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    take the free nudes

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    :) I feel you friend

  • jellydonut left a Comment

    you. are. amazing. finally somebody else recognizes we DO NOT want to see the random "sexy" pictures which are really just ridiculous cries for attention. male or female.

  • Anonymous gave Advice

    Why are you giving him attention...can't you see the nice guy waiting here for you?!? You're awesome!

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    You mean Selfies... ah the scourge of society nowadays... whether its douchebags posing their "sexy" abs or the whores boosting up their t*** with their provocative "sexy" pics err whore pics... either way, both are f***ing retarded just like this society and all the ignoramuses in it.

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    hahaha..thats a little CREEPY. .. make sure hes not a Chester..

    Chester: - "Oh Don't go talk to that chester! Hes scary!" Whys his name chester the kids ask.. "Well hes Chester the child molester!"

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    Lol. XD