For starters, I am 18 going on 19 in March, and I bit more mature for my age. My recently ex boyfriend (Tyler) of a little over a year is also the same age, just turning 19 a couple weeks ago. We were very, very happy, but we argued a lot over the simplest things; food, actors, him choosing to see friends and vise versa. I wasn't trying to control him or keep him away from friends, I just wanted to be involved and actually get to know them. In December of 2016, he left me. He claimed he didn't want a relationship with anyone, and that he lost feelings for me in October of the same year. October for me was when we grew even more. We had just taken a trip out of town together, and a few other happy memories took place that month. ALL of my happiest memories with him, especially all the concerts we've been to together. I've been in longer, other serious relationships all throughout high school and eighth grade (I know I started young, but as I said before, I'm rather mature for my age). But I love this man. I lost my virginity to him, and I thought he was a virgin as well. I actually found out about a week after our "one year anniversary" that he had sex in a park with some girl right before entering high school. That killed me, but I was able to look past it as I love him enough to accept it. ANYWAYS, back to the point. We broke up, and he promised to still be here for me. Well, something you need to know, I do suffer from depression and anxiety. And it seems as soon as he left, it all hit me at once as hard as it possibly could. He kept ditching me to play games, see his friends, and so on. Fast forward to January 8th, he starts threatening me with a restraining order, just for simply wanting to find closure and looking for answers. The next day, January 9th, his birthday, I gave him gifts I had dropped over a hundred dollars on, including a new video game so we could play together when we can't see each other. He said I could drop them off at his house, but that I had to leave because he didn't want to see anyone. I respected his request and left. A couple days later, he starts calling me to see how I'm doing or what's going on. He's texting me saying he wants to cuddle with me, saying he wants me to stay the night, etc. but I was stuck at home due to an ice storm that actually turned out to be literally nothing (if you're from Missouri, you know what I'm talking about). I'm finally happy again, it feels like we're back together, we're doing everything we used to do as a couple. We even went to Gamestop, and he was holding my hand in public. So I assumed we were together again, turned out I was wrong, but that story isn't very important. I took what I could get. About a week later, I find a message on his phone dating back to January 8th. It was to a girl named Crystal, and the message read: "Why in the world did you let me get back together with Kenzie? Someone should've shot me. It was the worst year ever." In which she replied with "Trust me, I would've." I'm obviously hurt, so I'm crying my eyes out and waking him up, demanding answers. He claims he was just angry and didn't mean it, but I'm having a very hard time believing it. Fast forward to yesterday, February 1st of 2017. I show up to his house because he was supposed to pick me up and he never did. I see his bedroom light is on (I promise I'm not a stalker or trying to be psychotic, I don't really know why I did this in the first place). I peak through the window, and he's playing a game. Still looking in through the blinds, I call him, and watch him look at the phone before setting it down and letting it ring. I did this two more times, before banging out the window. He comes out, I ask him multiple times why he's ignoring me, and he said he didn't want to see me. I ask him what I did to deserve this, and he straight up asks "Who else did you have sex with?" I look at him in disbelief, telling him the absolute truth; that I haven't touched or had sex with anyone but him before, during, or after the relationship. I'm still trying to figure out how someone who lied about his virginity, something that means a lot to me, could possibly be accusing me of this. I asked him where he's hearing this from, and he said my ex, William, who works at Walmart, approached him while he was shopping. That immediately didn't make sense because William only works nights. So I kept telling him I'd call William in front of him and sort this all out. He begged me not to, which also seemed a little sketch. We talked it out a bit, he told me he believed me, and I left with a hug and a kiss from him, the usual goodbye recently. I went home, and immediately texted William. He confirmed that he was not at Walmart yesterday, and didn't even work; he hasn't spoken to him at all, has no desire to, and has no reason to hurt me like that considering he is fully content with his girlfriend, who he is actually getting a house with. Either of them could be lying though. I'm starting to think Tyler just simply lied about all of this, thinking he could get me to admit to something, then brag about how he made it up and knew I was hiding something. Could someone please give me their thoughts on any of this? Thank you for your time! #relationship #breakup #confused #help #relationshipproblems #love #helovesme #helovesmenot