I've decided to part ways with someone who has my heart, but unfortunately does not share the same feelings. She's acknowledged my feelings for her. She likes letters. So I plan on giving this letter to her on Sunday. May I get constructive criticism?

By the time you open this, I would've just dropped you off. Probably for the last time in awhile.

First off, I apologise, for lying to you to your face. I told you I would always be there for you, and I've realized, I cant. I've made a decision to distance myself from you, not because I don't want to be your friend. But because I wouldnt be able to love anyone above you, nor am I emotionally strong enough to stand idle and see you get hurt again.

I hope that you find a love like I had for you, one where you don't have to hide things, one where your significant other accepts you and wishes to grow with you as you are. But more importantly one that would treat you the way you deserve, because you deserve the world and then some, don't settle for anything less.

From your fundamental views in life like religion and love to your everyday struggle of finding your place in the world. It all should be loved as a whole, and someone who doesn't love you whole doesn't deserve the chance to break you. More importantly. Do yourself a favor. Learn to love yourself. You've vented to me that you wanted some time to find yourself. And I agree. Take some time to stay single and explore yourself, find what you like, and stand by it.

I'm afraid I have to confess another lie. When I said you where the first to make me feel this way, I meant you where the first to make me fall in love. I've never had a girlfriend, a genuine significant other. Primarily because of my inability to take initiative. Despite this, in the time being single I've found what I want in a relationship. I have had f*** buddies, but those were filled with lust, and while those were nice, it's not genuine, and will never lead anywhere great.

Find someone who goes through a daily struggle to make sure your happy, Find someone who puts in the effort day in and day out. Find someone who has you as the first thought of the day and the last thought before the night. Find someone who can't sleep at night knowing your sad. Set your expectations higher than before.

I know, I missed my chance to make you fall in love with me. I do hope that our paths cross again in the future, as I would love to be given another chance to make a first impression. But alas, I will not hold my breathe because I respect your decision.

Remember, learn to love and protect yourself above anyone else. Because in this f***ed up world, people are selfish, and are careless with the affect they have on other people's emotions.

Whenever you think you've found love, re-read this letter and compare us. Compare how that person treats you to how someone who idolized you wanted to treat you. I said this is probably the last time in awhile that I drop you off, because until YOU reach out, I'm afraid I won't, out of respect for our mutual growth. You are still my definition of the girl of my dreams. You will always be. And because of that, I will always be there for you if you need me.

Always With Love,