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  • Anonymous gave Advice

    How do you know that he is scared? Maybe he dosen't feel it. Did he say to you" I am scared to tell you that I love you?"
    Move on, guys would rather cut their arm off then hurt a girls feelings. Take the initiative or take a risk of spending the rest of your life thinking that is the way all men are

  • Anonymous left a Comment

    Communication is a huge part of a relationship as well as action. And words have a way of clarifying and strenghtening what you want to know.

  • Anonymous left a Comment

    After a year or not, love isnt a word you just throw around. He had bad relationships in the past? Sounds like there is more to this than the OP has said. Words mean nothing, action is what makes a relationship. Focus on that

  • n4te02 left a Comment

    I hafta agree with #1 - after almost 1 year and he's still afraid? something's wrong here...

  • Anonymous left a Comment

    Do you really want a guy like that? It would get old always waiting on him