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I can feel my veins pounding. There's pressure inside my head. My chest feels like it's going to burst. "In a relationship". I love this man with all of my being, and I just wish he would realise that no other man could love him as much as this one does.


I hate ruined my life and you laughed about it. You f***ing pathetic excuse for a man. Yes i think you are f***ing someone behind your wifes back again. I think you do that more than people know.

What do you do when you start to resent the person you love more than anything? When they become something you can't stand anymore. I know he's only kidding, (or at least, I hope he is.) but this new attitude he's taken on isn't what I fell in love with. I don't understand why he's being the way he is. But I hate it. He makes me feel like crap every time we talk.

Why do i still have feelings for you? You and I can never be. We live, what seems a continent apart from each other and we both aren't fully financially stable to afford to visit each other when we want.
I love most things about you, yet there are some things I can't stand, but have learned to compromise about. I miss that balding head of yours, no one else seems to find cute, but me. I miss your smile and voice. That voice that always seems to put me to sleep, which is why... read more

He was the man of my dreams...and then he became my friend and KILLED EVERYTHING!!! I had the biggest eye out on him and he only saw me as "sis!" like FORREO????? But even throughout the friendship, I found traits in him that were worthwhile and even some that I knew I'd have problems with, but could work out. I fell SO HARD!!!! He was my EVERYTHING. but I was nothing. I gave my heart out but he only put me in a friendship box and left it there. He told me about all... read more

I want you to be my lover...

I didn't know who you were, just started talking with you and without my knowledge I walked right into your seductive web of lies and make believe. You had me reassessing my whole life...but it was all pretend. What I have is my reality, what you offered, was wonderful, sweet intelligent and pretend...You wouldn't be able to take care of me, in the way in which I am a custom.

I know that at any sign that I won't be okay while you're gone you'll stay but I don't want to ruin this for you.

I hope that I'm not pregnant. I would be extremely happy if I were but I'm trying to convince my boyfriend to stay in the city he's in because he has a lot going for him while here caused him so much misery, but I know that if we are having a baby there's no way he'll stay, I want him home more than anything but I also want to do what I think is best for him right now. I'm torn between telling him how much I want him home and trying to keep him there. I just don't know what t... read more

I don't think I'm ready to be in a relationship.

I dont think that we need to speak ever again. You never loved me. I did not lie about my feeings you did.

Can't you tell? I like you a lot, and I make it SO OBVIOUS. You would have to have a really thick skull to not notice it. But you still ask these people out and tell me. Are you trying to make me jealous? You tell me all these positive things and make me think you may actually like me too but NOOOO.

I still like you but if I wasn't yelling it here, I would be yelling it at you.

Until you notice how obvious I'm making it, it's your choice to keep me here or to just keep... read more

I am sick of your bad attitude and lies. Your opiate addiction will never really end for good if you keep being such a selfish whiny a**h*** . Good thing you are (occasionally)good in bed because that's the only thing you really got going for you.

hes 21 and im 17. we worked together for 5 months. i take him home after work and yeah we flirt. for some reason i always thought of him as a friend but a few weeks ago we went to the movies (a date). it was strange, i no he likes me but i always thought i didnt like him. now i dont work there and he said he was gonna miss me but hes been avoiding any contact with me! it should bother me but it does...does that mean i like him?? ugh i miss him talking to me but we would never... read more

Yea you think I am an embarrassment? Yea well f*** you anthony!

You lied to me over the summer and now you are texting me and wanting me to believe that you still care and have always cared since we were kids? Great, What do you want me to do with this information? It still doesn't change our current situations. I care about you just as you care for me, regardless. However I am not that girl who goes around having affairs, I deserve so much more then that. Why would I ever be with someone who not only lied about being married, but on a re... read more

He sent me a message this morning. He spoke solemnly, as if he needed to talk to me about something serious, whether good or bad. All day I've been attempting to contact him, and he has offered no response. A whole day has passed, and I begin to wonder whether he's avoiding contact. I can't lose him again. He is all that keeps me from giving up. He's my man, and I can't stand the thought that I'm not his.

I used to be so worried that I wouldn't ever find love or get to feel what it was like to be in love with someone. Sometimes I still get worried that if tomorrow never comes, then I'd never have felt what it was like. I thought once that I was in love, but as I look back on the relationship, it wasn't. I have hope that some day I'll find it. I just hope that day is soon.

I would really like to beieve that you loved me at some point. But past a point you stopped and kept sleeping with me. There was always someone telling you what to do. So Those i love yous i think were fake. You had your cake and ate it to. And your rigtht I am just the dumbass that fell for it. Dont ever contact me again. I dont think i like you as a person anymre. I expect that kind of stuff from some people but i never expected it from you. But you do play the " ... read more