Ladies of the world: When you get mad and he tries to make it better, let him. Don't bring up old non-problems, say he is only defending himself when he tries to explain his side or say if he really cared he would jump through THIS hoop. and DEF don't do things you wouldn't accept in return like say I want you to leave me alone for a while or I want to go running without you to be alone. This isn't YOUR life that he is a part of, it is supposed to be a partnership.

EVERY time you do the things mentioned above, you are training a man to do what you want. You are training him to be less than genuine and only appear to be sad. You are training him to say whatever BS will shut you up while he laughs later with his friends. You are training him that when you are mad he just needs to go on about HIS life while he waits for you to be rational again.