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f*** you f*** you and oh Yeah f*** you. I hate your a**

Long distance relationships SUCK so BAD
I really hate it when we run out of things to talk about, it's been almost 3 and a half years now...if we have a fight or if one of us is feeling down, there's almost no way to build the other up. Messages or calls just don't help...the fact that he's becoming more and more depressed isn't helping messed up...can't visit him because I got tests this month but don't know when and he has to work...ffs, gotta hold on a bit long... read more

Just his girlfriend?? Uhm b**** im more than that so keep your mouth shut, thank you.

Yeah, so this might come off as a little immature but I don't care.
I have had it up to here with my girlfriend's friend. She is CONSTANTLY getting in between her and I. Almost every time we ACTUALLY schedule a date these days, her friend comes and just f***s it all up. (Little caveat: She even tried ruining our anniversary. Instead my girlfriend just settled for texting her the entire g**d*** time. But you know. At least she f***ing went.)
Anyway, I had hoped that we had FIN... read more

I love you for all that you are and you are not. But I can't take this anymore. I just can't continue this because I'm playing for keeps and you're eyeing your next prey. I'm not about to be a doormat. I need to retain some sense of self-respect. That can't be so bad. We can't be together anymore. Good bye.

I am practicing my good bye spiel. Seriously. I'm smiling, and even laughing in my mind, but God, this is painful I wish I don't have a heart.

so f***ing tired of people. how can you just come and start f***ing with my mind. idk what you're trine do, trine be. i just want you f***ing gone, but i don't ugh

I love you but its wrong so wrong in many ways I'm going to be married soon to a wonderful man but you i miss you i never told you how much i loved you but i couldent you don't look at me that way we were just girlfriends giddy kids besties but nothing like i wanted but you think its wrong anyways but still i can't stop thinking of you how could i ever think to tell you now we don't speak anymore you have a new bf because thats right that's ok but still weather you want to he... read more

I've been talking to me ex for a couple of weeks and the conversations have been mixed. She is currently dating my best friend (who she left me for) and they are having issues. I've been giving them advise and trying to help them. She also told me that she has feeling for me and she knows I still love her. I only want to make her happy and help her, but the pain is becoming to much for me and I want to tell her to give me another chance. Should I continue on helping her and l... read more

WHY THE f*** WONT THEY LEGALIZE?????????????????????????

i over analyze things too much and now the guy i like made fun of me asking if i was on drugs because i thought he was ignoring me. what do i do

I tagged this under love, but it's probably closer to "get the fvck away from me you stalker."
Everything you do is so infuriatingly overdramatic. Like, Shakespeare would get sick to his stomach. Your life is not a fvcking anime. Not that you know the difference between an anime and a Sunday morning cartoon, though you pretend you do. I don't know why you think that pretending to know things you don't will impress me. It just pisses me the fvck off.
And you can fvcking stop s... read more

The guy that I used to like... Well like... Has driven me home twice in the past two weeks. Tonight we stopped at Zaxby's and it was kinda like a date. But it wasn't because I think he has a girlfriend now and it's really complicated for me because I have all these conflicted feelings right now. I don't know what to do.

My ex boyfriend from 8th grade (6 years ago) is texting me.... and had screenshotted my twitter prof pic sayin I was cute....

So my ex will talk to me about anything but us. We are still friends on fb, idk if he's just taking a break, if were friends or if there's a possibility of us getting back together...ugh!

I dont trust myself to find a girl who isn't an all around terrible choice. And I dont mean "oh shes not right for me" i mean that sh** goes down hard that makes my life so much harder. I just brought this girl to fraternity formals, and now not only did she get way too trashed and f*** up my night, but I don't have a phone or bedsheets or a blanket because she pissed my bed (which I didnt sleep in) and broke the wash because she also accidently put my phone inside. Almost al... read more

I wanna know what love is...I want you to show me

I want to get married too!

All dressed up and I hope you notice~

im tired of being a girlfriend to a boyfriend who doesn't even act like on. so im just going to be there and if he ever wants to act alike a boyfriend then i will still be there to love him.

Sometimes I missed my ex. he treated me so bad, made me very unhappy and sad. made me try to kill myself.. but guess what, i was so much in love. And i guess a part of my heart is still thinking of him. Even if he is still ruining my life. I wish I never knew him. But I've been greatful to experience this feeling of true love. Am I crazy.