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Why? Why cant i get closer to someone that isnt you? Every time i feel im getting close to someone i pick apart that person and make a reason to not like them, cant i just be happy with someone that isnt you? Aren't i over you yet? How long has it been? Almost 2 years and i cant do it... should i just give up? Maybe its not worth fight for anymore... maybe im destined to always love you as much as you hurt me so many times, i love you Curtis i love you so much i wish i was la... read more

I just want to help him so badly.
He's a sweetie and I love him, but he is deeply unhappy with how he looks.
He wants to change it so very badly, and keeps vowing to do so, but I worry he'll give up.
I'll love him no whatever what he looks like, whether he were skinny or fat, short or tall, clear skin or not. But I know he cares about that a whole lot, and hates himself because of how he looks.
I just want him to be happy and not feel so insecure.
I want to give him lots of l... read more

Do you like mirrors?

I love my boyfriend, but I keep getting this nagging feeling that I'm with him because he likes me. I'm not confident in myself, so it could just be that I'm afraid of loving since I'm not good enough. We're very open so I'm going to tell him just to talk it through. Does anyone else feel like this?

I just wanna be yours.

my girlfriend and i agreed to breakup
i feel like something's missing yet i feel free
i'm just gonna say that it's all her best friends fault for this drama that happened that escalated into a breakup with her

Lets all sit back and talk about what the hell happened to us as ppl.
Me? My demise? I just can't shake this g**d*** drug problem.

I'm ready to nap forever.

Yesterday I had a alcoholic chocolate shake tonight I had a alcoholic strawberry shake 🍓 !!!!


I have the biggest crush on a guy I just became friends with this year. Normally my crushes don't mean much and I don't really care much to think about us being in any kind of a relationship I just passively like the. This is the first time that I have thought a lot about what it would be like to be with him and how much I wish I was prettier so that he would go out with me. Thing is... he has a girlfriend... of course. Bright side for me and not him is that she is from Russi... read more

We would've been perfect but......

You tellin me and reminding me how he has someone else and how he wants someone else is not comforting me it makes me hurt even more so shut up! I was fine but no here u go reminding me and now I'm sad again ugh why can't I just have you why can't you just want me 😔

I hate that promise. I hate that she gets to spend more time with him. I hate that I had to leave right when things were just starting to go right. I hate that there are times where I can't talk to him because if she finds out, we're dead. This isn't cheating. They're not even together. They're friends. It's all because of a stupid promise that he stupidly agreed to, because a certain someone needs a whole f***ing year to get over him, who broke up with her but she can't acce... read more

He made a promise to his ex-girlfriend that he'd give her a year for her get over him. A year where he won't have a girlfriend, because he feels it's the only way to repay her for breaking her heart and breaking up with her. He feels guilty. So he agreed. But then I came along. We started something serious, though now we're on opposite sides of the world because I was only on vacation in my home country. Now I'm back abroad and we talk all the time but every time he says, "Do... read more

I'm in an LDR right now and I know that trust and communication is important. But given past experiences, stories, and some of our current situation and circumstances, I can't help but be worried that there's something I don't know about. It's keeping me up at night and it's constantly on my mind. I love him and he says he loves me and I do trust and believe him but there's a sliver of me, that part that grew up listening to my mom's horror stories about her failed marriage w... read more

So you want me to be the middleman and help you score dope huh?
Well, I'll do it, but its going to cost you.
For every gram you want I want 15$ additionally in my pocket for my time and effort. I once charged 10 just to help you out, but the price has gone up since you acted like a dick. I don't care if you like it or not either. I don't need you, but you need me.

You love them don't you?

Why did i have to fall in love with you.

I'm sorry i get like this.

I know i'm asking too much to say please don't let go of me.

But please. Don't let go of me.

I'm drinking to forget you I'm tipsey