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I am a miserable narcissistic piece of f*** . All I do is jack off and talk about improving my life but i don't
really do anything to change it . Everybody else thinks that I am sort of big deal but the truth is that I am a fraud , A f***ing no good imposter .I have everything a guy could want but I haven't achieved anything worthwhile or meaningful . I keep pissing away my talents whatever the f*** they are . I want to f***ing change or do I , I don't know it is so ... read more

Things I want: no more acne, a nice pair of Ray Ban glasses, a pair of white Converse, and a boyfriend. It's not a lot, it really isn't.

Gross. I think they're having sex. From now on I'm going to bed with my iPod on and my earbuds in.

Nothing for me to say here right except that I'm sick and tired of dealing with this dad mess. I should be doing some school stuff right now and from long ago but i keep letting things distract me and I'm procrastinating. Gah! And i'm acompaning the nusance of my father right now in the emergency room. I have a feeling I'll be too distracted to even study right now :(

Who am I? I don't know and I really wish I did. I feel like I'm just here and who loves one at the moment except the few people that I have in my circle. Most of my real family is dead to me because I barely know them and they don't want to know me and I just want to know what it is that I've done to you to make you treat me like anything other than family. It hurt more back then than it does now so right now I just fight with the fact that I'm out here and no one car... read more

I suppose the best way to deal with your celebrity crush no longer being single is to become a sexy celebrity yourself...

I'm a stupid horny virgin girl. Thank God that I am in my last few months of being a teen. Does this get any better after the teen years?

I am totally alone. My job makes me feel suicidal. I am trapped and drowning and I just feel like I'm suffocating and panicking. He is gone. I am alone. I can't handle this anymore.

I've come to realize that even at my worst my friends still believe that I am at my best. As almost all humans do, I've struggled with my appearance and I just never know how to thank someone when they compliment me, whether it be they're telling me I'm handsome or they're complimenting my physical appearance in a nutshell. I never feel like I am what everyone says I am. It's hard to have the same perception of yourself as everyone else has of you. You will always see all the... read more

Life would be so cool if I was a ghost. Instead I'm a lousy mortal.

is rape a mental illness

I want to lay down and die.

you should see what I did to craigslist today, I'm such a little devil:)-------------

When I was a teenager, I thought I was pretty well grounded. Now, looking back, I can see how ridiculous I was. I made everything way too complicated, I got emotional about the dumbest sh**, and I was embarrassingly melodramatic. It wasn't just me either. Teenagers are so ridiculous it's a wonder they aren't all considered clinically insane. Everywhere I look, I see teenagers doing and saying ridiculously dumb sh** and wallowing in made-up angst, ESPECIALLY during Valentines ... read more

I am stuck in a bad sticky situation and it's been like this for several years. And it won't be resolved years from now. I don't want to hang myself on a tree and get it over with, but there is no solution forthcoming.... I am desperate.

i wanna seriously kill this guy for sexual assaulting me right before valentine's day when he held me against my will i still wanna do it so bad right now afiter i said no he still contiune to do it claiming that he wanted to chill with me for ten or five minutes i want revenge

Whoever thinks that males being raped isn't a ''thing'', can go f*** themselves because it is. It f***ing is.

So i know this guy, and he recently told me how he feels about me , you know in a love sort of way, and the problem is . I dont love him at all But weve always been close colleague's and we share personal experiences.. But hes really not handsome, or kind , or caring. And all the time he forces me to be or do something or someone i dont want to be or do. Hes a total b**** . And he thinks to high of himself for the way he really is. An a**h***

f***ing die you f***ing c***,
I hope you burn in a fire.
Get your sh**y guts ripped out
you piece of sh** f***ing liar.

I hate your face and I hope you suffocate
Drown deep in the ocean with an anchor at your feet
I hate your life and I hope you get chopped up
I really really hope that you get all f***ing turned to bits
You sh**

f***ing die you f***ing c***,
I hope you burn in a fire.
Get your sh**y guts ripped out
you piece of sh** f***ing liar.

I hate your face and I h... read more

Why does it feel like every time I have a good time it ends with remorse? I can't be happy without the thought hanging over my head that I'm going to have to feel guilty about it afterwards. There's no simple "having a good time", there's only "having a good time - at someone's expense". I don't want to feel responsible about hurting others' feelings every f***ing time I am happy. I understand that there are ups and downs in life but can they just be set apart wider I mean do... read more