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Wanna f*** this dude so badly. Holy sh**

would it be my fault for this girl to take a message I sent to her the wrong way? at first when I typed it I didn't think it would offend her in any way at all. then she typed back cursing me out but I tried to explain that it wasn't about her in any way at all, it was just what was on my mind and she was the one to hear me out about it. so now she wont talk to me? In a way I thought I done something wrong, but I know the message wasn't even about her. what the hell :/

Is there a way I can disappear for the rest of my life. This is too much. My future is flashing before my eyes and I'm scared

Sometimes I wish I was good at something other than drawing. It feels like, sometimes, it's all I'm good for.
Granted, it's nice to know I'm good at it. I care, but it's almost like a given (not to sound egotistical) and it's just weird that it is.
I'm not sure what I want to be.
If I wouldn't have put so much time into art as a kid... maybe I would have been more normal. More relateable. More funny. i've always had such a hard time accepting myself as I am. I feel that I wil... read more

the more I think about my current situation, the more f***ed I realized I am

This is gonna sound bad. Okay here goes...
I have a boyfriend yet I still might have feelings for this guy that Ive had a crush on for three years. I don't even know. I like them both but it makes me feel incredibly guilty that I have feelings for him as well. I don't know....and the offer guy doesn't even like me at all, he never will, but a part of me(a very small part at this point) still cares. I can't shake it. I can't just get over it....I have tried. Everytime I see hi... read more

The more I know that he is not good for me, the more I want him. I already masturbated four times today... Ugh.

He told me that he didn't like fake blonde b****es and that one of his friends liked him. Now I know what he meant. I am so shocked. Why would like me over her? Maybe, I am to used to guys liking blondes, but this is a first for me....

I just dropped myself from our school's spring musical, Seussical. I have been part of being on stage for 4 years. Telling my co-director "I quit" felt like breaking up with someone. At the same time, however, it was like a huge load taken off my shoulders.
#drama #theater #seussical #musical #school

I need to get a grip and stop feeling so down and sad all the time but honestly thats all that I think about everyday, I can't explain how bad it is and how much it changed me as a person its scary. I can't believe I let my self go to the point where I don't know how to act or be anymore. I can't pick my self up, I can't cry because I question my self and ask my self why cry when I can handle it. Whenever I try to look into my emotions and try to understand my self and how I ... read more

It's Friday after 4:00 time to go home pop a hydrocodone with a 5 hour energy.

Hello. I'll just get right on with it then.

I'm sure there are plenty of people who understand the feeling of drowning. Sinking deeper and deeper down until it's hard to breathe.

I was recently laid off from work in November of last year. I had thought it'd be easy to find a job but it just hasn't. I live in the USA and it'sh** hard knowing that unless you're stacked with money, you can't make it anywhere. Even the financial aid you're offered will screw you over. All it d... read more

I feel like I'm getting no where in life. Been in college 8 years for my undergrad and can't find a job to save my life. I've been engaged to my fiance for three years and we were supposed to get married last year. We cancelled our wedding because of money issues and little does he know that I was unhappy. Fast forward 2 months and my fiances mother is diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and she died in October of 2015. I feel physically just ruined and no one really has anything n... read more

Is it bad if I can lie and feel nothing at all?

You got me where you want me again and I can't turn away, I'm hanging by a thread and I'm feelin like i'll fall. I'm stuck in right between the shadows of my yesterday I wanna get away, I need to get away. Yea you know, now you got my back against the wall. Oh god. I aint got no other place to hide

I wish I knew him before. I wish my mental state was different. Idk the age difference I hate too, and the fact that i lied makes it worse. I might love him, but that I don't know either....I just wonder what he thinks, and when I tell him the truth if he'll forgive me

My mental illness, depression or whatever it is has gotten so bad that I'm now getting headaches and my head is constantly hurting. But it's just blank...

Why do I want to kiss you and want you to f*** me SO BADLY when I know that you are EVIL on the inside. This is so messed up.... I must be so lonely. Something has to change...

He said that if he were to date a christian that he would and he got her pregnant that he would either take the baby or make the girl abandon the religion and then he would marry her.....