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    See if there's an "authentic relating" workshop going on in your area

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    You have to give it them full on. I had a friend who liked me and I didn’t want to hurt his feelings then if turned into a crazed obsession. Be as honest as you can.

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    I am no relationship expert, so take my opinion with a pinch of salt. The longer you keep it going, the worse it's gonna be. Ask them to sit down with you and tell them there's something you need to talk about and just say the truth. If they refuse to be friends then there isn't much you can do. Remember try your best to be polite but you don't owe them love so don't "try" to love them or even worse force yourself into a relationship when you're not ready, that's a recipe for disaster.

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    I would tell them that you aren't ready for a relationship you thought you were but you just aren't. You can ask to just take it slowly and just be friends for now.