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Everyone is getting into a relationship I mean EVERYONE and I know it's not that serious but it makes me wonder where is mine and what's wrong with me . Don't I deserve love ❤️. I think I'm incapable of being loved . But I don't want to complain about it . Idk guess I'm just going to accept what is .
I've been single for a year or two probably for the best

its okay if you don't give a sh** about me, just tell me to stop looking to you for comfort because I get such. Bad, tired signals from you- I can't say I blame you.

I love you so much. Things were going well until your husband showed up. Then I lost all of my confidence and my heart tensed up. It's crazy how fast my mood changed. I just wish I could be the one for you.

I hate my girlfriend for up and buying a pet for her birthday. It wouldn't get along with the pets I was hoping to have in the future, and it's a baby so of course it's going to be around if we move in together. I feel like she makes some very dumb decisions without thinking them through and it pisses me off. I know I'm very logic-based about my decisions but...she isn't. I love her and yet I hate half of the things she does.

Here I am sitting with my friends, who now all have boyfriends, and I'm here wishing that you went to my school and that you knew I liked you and that you weren't taken and that you weren't the same sex as me.

I think about you a lot when we don't talk . I miss you and it's eating me up and I just want to say something to you but at the same time I know you're busy so I don't want to bother you. Just wish you would text me 😞

I don't know if she cares about me or not, she doesn't do anything wrong, but I mean, I don't know how she feels deeply. She's so kind and loving, I think of her all day, but I don't know if she does the same. We text and talk for hours, and she keeps asking me questions and begging me not to go, but she has him though, even if they are having problems. The thing is, even if she's texting me all day, and I know I'm her friend, I don't think she has a clue that I want her, and... read more

Well im at another new school and I started talking to this girl but she is in a weird situation as in she has a boyfriend and while I hate cheating she tells me that she is going to leave him for me but I'm not to sure I think im going to stick around with her just because of how amazing of a time we have together but I'm just really nervous that she won't actually do it and I'll have wasted my time but annoyingly enough I'm pretty sure I'm in love with her which hasn't happ... read more

I answered your ad. We talked respectfully for weeks. So you asked me to meet you at the mall today to have lunch and chill I skipped work to chill with you. I did my hair pretty, I got dressed up and drove there. Like a fool I sat there and waited. You didn't show up or even have the decency to call or say you'd changed your mind. That's was so f***ing rude and inconsiderate. I'm freaking done. I still know my worth. #iowa Mom

I feel like Im falling for someone quite close to me and I don't know how to feel about it. My feelings are so out of control these days. I honestly wish I could just delete them. :( #feelingssuck

Pain is something we stumble upon in every moment possible in our lives. It's something we can't avoid, and something we can never fully comprehend. A raging disaster, something we cannot really prevent from happening. But it just does.
We have all felt that pain. The pain that is far too excruciating for words to express. The pain that can only be told through silence. Silent agony.
Pain. It's all almost about that isn't it? For years I've been looking for all the reasons wh... read more

I feel like I'm spiritually connected to my ex. (Other sense type of thing) I honestly knew I shouldn't have gotten into love because I knew I couldnt deal with living with a broken heart haha..

i never want to lose you..the thought of living my life without you makes me feel sick.

You are more than good enough for me. Too good, actually. You deserve someone better.

I crave to be near you too.

PLEASE HELP ME ( the one under this one

How am I supposed to keep going, thinking about what we could've had.

I like girls, and i have developed feelings for a girl i was sort of friends with. In an attempt to get to know her and take a shot, i got her number, and we have been talking for hours a day, in fact our first conversation was 15 hours straight. She has confided in me and i have confided in her, i really like her and even though i just finished texting her for hours, i miss her and feel as if i hadnt seen her in years although its been only since yesterday. She has a boyfrie... read more

I wish I didn't turn down your hug.

I need advice. There's this girl I like (I'm a girl as well). We have known each other for a long time. Recently, I've had a romantic interest in her and I told her so and we continued on as friends. Last night, she told me she loves me, and she broke up with her girlfriend that night, providing screen shots for proof. But the next morning, she tells me she fixed their relationship... I tell her "It's fine" when it obviously wasnt. I feel heartbroken. We havent texted all day... read more