Hello! So recently I had made a 420 joke, bc that's just who I am, and it was April 20th so why not, I thought it would just be all funny and sh**. Well, I posted on snapchat saying "happy weed smoking f***ers, it's 4/20/17" And somebody decided "hey, she most likely smokes weed, I better turn this into the school counselor!!" So somebody took a screenshot and sent it to the counselor, who understood that it was just a harmless joke, and just told me to think about what I post before I post it. Which I understood. And then my homeroom teacher, being the b**** that she is, basically thought that I look like a stoner and took it seriously. I've never smoked anything. The only smoke I've created was when I accidentally inhaled smoke from a campfire and had to cough it out. So then when I went home, also still extremely pissed, I decided to vent about it on snapchat and then delete the app. Apparently somebody, most likely the same person, showed THAT to the counselor and I'm in even more deep sh**. My homeroom teacher, who's still a b****, alerted the office, who is going to come down and talk to me apparently, and contacted my mom.I already told my mom, and she told me the same thing that the counselor did, that it's just a harmless joke and I just need to think before I post. My mom also told me that if the school does contact her, she will tell them to not worry about it bc it isn't their problem at all. So yeah, I feel so great rn. Everything is just dandy. I'm feeling more suicidal bc everything this week has just been going downhill. Getting out of an abusive relationship, bullying, testing, being accused of smoking weed. I've just been feeling like sh**. I haven't seen my therapist in 2 weeks, so idk what to do anymore. But luckily my current gf has been there for me and has helped me. Same with one of my bestest friends who I call my mom, Tee. I am lucky to have them, but it still doesn't help the fact that me and Tee don't really talk to me bc we have all different classes. And I have to talk to my gf over skype bc she doesn't even go to the same school as me. But she's coming over on Friday, which is today, after school. So hopefully I'll feel a bit better with my gf and best friend around. Anyways, that's just what's happening. I want death and I hope that I get run over by a f***ing train.