I saw her felt like my world is this girl
i dont know how to say to her
i know what i wanna say to her
i love you
but i dont have the courage to say it
cause she wont reply me back :(
i look at her hands dream of holding them
not fair cant hold :(
i look at her lips cant hear a thing can see only lips moving
they are so soft :)
i look at her sitting over there wanna go over there
but i am afraid :(
i never look in her eyes cause she will know i love her :(
when i hear her laugh i close my eyes listen to it
its so perfect :)
she was reading something i kept looking at her
wanted to ask her how can you be so perfect :)
i saw her walking down the street i wanted to scream out loud
tell the world she is the love of my life but i didnt :(
i dont know how to say to her

written by M