Ok so- I'm a gay teen currently in high school. For most of my life, I've felt incredibly insecure about how hard it is for me to make connections with people because I'm so shy. I've had many opportunities to get into a relationship with other guys but it never works out. Either they lose interest or I panic and back out after a week bc I'm so nervous. I've become really insecure over this lately. I used to think that maybe it's just hard dating the same sex in my school, but my lesbian friend has been with her gf for 6 months, my sort of ex has been finding boys to talk to and flirt with, my friend Mike has a boyfriend, and my friend Caleb has a boyfriend too. This isn't even counting the couples and hookups I hear about without really knowing the people involved.
After seeing all of this, I just can't help but feel like it's my fault that I'm alone. It obviously isn't as hard as I thought it was so maybe I'm the difficult one. I have no idea what to do. After almost getting into a relationship so many times and then having it never happen, it's made me want to be in one even more. Maybe there's something wrong with me
#teen #lgbt