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I mentioned something about the 5 empty propel bottles on the counter (only 1 days worth) and you instantly go to, "well let me tell you about your mess." Jerk. There was nothing of mine left out, it's all your crap left out. or are you referring to the few dishes from the dinner I MADE, Or the Ice cream I GOT YOU. Or the mess YOUR dog made??? Forget the 65 hours I work, I will try better, and I will clean more. So I can come home and put my stuff down in the dark s... read more

You should tell someone if you like them. Not like randomly. You gotta do it the right way. I know it's scary, but you never know how the other person feels.

For a while now I've had a crush on the most amazing girl who I call one of my closest friends. She is smart, beautiful, funny and a whole lot more. I wish I could tell her how important she is to me and how I really feel about her.I am falling for her so hard.

If she were mine... I would put her happiness ahead of my own. I would care for her, protect her, hold her, and provide for her. If she went blind I would give her my eyes, if she needed a heart I would give her mine, I would make sure no harm ever came to her. If only I were good enough for her...

My husband said these things to me tonight:
"A statement that stuck with him was: 'everything else with the marriage is great except for that she 'has to tell herself that he loves her every now and then.'' "
"He knows that underneath it all my intentions are good so that is why he is still around and hasn't said 'f*** It!' to the relationship. But he thinks that when he is 50 he will probably have had enough of 'interpreting what I say as offensive' ... read more

The million dollar question pops up yet again: what do guys think when they like a girl?

Apparently, bf doesn't know how to be supportive. Either that, or he doesn't care.

Does he not realize that I loved him from the beginning? From the days we were both awkward and goofy. From when he was nerdy and a genius and thought me everything I know about computers. I loved that he puts his mind to something and keeps at it until he perfects something. When neither of us were social or had many friends, We were there for each other. I went to a different school but still only live 5 mins from eachother. But Now he texts me and asks how to get a girl? C... read more

I can't believe how stupid Ive been! God reached out to me when I was at my worst. Ive been given a chance to live soo many times and I've been taking advantage of it, dissapointing Him over and over again. How could I? Shame on me. I'm not gonna have a guilty pity party. I'm gonna fall on my knees and repent.

I'm always the person who gets dumped. Feels like each one hurts more than the last and I don't know if can keep going. Am I a weak person for not being able to hadle being dumped anymore?

Journal 7
I seriously though I meant more. I gave her all of my thought yet I received none in return. Oh how I am a gullible fool. I am that fool that goes all-in during a poker game because I think I have a good hand. I had a glimpse of happiness and I gave it my all only to come up short. Every time happiness is within my grasp it always slips through my fingers. I can't give up now because what kind of person would I be? I would be weak. I have to be strong and h... read more

I think my boyfriend is hiding something from me. In fact I'm more than positive. He's always on the f***ing phone, and he's always hiding it from me. I mean obviously too, he tilts at an odd angle to hide his screen from me. He has me so stressed out I'm literally coughing up blood. He also knows this and he still proceeds to SMOKE A CIGARETTE right next to me. I am BEYOND pissed off.

Something precious and rare,
Disappears in thin air.
And it seems so unfair.

I fell in love with the wrong person

These past few weeks I've been thinking back. I realized how much I screwed up with you. I just left you and all I had to say was a lame excuse. Not even the real reason, but that's another story. And then I acted like it didn't bother me, when I saw that it killed you. When I saw you moving on I thought "Ok good! He'll be ok. He'll find someone better, someone worthy of his love." A few months later, all of a sudden I got feelings for you, again. Out of the blue, b... read more

So I have this really great long-distance boyfriend who I'm definitely in love with, but the distance thing is getting really hard for me. We're together over the summer but he told me he wants to get a job somewhere besides our hometown. He already pretty much has it lined up, and it's really far away. To make things worse, there's this guy here at school with me who I'm pretty sure is into me who started out as a great friend but now I'm starting to fall for him! It's hard ... read more

This is really bulls***. f*** you and your unkept promises. You f***ing love me? Can you really say you do when you take every opportunity possible to be off doing something away from me?

Why must you be so confusing you are driving me insane

it's finals week, and i can't focus because all I can think of is this guy. He is one of my best friends in the entire world but I kind of care for him as more than a friend. I tried to ignore and push away my feelings because I do not want to make our friendship awkward. But recently a mutual friend told him how I felt. All of our friend have always seen the chemistry even when we ourselves haven't. People keep telling us we are going to end up together and I just keep denyi... read more

Life has been hard lately, i am recovering from an ED at the moment. I hate my new body and that just makes thing worse. I dont have a guy in my life that can take me seriously, a guy that truly wants to be with me. I met a guy a month ago, and i fell in love with him. The problem is that he lives on the other side of the world, and he is older. This means that he had a lot of fun with me, and felt something special for me. But now he is gone and im alone here with no one. I ... read more