you feel this way? If not you should let her know. Look I was the same to my young brother...I was mean and honestly selfish. He always tried to hug me and stuff and I would push him away and say snarky remarks at him. But the thing was he was the type of person that always joked around and never took anything seriously so I didn't really notice my treatment towards him. It was not until he got upset one day that I see that I was really mean to him for no reason, now we're older and I let him hug me now and we joke around cause in the end of the day I do love him. But he also grew a backbone so he can be such an a** sometimes so we constantly bicker and argue but other than that I know he loves me cause he always said goodnight in the end of the day and said: "love you".

    Sometimes you got to get in an argument with your sibling in order for them to hear you. It might help and it might not...just depends on the person.