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Why do people feel the urge to antagonize while driving on the road? I am very reactive when someone INTENTIONALLY does something stupid on the road. Why the hell would you stop at a damn GREEN LIGHT?! Because I was following you a little close because you were going under the speed limit? I don't give a sh** if you're driving an SUV and I'm in a sedan. #1, I can run circles around you on the road, and #2, 85% of the accidents that occur between an SUV and a sedan can be... read more

i think i might havefeelings for a close friend who is a girl, and i am too...and she doesnt know if shes straight or not, and neither do i...ughhh!!!!! i want to tell her, obviously i cant!!! ugghhhh!!!!!

I have been so patient with you, yet you still act like I'm not good enough. I come up and see you, I make an effort and cook for you, but just because I can't understand that you are still grieving for your dad, although I tell you I am here, you make me feel like that's not good enough either. Well i am me, and if you don't like it you have lost the only person who tried to understand, care and love you. You told me no one else has ever gotten so close as i have. So her... read more

We've been together for almost four years, but you still can't tell me those three little words. I think about breaking up with you every day.

arrrrrrrrrrg i cant get him out of my mind its like his image is permamently in my brain! i want to forget him so the pain will go away =(

i wish he would just realize how much i love him.. but for now im dat invisible friend of his

so i find a guy who is totally amazing, i feel so strongly about him, more than ive ever felt for anyone. and hes the one guy i cant tell, damnn.

'I love you really'
i wish you actually meant it like they, but hey.

After all of the times you've lied to me...why are you surprised that I don't trust you? Because you didn't lie for 6 months? Well, newsflash...our relationship was 3 years.

i think im in love with my best friend and i really hope she feels the same way, im a dude and shes a girl btw incase anyone thought?.. lolz.

my best friend found out about my harsh love situation but i dont want to tell her anything cuz she doesnt get me.. she thinks differently .. so know i dont know wat to tel her wen she calls me again soon.. grrrr

i am in love with my ex best friend. he ditched me for another girl. now they arent friends. now is telling me how he would do anything to be this girls friend again.. he did not do anything to be my friend again ..i dont know whether to hate him or if i still love him.

Ah this poor kid. He's one of my really good friends so we spent a ton of time together last night.I feel bad because I am pretty sure he likes me a lot and I have now led him on by hanging out with him in large amounts. I really don't want to date him.I am such a punk. I just don't want to give him up as a friend.

I really like this guy and he's in a band. I wanna go to one of his shows in a killer outfit...any ideas on what I should wear to make him notice me in a really good way??

I'm almost 16, pretty, smart and interesting. Guys don't seem to approach me. I think I seem too intimidating, but I can't figure out how to come off more easy-going. Oh, and I've never even kissed a guy. Fantastic.

One of my friends really likes me and he has decided to tell the whole world about, everyone except me. I don't feel like I should talk to him as much (we talk all the time) so not to lead him on. I just want him to tell me but I kind of don't because I don't really know if I want a boyfriend right now.

I gave it my all. I liked u since i saw you, i never flirted with another girl because i was so focuse on her. I pretty much gave you every hint imaginable that i liked you, hopin for that little clue that showed u liked me back. U showed some interest, talking, texting.. Ect but neve dropped a definative clue, and now ur making excuses not to kick it with me. FML. Now its back to the random drunk hookups again.. When i just finally thot i could actually have a relationship w... read more

I hate that I don't have the effect on you that you have on me. I hate that when i'm around it doesn't seem like your heart melts, I hate that you don't tell me how your feeling. And most importantly I hate that i don't hate you!!!(To wrinklez from Beautiful Disaster)

Some people need to get through their tiny brains that when someone says they are NOT ready for a relationship, RESPECT THAT PERSON'S DECISION! & DONT CONTINUE ASKING!

As much as i dont want to have these feelings i find i cant get you out of my head lately. I hate these types of feelings because from my experience these are just a sure fire way of getting hurt. So i will continue to do my best to bury them away where no one will find them.