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why are you the only one that makes me jump at my phone when i get a text hoping it's you texting or replying, then be completely disappointed when it's not.

you're the reason that i
-go to sleep and wake up with this ridiculously huge smile
-think of songs well dance to at our wedding
-can't focus on anything to save my life
-feel that pain in my chest when it's time to leave
-wait as long as it takes for a goodnight
-laugh randomly
-can't sleep
-crave the feeling of embrace
-relate everything to you
-can't wait to grow up

i never wanna leave your arms baby

I dreamed about you again last night. It felt so real, the way we kissed, laughed, hugged, held hands. I've never been so happy. I miss you so f***ing much. I can't stop crying rn 'cause i only get to be with you in my dreams, and not in real life.

I don't seem to feel happiness anymore

I'm going to try to forgive you. Not for you, but for me. I've been dwelling on the past for far too long thinking what I could have done for you not to cheat on me, but it was never my fault in the first place. Time to move on and be happy again

ugh i just want a cute bf or a cute gf is that too much to ask

Yeah not sure what category to put this in....

So today my best friend came over to my house to work on a school project with me. My mom was out for a while at like a store or something so we're alone at my house, watching some videos because actually doing your schoolwork is overrated. XD I should probably mention that I have a crush on this best friend and we've known each other for about 9 years, so since kindergarten and now we're in 8th grade. So we're watching the vide... read more

i told my crush about something that was bugging me and now i feel awful because i only get so much time with her and i wasted it being upset. she doesn't mind and does the same to me but i feel awful. ways to apologize without feeling stupid/like i'm overreacting?

So I think I should be clearer since I posted earlier but it was not all the information I could've given.

How do I erase romantic feelings for someone that I am friends with. I don't intend to take them out of my life, and I suppose time isn't an issue, but I just want to know if there's a way to speed up the forgetting of these feelings or I just have to wait forever and a half. I have told them my feelings and they've told me they don't feel the same way and we're okay be... read more

through drought n famine, natural disaster, my baby has been around for me
kingdoms have fallen, angels be callin
none of that could ever make me leave
every time i look into your eyes i see it
you're all i need
every time i get a bit excited i feel it
who ,
who would have thought i'd get you
who would have thought i'd get you

baby you made me believe i could fall in love at first
sight, how you stopped me with your
body, i'm under your curse
baby, i'm under your curse
baby, i'm under your curse

Angry spice today.

Remembering that scene from 'War of the Roses' where Kathleen Turner says to Michael Douglas -

"I just want to smash your face in".

I want so much to hurt him the way he's hurt me. I want to see up close that cramped trailer in complete disarray with a defaulted vehicle parked next to it. I relish the fact that he's has no credit and no game. To my knowledge the only other female he's ever made contact with was via fb during one of our separations and sh... read more

I need some affection period

I wish you wasn't so distant I wish I could call you when I'm upset . I wish you would check up on me often . You know I get depressed and stuff I just wish you would say something just a simple how are you ? Are you okay today? Would be fine every once in awhile . But you're not obligated to do so . So I'll just shut up about it

Why is it so hard for her to say I love you back!? 😩 It's so frustrating, she says she does but never actually says it. I guess it's just how she is, she doesn't even tell her family she loves them, never hugs them or even want to be close in contact with them. I guess I should consider myself lucky because she doesn't mind me doing all of that. It's just like idk, she's like the sweetest person in the world but not at the same time. I just want to hear her say it to me ... read more

I asked my partner to let me know when I need to be more affectionate. Is that wrong? I feel like I am miss reading signals and we both end up feeling rejected.

How do you get over someone? I looked up information online but it's a load of bulls*** coming from what seems to be people who have no experience in relationships

I feel so in a house filled with people. People I don't really like...or want to be around.

I want to love...and be loved. The kind of love I read about. The kind I know may not even exist. But still I hope....I lay wake fantasizing about a place I've never been and this person I've never see...this voice I've never heard. And his touch.

I feel so down sometimes. I need more!! But what is more?! What is the 'MORE' that I want so bad?!

I have a major problem. I have a crush on my f***ing science teacher and it is ruining my life so bad I'm actually gonna kms
How do I stop this?