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  • Anonymous left a Comment

    Maybe you should post on your snapchat about freedom of speech and your first amendment rights being violated since all them hoes keep turning in your posts to your teachers.

    Whoever is turning you in is guaranteed to be someone you know and who knows your snapchat. Probably someone who pretends to be your friend to your face, then turns you in as a kick to you since you can't see who is doing it. Make a mental list of who it could be, whittle it down, then delete them from your life.

  • Anonymous left a Comment

    This is America under Trump rule.

    Everyone is a snitch a** b-tch.

  • hwwosu12 gave Advice

    You'll get through it. Ignore those useless bullies who don't deserve to waste time of your day.

  • Anonymous left a Comment

    Just sounds like a misunderstanding.