A guy I have a really tiny crush on because he's so good looking and seems really nice and warm just did several things out of my daydreams. I don't know if this is a cruel joke or I'm reading too much into things, but it just seems so surreal. I talk to him occasionally when we're with friends, but that's it. One day, he just started saying hi, asking me questions like he was trying to keep a conversation going, playfully teasing me and all that. We were sitting at a seminar and I sat next to him by chance, he basically spent the entire seminar teasing me, asking more questions, and literally staring at me with his head on his hands like a cartoon character longing for food. When I asked him why he was staring, he just said "Because you're interesting." This went on for basically the whole day and he even stopped me on my way home just to talk. I don't know, man, this just seems so surreal. Maybe it's because of my low self-esteem or something, but I do think he's way too good for me. I can't help but think I'm just reading too much into things, but maybe, just a tiny tiny chance, he kinda likes me? He's not usually flirty or anything so I don't even know what to think.

What the hell am I doing here, I have a class to attend. Ciao.