I plan to finish the steps in the workbook on my own. I plan to keep calling women and considering the possibility of even calling men in the program, as long as T. is okay with it. I plan on going to meetings, probably for the rest of my life. I plan on learning from other people, my friends, penpals, people in the meetings, and even my family members besides my parents. I plan to get a job. I plan to apply at Publix, which I'm pretty sure will hire me, or if not, I plan to apply and other places close to my house. I plan to work somewhere for at least a year, before I try to get a better job, unless I love it there. If it's God's will for me to do any of this. I am going with how something feels for me, first. This is my recovery. I'll do all the steps, and answer all of the questions by myself, first. Then I'll try to do with Charlene, or to find someone else who wants to help me. Maybe Ivette, or Janet.