My fiancé and I got in a huge fight. We've been having problems for awhile. Same thing with no progress made recently. We yelled. We slammed doors. Ultimately I left to get away by staying with family. We have been engaged for a few months and together about two years. He's my soulmate and I am his. I've never ever doubted his love for me. I cried endlessly over leaving. I texted him today and let him call. I want to give him another chance. He broke my heart but I still see a future with him. He has his past baggage and I haven't been accommodating as he hasn't been as accommodating for the amount of one on one time I would like with him. I made a list of tiny things I can do to better myself as a person which leads to being a more compassionate partner. But then I think maybe I should just leave now since the door is open to ending the relationship. It would honestly kill me not to have him in my life. He's been supportive and makes me feel special and safe. He's by no means a bad guy even though he struggles. I want one last try. Am I crazy? Is this what love does to your brain? #relationshipproblems #shouldistayorshouldigonow