I hate that the beautiful people hate them selves... and trust me I don't hate myself and Im probably the average ugly person not really attractive, I just learned to love myself.... it just makes me feel sad when skinny people say they are fat... LIKE WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?!??!?!?!?!? IF YOU ARE FAT, DOES THAT MEAN IM OBESE?!?!?!???!!? Obese isn't bad but I'm just not that and don't consider myself that... all I'm tryna say is that LOVE YOURSELF kind of cheesy saying but it works it truly does!!!! Getting it from me to LOVE YOURSELF should show it works, no-one has ever liked me all my life and no one ever saw me attractively or desirable but I put myself first... because at the end of the day people opinions don't stick to you so other people can judge