He's so infuriating. He complained that HE is the only one who holds our conversation? Like wtf. Literally tonight all I did was get bulls*** responses and held the whole f***ing conversation basically with myself. And I'm head over heels for him, no matter what, and he's crushing on another girl still, or at least halfway crushing. And that hurts me. But I can't say a damn thing because then I have to remind him that he's not a bad boyfriend when I just want to be reminded that I'm not going crazy and he still loves me but is it stupid to expect that? He says I'm too difficult but all I need is just to be told "hey, you're the one I want and I love you, no one else" but it's all stuff I should no and it's all 'too stressful' like ugh I'm so tired of that sh**. I want him to fight for me for once because I'm tired of fighting the same battles over and over.