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I feel like every time i 'm actually interested in something, its like something is stopping me. I want to be a model or makeup artist. But...I know for sure that everyone will think that its not for me because they only know me as the quiet, shy, skinny person & I know they won't expect it if I say to them that I want to be a model or makeup artist. I wanted to become other things too, but I ignored those thoughts because the opinions from others really come to me...

Kittens are so cute. I wished there was a breed of cat that looked just like kittens.
Don't get me wrong, I like adult cats, but kittens are adorable, it's kinda sad to see them grow up.

I can't help but feel like my social anxiety annoys everyone else.
For example, one of my classmates told my friend that she hated my presentation for English because I was too anxious and shy and that she didn't agree with my topic, and that even though the rubric takes off for being nervous, I won't because me and that it's unfair.
And he said "Well, she kinda has social anxiety."
And the girl said "Well that's not really an excuse."
And even though he d... read more

From this day on, I will stop worrying about what everyone thinks of me.

I found out that someone is obsessed with me in a rather sickening way through a certain social network. I don't know what to do about this since I know what it's like to have an obsession on someone. I think this person is taking it overboard though, and I have an idea on who this person is too. It's someone I used to talk to back in high school. The thing is, this person is in a relationship with another person I used to talk to, and the person who's obsessed with me, well,... read more

One of my kittens got ran over because he was in the car and jumped out...poor thing. He was so cute when he was alive...running around. And now he's dead. Don't think he was hardly any more than a month old. It's so sad.

Don't you just hate it when you rock your baby to sleep and have her peacefully placed in her crib and you finally get time to yourself to exercise and somebody comes along and wakes that sweet baby up... Agh! It makes me hot. Babies don't just fall back asleep so easily when woken. Least mine don't. You probably just ruined everybody's day, thanks.

I feel so lonely. I think that's why I keep fantasizing about having a baby. I'm 15-the age my sister was when she got pregnant. Whenever I visit I jealous that her baby is so attached to her and cuddles her in her sleep. I want that someone who depends on me and will miss me and love me no matter what. But since I'm underage and I don't want to inconvenience my mother, and I doubt want to have to rely on others to take care of my kid I'll have to wait.

This morning I woke up and was so thankful. I had no plans for the day but was so happy I would be able to spend it with my Wife that I love so much. I knew I would see my youngest daughter roaming around the house and I would laugh and joke with her from time to time. I feel so grateful to have people that I love so much around me. I realized that this is what I worked so hard for over the years. It was not for me but for for them. I am so glad I had the opportunity.

Okay here goes - please could some wealthy stranger donate 20,000 bucks to me so I can pay my mortgage arrears and sprialling debts? No I hear you say. Thought so. Therefore could the folks who keep telling me to ask for help and not chose that final option, please shut up. There is no help for me. I AM helpless.

It's interesting how much we can change over time. How everything we do is a part of who we become later on in the future or how people will perceive us. All these phases that we go through make us who we are. Whether we regret them or not, they are important. There's really no point in regrets because you can't change anything from the past. I like to think that things don't happen for a reason. But I am starting to believe that might be the case. Might.

I wish I was as beautiful as other girls. Yes, nothing new, right? But its true. Everyday i'm called "skinny or shy or quiet", and sometimes they say I don't talk and they make it seem like I wasn't meant to be born in this world. Not like other girls, who have that perfect body & personality. I don't know, its like being skinny is really bad in my case, they always tell me to eat when I do eat, I just never gain that much weight. I don't know what to do...even ... read more

Today's a new day, I hope it turns out to be okay. Everyday I look at myself in the mirror & tell myself "I'm beautiful" or "think positive"....but at the end of the day, all of that is gone...

I Hate myself to the fullest. But no matter how hard I try I can't change. I feel like I'm hole but the more I try to get out, the deeper it gets.

I need to hear some benefits of being with a single mother ,and raising her son shes 21 the babys 2 & the Donor is outa the picture
Weve been dating for 6 months n idk what to do

I never realized how ticklish my a** is..

Caution : Language

One day I am going to die. f***ing die. No more. But I will be f***ing damned if I am going out early. Is my life full of sh**? f*** it! I will swim in that sh**. I will fly through a sh** storm and come out f***ing clean. Is my life all butterflies and pixie dust? That would be f***ing horrible, but I'll take that sh** anyway. This guy or girl is giving me sh**? f*** them! They will die one day too. I feed off the bad in my life. It makes me strong as a f... read more

I wish girls would relize that when they have a kid theyre not only affecting theyre life, but they are putting a constant reminder of that past relationship on this earth forcing every man or woman that would want to be with you to look at the sack of dna that was your FIRST CHILD with a scumbag
thanks for ruining the entire process and neutralizing any hope of excitment that may come along with this "first"expeirience, single mothers have single handedly ruined my... read more

I have always considered myself to be neutral in life. Someone much wiser than myself recently coined me as a "Stoic". Not knowing what this meant at first, I quietly took it as an insult. After giving myself a definition to the word I have come to adapt it. I take all emotions I feel in stride; I always had, prior to learning of stoicism. It was a sort of personal Zen that I developed since I was very young to deal with the existential questions of life. Most impor... read more

So here I am, crying, wiping the snot on my on my shirt, and posting about it on an anonymous site at about 12:00 pm. What a sorry excuse for a human being. This is bull. One thought leads to another. This happens periodically. The cycle doesn't end until I go to sleep, thinking about either A. How f***ed up my life is, B. How my mom doesn't know any of this, C. What my mind was like before my life got weird and when it started going downhill(Estimated 3rd grade) or C. 4th gr... read more