Ahhhh so I don't know what to do my fiancé of seven years texted a straight scuuuuuuum bag b**** for a bag of weed and who knows what else and decide to have a secret relationship s with this scum bag for over a year invite her to our home and ride around with this c***while im carrying our child and at work. So im pregnant moody and have a feeling in my gut something wasn't feeling right or he was up to or doing something everyday I went to work for four hours that it just didn't feel right. So needless to say after over a year of this going he and I couldn't catch on the cat came out of the bag I had our baby and this still continued. He had her number in his phone under some bull sh** name and I wouldn't of figured it out until she texted him one night letting him know she was awake when she thought I was working. And I figured it all out from there. And some nights before I close my eyes I ask myself if I really do know everything that he claimed happened. Or if there's more. But ill never know. He invited the scummy pig to our house and her and her dirt bag other b**** friend laid their clahymidia literally infested a**es all over my furniture and decided to put it all over faaaaacebook f***ing retarted retards. And I also caught him that way. Lol !

So beware ladies. Men are pigs and sometimes they think their smart ones. Lmfao.

He says he texted her because I was being a "b****" but really I was just pregnant and he didn't care if he pissed me off. Well im not a "b****" for my health honey. Don't give me a reason to be and I will gladly not be.
So whose wrong here ? Me for "being a b****" or him for texting another one while his carried our first child???
Please feel free to comment. Because I would love to hear how someone else would react or if im just crazy.