I work in registration in the ER in my hometown. i've worked here for a little over a year and consider a few of my coworkers to be very good friends of mine. two of these coworkers, T and J, wanted to set me up with another coworker, W.
so T and J talked to W about this before they talked to me. he initially said no then later changed his mind and said yes. so after they talked to W about everything, they came to me and I also said no initially then changed my mind. this has all been going on for the span of a month. recently though, a different coworker of mine C (whom W is absolutely not friends with) told me that W has been "going out" with an old girlfriend of his. so i called J when i got off work that morning and consulted her, to which she told me, she knew that W had gone out with this girl a couple times, but that he told J that it wasn't serious. W had also told T and J last night before I came in to work that he wanted to talk to me and "set everything straight." well, he never said anything to me last night that wasn't having to do with work in some capacity, so now i'm freaking out thinking that he's changed his mind again. i am honestly so over having emotions.