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I never knew there was a word for the action I've been thinking of. I want to elope with the right guy one day, and hopefully that one day is soon.

I'm not your "hun." You don't even know me. Just because I am nice to you doesn't mean you can get in my pants, wanker.

I don't understand why people who shop at cheap stores are made fun of.
I'm sorry if I don't want to spend a large amount of money in a upclass store.
Maybe I like to save money. That doesn't make me white trash.

I'm honestly scared that if I don't reach this goal, you won't want to be with me. You've painted this picture in your head of how you think I'll look, but what if I don't look like that? Will you just be disappointed?

Life is so good right now. Got the car of my dreams, loving how smooth my new ferrari is. I got a raise at my job, thirty dollars an hour is a blessing. I need to say thank you to all the loved ones who told me I could make it, you guys brought something out in me I didn't know was there.

I saw some guy who was a total jerk to me in school. I was at work and he came in. We realized who were both were and I decided to do something a little bold. I asked him if I looked the same as I did in school, knowing very well I had changed over time, and he got the hint. He and his friends would call me 'ugly' and 'fat' all the time, some would push me into lockers and steal my stuff. He just looked so shocked.

I warned him to watch what he says to people from now on and... read more

Lol Why does my urine smell like mexican tacos?

Today, before going into my English class I noticed this guy I used to see back in high school. Back in high school of sophomore year he was in my English class. I never really spoke to him but he sat behind me and he was dating a girl during that time too. I'm not sure why but he would make these soft moaning sounds whenever he sat behind me only when it was really quiet though. I will admit that it made me think he was probably into me but I thought maybe I was just halluci... read more

I like to imagine I am part of the heteronormativity, but it doesn't feel fully me.
And to express that, I prefer to say I am bisexual. My past experiences seem to match that.
However, I am becoming less attracted to other people and probably less attractive myself, so I feel more asexual and unromantic if anything.

I don't know anymore. I wish I could feel again.
I regret all the dumb decisions. I need help

I feel like sh** right now. I'm sick of this. Everyday...a range of emotions that I just can't handle...I don't want to do this. I really don't. My family is happier now and I don't have the heart to ruin it for them by killing myself...I wish I could just erase my existence. There's no more tissues, but there's still tears. My "boyfriend" doesn't give a damn and I don't know what to do. Can somebody just kill me already?

Is it bad that I dont wanna go out with someone because I just have this natural dislike towards them? Honestly, its not that I mean or I hate them...its just that I don't want to go out with now I'm making excuses so I don't have to go with them. Am I the only one?

I'm beginning to "get my life" and i'm tired as fk. ITs only been about 3 days of this and that going here and there and everywhere. If this is what an adult feels like on a daily basis then adulthood sucks. I just want to lay in my pjs and suck my thumb and watch tv and eat all day.

It makes me so angry when people complain about not being in a relationship but another person that they consider unattractive is in one. Shallow f***ers. That's the reason why no one wants you.

I moved away from my home state of NM to SC with my sister and brothers. I went to work at the olive garden here transferring and it sucked so i quit to be the house nanny. Now i hate my job. my girlfriend who just moved here is moving back due to no jobs for her here and i want to move back too but i dont want to screw my family over. dsmnit why are life decisions so hard.

Well I'm f***ed for life. I have no real friends (because I'm ugly). No place will hire me (because I'm awkward due to being ugly). My parents aren't going to pay for the equipment I need to animate. Hell, they're too selfish and greedy to pay for the groceries I ask for. They're gonna kick me out when I finish school, which is next year when I graduate high school. If I'm really lucky my grandparents will let me move in with them, but I doubt they'll hand me 600 or more doll... read more

I just feel left out all the time

How was your day?

(I feel sad and depressed all week but I hope you feel better after reading this)

I was looking up fused rabbit knees, and he first article I found was about a bunny who her owners are because of that. (Thu were going to eat one of the rabbits anyway, but they chose that one because of her knee.
I really need an article to help the bunny my friend couldn't take care of.
(Vet says there's nothing I can do about her leg.)

i think i actually have an obsession with people that are from other countries than my own

i'm that annoying one that makes foreign people say things in their native language for my own enjoyment oops