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Oh god, I like my crush so much I can't even talk to him. I can hardly even look at him. I think I have deep issues ir something

I'm so scared of walking away from my long distance relationship. My boyfriend is going to come to my city in about 5 minutes. I'm sitting here and my stomach is churning and I feel like I'm going to go mad. I know I need to tell him in person that I MEAN it when I say we gotta break up. It's because he puts his career before me and treats me like I'm no priority yet still want some me to date him. Even now, he thinks I'm joking and I will change my mind. I feel like I need t... read more

I'm hopelessly in live with someone I can never have..........

To the people that support and/or are going to that Straight Lives Matter rally,

f*** you. No, really, f*** you. Gay people across the world, from North Korea to the United States, get correctively raped, beaten, kicked out, fired, and even murdered for being who they are, and you think that we're somehow 'threatening marriage' by getting married to someone of the same sex? You people should be ashamed of yourselves, because you are so privileged to think that basic equality... read more

I am actively going to FORGET you...This past year has been hard on me...Especially since I gave you two chances. To think I thought you were the one, I was never so wrong. And now you actively waltz back into my life. Like nothing ever happened between us. I remember everything and I dont want to go through all that pain again. Maybe I should stop hanging out with you. KBYE

I'm going into my freshman year of high school this year, and my brother is going into his junior year. He's got some social issues (nothing major/diagnosable) and is a general outcast, so he only has one friend. It's hard to tell if the friend still talks to him out of pity or not, because he's nothing like my brother...but I've had a crush on this friend for about a year now, on and off, and I'm not sure what to do now that I'm going to be in school with both my brother and... read more

how do I tell my boyfriend that I'm aromantic

People:Marry the person who makes you happy
Me:ok gets down on one knee infront of my pizza... pizza will you make me the happiest person on earth and marry me?
Me: I take that is a yes kisses pizza and puts on it.

This is a really weird rant but idc because I'm so f***ing sick of my hormones being out of wack. I can't even tell if it's me or my boyfriend though? Things start to go good and I start getting all lovey dovey and horny but then 5 minutes later he does something that makes me want to hit him with a f***ing brick! I either want to f*** his brains out or I want to kill him. Seriously need help!

You're a player. You didn't get what you were after, because I figured you out ahead of time. Yes, I know it's a dating site and yes, I know that they have reputations, but you said you were different. Thankfully, I didn't fall for it. I saw right through your facade and saw how ridiculous it was. I had that tiny bit of gullibility that allowed me to smile with a bit of the sweet talk. I'm so grateful that my self esteem has risen enough that I remained cautious and distant (... read more

Taylor swift songs and COD zombies? Hell yeah. Screw you and your judgy a**. You knew you meant everything and now I can't even hear your name without a lump forming. I hate you with such a passion. It's true that love and hate are so close. My friend, really? could you be any more of a cliche?! You could have had everything you wanted. I know you better than you know yourself, I could practically read you like a book and yet you decided that it was "too good" and had to f***... read more

You've gota fetish for my love

My boyfriend left me for a friend..... it's killing me inside

I love silly corny stuff. There's gotta be a dude out there who loves it as much as I do, right?

I'm so f***ing confused. I have the perfect girlfriend, the kind that loves you unconditionally, that supports you no matter what, she's pretty, she's interesting, she's intelligent, everything you could want... So why am I so f***ing stupid to desire something else? I haven't cheated on her, ever. I would never, but I can't help myself but want something else, something more... I don't want to break up with her because I have feelings for her, yet, I want to live another lif... read more

I see you...confess

How do I know...if an ex still has feelings for me...he calls me everyday.. Tells me about his life...Spends most of his time with me..either studying together or cooking together...but I cant get a good read on him....

Why dont you confess you have feelings for me..? You call me everyday...clearly we are not just friends and everyone can see that... You want to spend all your time with me..are you sure. There is nothing going on

my ex girlfriend raped me but barely anybody will believe me because she's a girl.

I never want to make any sort of contact with you again, so to explain why I broke up with you I'll just say it here.

Firstly, it was a very short relationship, my friend was in the hospital and I was visiting her. You had the tendency to high jack my time and find any excuse to get me alone such as helping me buy gator aid for my friend. That's when you grabbed me and kissed me. I was flustered to say the least and it was my first kiss. I mean what 19 year old has never kis... read more