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    For real I feel your pain. Seriously. I catch my sexism sometimes because really, he is a person with emotions before he is any stereotypical gender role. But still, I find myself irritated because no one wants to get a pouty lover because I raised my voice or spoke sternly/seriously.

    Unfortunately for me, we have a bit of a double standard. If I reacted the way he does, he would get super pissed because it makes him feel bad when he hurts my feelings. He doesn't admit this, but ANYTIME he hurts my feelings when he doesn't mean to, and I show it, he gets so angry and it turns back into me being the a**h*** somehow. Lol. I see it. He doesn't have to admit it. It's all good. Truth is truth. I love this man and always will and we just work on the crap that bothers us because we're married and that's what marriage is. Work on sh** to stay together.

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    It's weird reading this from the other side. I'm the sensitive girl and pout when my boyfriend yells at me. I feel like I do this because when he "yells" at me I feel like I have let him down, and now my feelings are hurt. My boyfriend is really good with me though, he always finds a way to get me out of the pouting stage and I'm sure it's frustrating to him at times, but we all have things that irritate us in our relationships and if you love each other you find a way to deal with it. As you said You love him and this will pass as It probably already has. #loveisabouthanginginthereevenwhenyouaredown

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    You love him yet you think he is the most whiny man?

    I mean, that makes no sense.