Im so disgusted by my bf. We went out and he was looking or checking out this chick. Ok this happens all the time so but she was so ugly. I'm not a vain person nor am i a beauty queen and i know thats some nasty sh** to say but for real her face was like a gremlin ugly. For real..she was skinny and young so she has that but dude her face was f***ing busted im not even joking. It pisses me off that he's such a f***ing dog. Like fine you wanna check out really pretty girls i don't like it but i get it ... But f*** ur gonna sit next to me and check this fugly chick out diagusts me. Thats how you are? You don't even care if a chick is pretty as long as she's way too young for you and pretty... It f***ing disgusts me and he makes me hate him. Ugh.